Patrice O’Neal - THE NASTY SHOW Reaction

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Brian Lutes : after that show, 3 girls squirted for the first time and one got punched in the back of the head lol

Brian N : Patrice and Burr are similar: they try to dig themselves a hole with the audience because they know that only increases the payoff when they get the laughs. Brilliance.

Orlando Trustfull : This is the routine that Amy Schumer got in trouble for stealing. I say she got in trouble, nothing really happened and she wasn't affected at all, but yeah, she stole this shit. She was friends with Patrice too. I guess she was hoping nobody would remember one of the funniest bits by one of the funniest comedians ever. Idiot.

Kevin Styles : I loved this so much! Has to be the hardest I've seen you both laugh. Patrice is truly one of the greats!

9enius : THIS is what killing looks like

E : Patrice is the GOAT, no question.

hmw kamikaze : I feel like I’m chillin with you guys sometimes. Sitting here getting baked and having some laughs. Thanks for the reacts and great taste in comedians. You guys cover Norm Mcdonald? He’s funny AF. I’ll go check lol.

MOLE : I’m actually crying for real your reactions made it 10X better

Jimmy Macram : Perfection

Tiger Style : Idk if yall know this or not but Bill and Patrice were best friends and knew eachother since their early 20s

Bromius : I'm usually not a fan of reaction channels but this channel is great. It's chill, no talking over stuff just enjoying it and then a quick recap. I love watching the comedian stuff

Heel Eagle : Now it's time for yall to watch him do "ain't that better" lol

Hrundi V Bakshi : You know that it was funny when you're still bent over laughing 3 minutes after it was finished. When Frankenstein lost his shit at the Gorilla mask, it was clear that there was no coming back from this one. Undoubtedly your best reaction yet.

chris crooks : Man, God rest his soul. Chicken cutlet. I had tears in my eyes watching this whole episode I though Bill Burr was the greatest, but Patrice beat him on this one. You guys keep doing what you do. Greatest!

daniel kahlo : I have no idea how I ended up here but for whatever reason its really cool watching you guys laugh. It just seems lately that comedy is our last hope of sanity, thanks.

fulltiltgonzales : This is the best reaction video of all time BOAT

Andrew McGee : Of course burr and Patrice grew up together in Boston they came up through stand up till they came to nyc and were opie and Anthony regulars till they made it big

DTex : Man, I’ve seen that clip a few times...but, yall dying had me rolling like I saw it for the first time...😂

Bah Fif : I knew you guys would die from laughter 😂😂 best reaction ever

Mya O : This was your best work yet. Y'all was laughing like 8yrs olds cry at the end. My lawf yall had me laughomg more at y'all thzn him. I swear he performed just for y'all.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

James Allen : As I understand it, Bill was close with Patrice and has said that he was the greatest comic he ever saw. I think Bill learned a lot from Patrice.

Hawaipandat : Man you can't joke like that nowadays... How times have changed 😲😲😲😲

Tonko Kesler : Seems like we lost you guys on this one! XD XD Hope you're still alive! XD XD

egolayer13 : Dude's, I've never seen this bit. I laughed hard enough to piss off my girl waking her up in the middle of the night. Omfg.

Jordan Turner : No lie, I listen to Patrice or Bill Burr literally probably every day 😂😂😂 Legends at keeping it real! This shit right here was great to see y'all react to. The way y'all ended the video was funny too lol 👌

Peep Dafrog : It doesn't get much better than that... y'all almost died. lol, classic shit all around. Thanks so much!!!

LiberalsArePoop : You can do nothing but Patrice and I would watch every single video. The man was such an amazing talent. It makes me so happy to see people starting to discover him.

HOTBALLZ : Patrice is Oprah Winfrey (if she was funny) for men.

Ken Manning : Oh it hurts so bad!! my stomach hurts so bad from laughing so hard LOL... Dang Patrice O'Neal... what a fucking great comic... there are tears coming down i'm laughing so hard!!

Thomas Anderson : Yall gotta do Corey Holcomb Shaq All Star Comedy💪💪💪💪💪💪

Sy Boari : The chicken cutlet had me rollin, great vid guys

Paul Landis : I’ve watched this video like 20 times and you guys reaction makes me laugh so hard you got me in tears

Hardstyle818 : Bill Burr and Patrice O’Neal both grew up in Boston and were very close friends. Patrice O’Neal is Gold. Should listen to his advice on women. Opie and Anthony Show as a regular and The Black Phillip Show. He has a PHD in women

Jeremiah .A : AHAHAHAHA!! You guys lost at it at Spider Man :)))

Matthew Lynch : What's that? O'Neil? Burr? Chapelle? Ok. upvoted.

justin747 : Bill Burr - Most difficult job on the planet I'm not giving up. They're gonna do it eventually

James McCosar : And that’s why Mr. O’Neal is one of the greatest to ever do it haha.

Robert Ryan : Lmao! Yes! More Patrice! Keep his legacy alive! Him and Bill are gems!

Wendy Raymond : I cried an cried x that was absolutely hilarious x it's such an amazing quality to make someone laugh x u guys ad me in tears at the end x ur very special x never change x thanku x love u x god bless x

Hutch Jackson : Definitely one of the greatest, so mad I didn't really find his material until after he passed. Another awesome video though, same with the Michele Obama Bill Burr bit. I hadnt seen that before haha

Derek Seven : Your reaction was gold I just subscribed.

GrammasBoy 80 : Ima try a Houdini 😂😂😂

El Cypher : Patrice is the GOAT period even Bill Burr, Jimmy Norton and Dave Atell have said it. React to Atell he's real funny to one of my faves. Skank for the Memories is a classic set.

Rob Ameri : Patrice O'Neal was my top 5 for sure he was amazing!! RIP ... I love comics that say things out loud that we are all thinking!

Hugo Bravo : Aaaawwwww shiiiiit, that’s all I have to say

Troy F. : Dude....if y'all have Patrice - look up Corey Holcomb -especially regarding females - savage!! TRUST ME Bill Burr + Patrice = Corey Holcomb......5150 nation is here!

thinkingofyouto1 : you have to watch Patrice O’Neill joke about the value of a White woman Wood be a great video to see you guys react to

G baby : Patrice is absolutely one of the best comedians out there in line with Richard Pryor and early George Carlin. RIP

HAL 9000 : I can't believe you guys reacted to my favorite Patrice O'neal bit of all time, you guys are best!