Streamer almost dies drumming to "Through The Fire And Flames"
Drummer kills it on live stream

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WOLFSGARD RAGNARSSON : no rythm...too slow

Meri Amber : And now the whole thing in double time! Jks 😋 I'm surprised your arms stayed on, mine would've fallen off...

Jesse Tong : The double kicks are visibly not in use when they should be

MikeTracks star : when someone only plays pop and wants to imitate the god Mackintosh, this is the result

Piotr Kucharski : "Not quite my tempo..."

Storm Sarg : My god man, you are rushing and dragging so bad I can’t even finish watching this. Stay in tempo!!!

StephanePare : Now imagine if he and lara took the suggestion to do a collab on this. Except none of the original track plays, just his drum and her piano, the whole way.

ZippyMcZipperZapper : Where's the double kick brother

John Francis Doe : Did any of the band members request this?, and if so, why didn't they use their privilege to unmute the VOD?

StephanePare : Just watching this gives me col sweat. imagine having to do an entire, several hours concert of songs like this, or faster. Dave mackintosh and the guy who repalced him are just basically gods.

Arietris : He just got tired, not almost died