Celebrities portrayed by Spongebob (check description for celebrity order)

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Barbacus : Sup guys, hope you enjoyed the video, subscribe to help this lil meme channel grow, it really helps :) Also for some clarity for some of these clips - Bill Clinton was known for some hooker scandals - Steve O is a famous stuntman - Messi didn't pay his taxes - Rihanna was beaten up by Chris Brown

Pikachu of Texas : Jake Paul is so accurate! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

CorporateCian : This is the most underrated channel on the planet tbh

I Personally Disfavor The Whole Enchilada : 1:28 I'm pretty sure that Amy Schumer has stolen this joke as well.

FandoMatic : Justin Bieber's was so true I died.

That Random Guy xD : Hahaha the Jake Paul and Amy one made me lol

Janae Olivia : The Jake Paul one is so funny and true lol

Husky Hockey : repeat after me you have no talent *shows jake paul* I'm dead XDDD

Brandon Marshall : The Paul Walker one tho lmao

Chris Hansen : Oml this whole video is funnier than all of Amy schumer's career


Whooza Fooza : that amy schumer and jake paul parts lmao!!!

Aidan Santistevan : Leonardo DiCaprio's should've been "An award, I've never won an award before!"

Mirani Kawanapu : Some of these are so fucked up lol

Dweliq : Kurt Cobain should have been Chester Bennington.

remi9Xer : Yall need to stop wit these Paul Walker jokes

Trevor Pacelli : Leonardo DiCaprio's should've been Patrick saying, "An award? I've never had an award before!"

Adolf Hitler : 0:03 *T H I C C A F* 😫😫😫😩😩😩👌👌👌

GM4YOU : The Paul Walker and the Steve O one made me laugh the shit out of me

My opinion doesn’t matter but, : The Rihanna one 😂

Emily Cazares : That Gordon Ramsey one was true. I died at that one.😂💀

EdgeMy Biscuit : *I NEED FOUR PLY*

Armando Shk : 10/10 :')

Isaac Lopez : we were friends until I saw Kurt Cobain

Henry Drummond : Jake Paul's one was true

Fresh Mint : That Gordon ramesly one is perfect

Randy Walker : The Jared fogle one though

dubstepnation : The jake paul one tho 🤣🤣🤣

ross marius : 1:23 spot on at least kim has da booty amiright

Doctor Jey : I died at the Rihanna one lmao

Alyssa Chan : Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather tho XD Also the Paul Walker one got me D:

Diamond Dash : Anyone know what the song that was used for the Bill Clinton part is called?

Swifter Army543 : Lol jake Paul and Amy shcumer!

Grigori Rasputin : Is everyone going to ignore that Amy Schumer one

Deception : Floyd mayweather one should be where planktons cousin said "I can't read"

fluke mcgee : I feel like Squidward singing Boys Who Cry could have also been Drake


Big Daddy : The Paul Walker One Was Really Offensive

Shawn Lindsey : The Amy Schumer one 😂


Faaez Khan : The Messi one was too good 😂

Jordan Lew : I just knew the "I have no talent" one would come up Edit: Holy crap! Almost 400 likes?!

BTS ARMY : The Jake Paul one is Soo true 😁

EntropicDecay Gaming : That Paul Walker one is so wrong...but I laughed so hard!

Mortal Landon : 1:23 is the best part

It's Ethan! : 2:02 Was so true!

Extrime Land : More like celebrities portayed by squidward


Taylor Rene : That Kaitlyn Jenner one 😂😂

JBKGamin : Jake Paul and Justin Bieber were too accurate especially since I hate them both