My Autism - by George

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Cochram the Destroyer : not gonna lie this kids actually a legend for being so outgoing with autism.

dank canadian memer : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wait for it **I HAVE THIS THING CALLED AUTISM**

Niki Emanuel : what a cute and talented kid!! I want to give him the biggest hug ever!!!❤😁

peanut butter ice cream : I have autism too, he seems like a really sweet person :) 💖

My Singing Monsters : Hi George, We loved your video and your passion for My Singing Monsters. We wanted to thank you for sharing your life with everyone and being such a shining example of everything My Singing Monsters is about.

TKON 575 : Maxmoefoe?

Jazzy Main YT : Sick moves m8 keep going i wanna see u do that helicopter thingy on d dancefloor

Planet Serenity : How can so many people dislike this.. whoever pressed a thumbs down is really sad.You are an amazing boy! Keep it up because your future will be brilliant !

Ocaoj : autism is good

Grammy Vulture : I like tacos too.

Skiji : Mature for a nine year old honestly

Jason Krom : The 855 people who disliked accidentally pressed the wrong button, because why would you dislike a video about a kid having fun in his life?

PandaStalker : He made all this music that is so cool good job George!!!!!

lollipoop : can he eventually learn to be reasonable and control his emotions? idk many ppl with autism

orlen cardona : Whitest kid ever ....

Lochcrystal : "I think farts are hilarious"

savageracer21 : Half of the things you can do, i cant do. Lol your so talented bro stay strong

VTTodd : lol this guy has autism

ChickenFactory123 : *F A T B E A T S*

Kristie Courtnell : Message from my 7 year old with autism: "Hi George! My name is Rowan. I'm exactly the same like you. My favorite color is green, and I love all of the same things as you! And I also like Roblox and when I hear too many things at the same time I might scream at the top of my lungs. I don't have glasses though. Can I please be friends with you? Love, Rowan" ~from Montreal, Canada

AllisonzYT : Bro im autistic glad to see your happy


-THICCMushroom - : And he loves to autism

Joseph Vaccaro : He loves Minecraft

joseph stalin : im pickle riiiickkk skree skree

Jar Dpo : And... tacos *starts dancing* then i realised that it was "its raining tacos" in the backround haha nice job


shumishumishu shushu : This kid has reached ascension

The_Savage_Cabbage : this was in the middle of a bunch of minecraft videos

Jamea McDonough : I have Asperger Syndrome and I remember my dad used to come to my class and explain to them about me. Currently, I am pursuing a master's degree in education with a focus on autism spectrum disorder. I always let people know when I first meet them that I have this so they'll understand me better.

YUB NUB : I can tell George has some amazingly supportive parents. Unfortunately the same can't be said to all who are parents of someone on the autism spectrum

crash life 2.0 : I like the same thing and I have autism

l a t i - : I want this kids spotify. His music is really good for a little kid.

ugly trash 666 : He likes to touch and likes to be touched

Ronnie Marshall Jr : My name is Ronnie I have cerebral palsy I have my own YouTube channel I saw your story on abc11 news

Turtleturd : This was cute. It breaks my heart when people use autistic as an insult.

NDarts : Hey George, you're great! I like that you talk so openly about your autism. Keep on going!!!😀

Antonio Scotti : where´s the 10x like button ? what an amazing little fella!


Patrick Carty : Kid got phat beats

Hikari The Hyena : I have autism too and adhd I kinda have the same stuff he does since I have went through puberty it kinda went away but I still have some of the signs

Yourboyfibs : *A U T I S M*

Baldi’s Basics : He reminds me so much of my almost 7 year old with Autism who also hits and has far less speech. Makes me very hopeful for the future. I love your son’s sense of humour so much! 💜

Autistic Not Weird : You, sir, are utterly awesome. :D I'm a former teacher, and I have Asperger's myself- and I enjoyed watching this video so much. You express yourself extremely well, and you've not just helped your classmates understand you- you've helped 226,000 people understand autism better! (I also love that you kept in the bit that went wrong during recording- it's a very useful demonstration of what it's really like when dealing with things like that.) Have a great Christmas, and keep being awesome! :) Chris PS- I just watched your latest video. I now have "It's Raining Tacos" stuck in my head, on repeat. :) And Lisa, thanks so much for sharing this with the internet. You've made it a richer place!

Myke's Vision : Hey George. You're doing great. You accept your autism and have a good sense of humor about it I went through some of the same things as a kid. . When I was your age, they weren't good at diagnosing kids yet. So I never got properly diagnosed and went through a lot of confusing years in school. Kids would make fun of me if I zoned out and teachers would get frustrated. I would get intensely interested in certain colors or certain smells. I would like to touch things intensely to. In fact my parents said I could see better with my fingers then with my eyes.. I know it sounds funny but it was true. if I could feel , I could see it in my head. I would get upset if I got a 99 on the test and not 100%. I was also slow to start speaking. Later I lost job interviews because I had trouble making eye contact. It wasn't until I was 30 years old that i saw something on the internet about autism and i started figure out that perhaps I had some autism. I still get distracted by a lot of sounds and have to turn everything off if I'm going to read . Autism can be a challenge but I can see You're not letting your autism get in the way. I think you're very brave to put this on the internet and be honest about your autism . Be the awesomest you you can be!🌟🌟🌟🌟

Moonlily : Oh, my.. What an absolutely sweet and wonderful little boy. This made my morning,.

Astronaut Cricket : Hey Geo. That’s a cool nickname for George. I never thought about that. I also didn’t speak until I was 3 either and I went to full sentences immediately. That’s funny. And I also get in trouble for not looking at my teacher when she talks and she thinks I’m not listening but I am. I like your video. I like making videos too but I can’t edit yet. And I’m also in 4th grade!

J Robertson : Thank you soooo much for doing this video.  Your understanding of autism is magnificent.  Because you can describe yourself so well, I am sure you will see great growth in the areas that are difficult for you.  Can you keep us posted with a yearly video?

Radioptics : Whoever disliked this has no heart.

Send Help. : he looks like Finn Wolfhard, just less autisitic