My Autism - by George

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My Singing Monsters : Hi George, We loved your video and your passion for My Singing Monsters. We wanted to thank you for sharing your life with everyone and being such a shining example of everything My Singing Monsters is about.

Rok Willesee : not gonna lie this kids actually a legend for being so outgoing with autism.

Landon Snethen : He looks like Austin Powers

PandaStalker : He made all this music that is so cool good job George!!!!!

Grammy Vulture : I like tacos too.

Just Happ : I love this guy, I'm glad he found his voice. Don't stop making art!

Jazzydooo YT : Sick moves m8 keep going i wanna see u do that helicopter thingy on d dancefloor

lollipoop : can he eventually learn to be reasonable and control his emotions? idk many ppl with autism


xIsaiah_101xX Clark : DJ Autism

MJ EXPLORATION : scrolling thru comments for autism jokes

ToxicGhost : my man needs a fidget spinner

Samuel Gauthier : My George - by Autism

1abudayya : I love this video. What an amazing boy.

please no bad words : damn joji what happened to you

Nobody You know : You've got a true gem :')

Kaynos : Great Video ! Thanks George !

SpaceyMonkey75 : Very moving and inspiring. Thanks for sharing George's story. He's a brilliant young man, I very much hope he keeps up with his art. He could be a strong voice for compassion and understanding.

-UgandaWarrior - : And he loves to autism

RABid_DAWG12701 : lol this guy has autism

just_ thatclan : Whitest kid ever ....

CancerYT : Make a dank meme outta this tho

Kiwi Apteryx : George my dude, you are awesome! Keep being yourself and give your mum and dad a big hug. You're very lucky to have such awesome parents. Much love from New Zealand.

UltimateCodPro : Wow, that second track is awesome! 👏

Ja'Crispies : This is the white knight breeding ground. People calling him talented because he has autism. Someone that was perfectly healthy would not be given that recognition.

Lucas Gates : Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your story George, and as a young adult with Autism, you're doing amazing! I'm a staff member at the Pacific Autism Family Network in Richmond, BC, Canada. I'm already sharing your wonderful video among our staff and thank you George for being an incredible role model for others! I wouldn't be doing this at 9-years old, so kudos to you!

Dragon Agent Productions : Awesome video! It really touched my heart. Way to go George.

Dial_Sebastián : Nice video dude, I like that you are into art, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱😁

Antonio Scotti : where´s the 10x like button ? what an amazing little fella!

Lawrence Wallk Jr. : Very smart and talented kid.

Tara McGovern Dutcher : I couldn't love this more. What an awesome and talented person you are, George!!

MintBiscuit21 : Mature for a nine year old honestly

Kevin Enegren : im pickle riiiickkk skree skree

TKON 575 : Maxmoefoe?

Autistic Not Weird : You, sir, are utterly awesome. :D I'm a former teacher, and I have Asperger's myself- and I enjoyed watching this video so much. You express yourself extremely well, and you've not just helped your classmates understand you- you've helped 226,000 people understand autism better! (I also love that you kept in the bit that went wrong during recording- it's a very useful demonstration of what it's really like when dealing with things like that.) Have a great Christmas, and keep being awesome! :) Chris PS- I just watched your latest video. I now have "It's Raining Tacos" stuck in my head, on repeat. :) And Lisa, thanks so much for sharing this with the internet. You've made it a richer place!

dank canadian memer : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand wait for it **I HAVE THIS THING CALLED AUTISM**

Moonlily : Oh, my.. What an absolutely sweet and wonderful little boy. This made my morning,.

Terry Watts : Sweet beats George!

TheMLGHokageSS1 : Don't let autism slow you down kiddo, you will do great things!

YUB NUB : I can tell George has some amazingly supportive parents. Unfortunately the same can't be said to all who are parents of someone on the autism spectrum

ShadowMaster 57 : Bro im autistic glad to see your happy

Joseph Vaccaro : He loves Minecraft

Jombo : I saw this in the upnext after a sammyclassicsonicfan video...

Ocaoj : autism is good

Abigail Morales : he’s such a happy kid it makes my heart warm. i love him already he’s so precious ❤️

Jordan Orr : His music kind of reminds me of TheFatRat! That’s so cool! He’s amazing

SNAKE NEST : Your music is great already dude; good vibes your way!

Grayson Powers : I like to draw, aaannnnddd KazOo!

Ronnie Marshall : My name is Ronnie I have cerebral palsy I have my own YouTube channel I saw your story on abc11 news

rbrtpongo : ill share your video in the autism acceptance group