My Autism - by George

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Rat : phat beats

lollipoop : can he eventually learn to be reasonable and control his emotions? idk many ppl with autism

Jazzydooo YT : Sick moves m8 keep going i wanna see u do that helicopter thingy on d dancefloor

please no bad words : damn joji what happened to you

PandaStalker : He made all this music that is so cool good job George!!!!!

Planet Serenity : How can so many people dislike this.. whoever pressed a thumbs down is really sad.You are an amazing boy! Keep it up because your future will be brilliant !

ToxicGhost : my man needs a fidget spinner

Ocaoj : autism is good

Grammy Vulture : I like tacos too.

NoParity Cubing : He looks like Austin Powers

Samuel Gauthier : My George - by Autism

TheLoneGunman26 : Wow, that second track is awesome! 👏

-THICCMushroom - : And he loves to autism

Daniel Knauss : I'm a nurse, and that was more informative than anything I've ever learned about autism. Thank you! Keep up the good work and stay tough, kiddo!

The Ticass Show : This is so weird lmfao. It feels like it's a meme but it's not 😂😂😂

TKON 575 : Maxmoefoe?

Niki Emanuel : what a cute and talented kid!! I want to give him the biggest hug ever!!!❤😁

Dial_Sebastián : Nice video dude, I like that you are into art, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱😁

MintBiscuit21 : Mature for a nine year old honestly

joseph stalin : im pickle riiiickkk skree skree

xIsaiah_101xX Clark : DJ Autism

dank canadian memer : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wait for it **I HAVE THIS THING CALLED AUTISM**

Just Happ : I love this guy, I'm glad he found his voice. Don't stop making art!

Cochram the Destroyer : not gonna lie this kids actually a legend for being so outgoing with autism.

CancerYT : Make a dank meme outta this tho

Grayson Powers : I like to draw, aaannnnddd KazOo!

Jason Krom : The 855 people who disliked accidentally pressed the wrong button, because why would you dislike a video about a kid having fun in his life?

1abudayya : I love this video. What an amazing boy.

Antonio Scotti : where´s the 10x like button ? what an amazing little fella!

Supreme 編集 : I like to play minecraft...

Lawrence Wallk Jr. : Very smart and talented kid.

Caroline : I have autism too, he seems like a really sweet person :) 💖

Jombo : I saw this in the upnext after a sammyclassicsonicfan video...

Ja'Crispies : This is the white knight breeding ground. People calling him talented because he has autism. Someone that was perfectly healthy would not be given that recognition.

Trevor Phillips : Bro im autistic glad to see your happy

Joseph Vaccaro : He loves Minecraft

Ronnie Marshall Jr : My name is Ronnie I have cerebral palsy I have my own YouTube channel I saw your story on abc11 news

Autistic Not Weird : You, sir, are utterly awesome. :D I'm a former teacher, and I have Asperger's myself- and I enjoyed watching this video so much. You express yourself extremely well, and you've not just helped your classmates understand you- you've helped 226,000 people understand autism better! (I also love that you kept in the bit that went wrong during recording- it's a very useful demonstration of what it's really like when dealing with things like that.) Have a great Christmas, and keep being awesome! :) Chris PS- I just watched your latest video. I now have "It's Raining Tacos" stuck in my head, on repeat. :) And Lisa, thanks so much for sharing this with the internet. You've made it a richer place!

Moonlily : Oh, my.. What an absolutely sweet and wonderful little boy. This made my morning,.

Gabriel Gamer : He reminds me so much of my almost 7 year old with Autism who also hits and has far less speech. Makes me very hopeful for the future. I love your son’s sense of humour so much! 💜


orlen cardona : Whitest kid ever ....

Jordan Orr : His music kind of reminds me of TheFatRat! That’s so cool! He’s amazing

YUB NUB : I can tell George has some amazingly supportive parents. Unfortunately the same can't be said to all who are parents of someone on the autism spectrum

Radioptics : Whoever disliked this has no heart.

elvis55555 : 3:53-6:07 me too GEO, me too

Abigail Morales : he’s such a happy kid it makes my heart warm. i love him already he’s so precious ❤️


NDarts : Hey George, you're great! I like that you talk so openly about your autism. Keep on going!!!😀

Tara McGovern Dutcher : I couldn't love this more. What an awesome and talented person you are, George!!