Celebrities portrayed by Spongebob (check description for celebrity order)

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Barbacus : Sup guys, hope you enjoyed the video, subscribe to help this lil meme channel grow, it really helps :) Also for some clarity for some of these clips - Bill Clinton was known for some hooker scandals - Steve O is a famous stuntman - Messi didn't pay his taxes - Rihanna was beaten up by Chris Brown

Trevor Pacelli : Leonardo DiCaprio's should've been Patrick saying, "An award? I've never had an award before!"

Daniyar Sadykov : That with Paul Walker killed me So does him Sorry

CorporateCian : This is the most underrated channel on the planet tbh

Brandon Marshall : The Paul Walker one tho lmao

Husky Hockey : repeat after me you have no talent *shows jake paul* I'm dead XDDD

Jordan Lew : I just knew the "I have no talent" one would come up

Rock God : I'm early as fuck, time for a joke Teen Titans Go

EntropicDecay Gaming : That Paul Walker one is so wrong...but I laughed so hard!

Jack O'Flynn : The Amy Schumer one wasn't accurate SpongeBob didn't steal that joke he told

GXEmrEXG : 1:27 - 1:37 I expected a vagina joke.

Tull White : the Kaitlyn Jenner one killed me xd

PokeFan DJ : Jake Paul has NO talent. The sponge is correct.

Mikispike : Everyone was accurate

Armando Shk : 10/10 :')

Dweliq : Kurt Cobain should have been Chester Bennington.

iKillerZombie : 1:17 I feel like Wesley Snipes would have been more appropriate for that clip

Faaez Khan : The Messi one was too good 😂

Variklis Woods : the kurt kobaine one... TOO SOON, MAN.

Deva Rafael : 0:24 2013-2015 Miley Cyrus

I Personally Disfavor The Whole Enchilada : 1:28 I'm pretty sure that Amy Schumer has stolen this joke as well.

Chris Lancour : *sees Paul Walker one and proceeds to laugh* i'm going to hell for that one

Tim Rohrer : You forgot Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, & John Cena

John Lewond : Penaldo one is sooo true

Chris Hansen : Oml this whole video is funnier than all of Amy schumer's career

andykishore : I only got the Justin Bieber one.

gabe the dog : The steve-O one cracked me up

Maxime Bekaert : The accuracy is too powerful. It...it...it hurts me so much.

The Real Game Hunters : If only I knew who these people where

Fiery Aura : Anyone know what the song that was used for the Bill Clinton part is called?

FandoMatic : Justin Bieber's was so true I died.

jack : That Gordon ramesly one is perfect

Zayan Khan : The messi had me dying

Ed : I'm subbing only because Patrick loves me

Leah Baker : Sigh, my country has a handsome prime minister


PRLostGalaxy2014 : That Amy Schumer one is so on point. I despise her.

startmirca : 0:14 That's not funny :(

Kari Min : Caitlyn and The Rock was pretty accurate


DaEddie25 : Bruh the beauty in the Jared from Subway one was how sneakily you slid it in, mad respects lmao

SpongeDex : You fucking dragged it with the Paul Walker one 😂

ross marius : 1:23 spot on at least kim has da booty amiright

Nowon & DPool Productions : I feel so bad for laughing at the Paul Walker one. Edit: The subway guy and Rihanna one is funny as well but true Edit 2: Kurt Cobain too?

Big Mike : 0:43 what is the serie and season?

Alana Hodges : Y'all needa chill with Paul Walker. That hurt my feelings 😭😂

Roei Potash AKA Poihpio : Leo Messi was to good

Isaac Lopez : we were friends until I saw Kurt Cobain

Harrison Turner : How dare you compare Justin Bieber to Squidward! Squidward's "4-ply" song is 1000 times better than any lame Beebs song

GM4YOU : The Paul Walker and the Steve O one made me laugh the shit out of me