My Autism - by George

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My Singing Monsters : Hi George, We loved your video and your passion for My Singing Monsters. We wanted to thank you for sharing your life with everyone and being such a shining example of everything My Singing Monsters is about.

Jaime Reynolds : George is so great!! I have a 9 year old son with autism as well. He is nonverbal. Sending George a big hug from Phoenix! :)

Antonio Scotti : where´s the 10x like button ? what an amazing little fella!

elvis55555 : 3:53-6:07 me too GEO, me too

Grammy Vulture : I like tacos too.

1abudayya : I love this video. What an amazing boy.

Daniel Knauss : I'm a nurse, and that was more informative than anything I've ever learned about autism. Thank you! Keep up the good work and stay tough, kiddo!


Alejandra g : he comes to my school

Tara McGovern Dutcher : I couldn't love this more. What an awesome and talented person you are, George!!

Susan Jordan : Thank you so much for making this video, George! You did a great job and I've already watched it three times. I'm so glad I've had a chance to meet you and hope I get to see you again someday! Give your mom and dad my love, will you?

Lunar Lancer : Dude you’re freaking awesome. Autism is completely misunderstood. In case my avatar doesn’t give it away. I’m a furry. A lot of people in our community have autism. They’re all amazing. So are you. Keep it up

Queleimporta Pene : Would you say he is happier than someone without autism?

Of Course : I have Asperger's so I can really relate to a lot of what George talked about. Awesome video

Kaynos : Great Video ! Thanks George !

Ronnie Marshall : My name is Ronnie I have cerebral palsy I have my own YouTube channel I saw your story on abc11 news

Just Happ : I love this guy, I'm glad he found his voice. Don't stop making art!

SpaceyMonkey75 : Very moving and inspiring. Thanks for sharing George's story. He's a brilliant young man, I very much hope he keeps up with his art. He could be a strong voice for compassion and understanding.

Nobody You know : You've got a true gem :')

Dragon Agent Productions : Awesome video! It really touched my heart. Way to go George.

Kiwi Apteryx : George my dude, you are awesome! Keep being yourself and give your mum and dad a big hug. You're very lucky to have such awesome parents. Much love from New Zealand.

Catherine Lohr : I hope you don't mind if I share this. I think you're amazing. I teach autistic support in PA and this brought tears to my eyes. Keep being you because your amazing.

Lucas Gates : Absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing your story George, and as a young adult with Autism, you're doing amazing! I'm a staff member at the Pacific Autism Family Network in Richmond, BC, Canada. I'm already sharing your wonderful video among our staff and thank you George for being an incredible role model for others! I wouldn't be doing this at 9-years old, so kudos to you!

Nadia Ryder : He reminds me so much of my almost 7 year old with Autism who also hits and has far less speech. Makes me very hopeful for the future. I love your son’s sense of humour so much! 💜

rbrtpongo : ill share your video in the autism acceptance group

SNAKE NEST : Your music is great already dude; good vibes your way!

giseerouchon : Hey, I'm autistic too and have 4 kids, including sons of a similar age to George. Nice vid, I can see a lot of my sons in you- one loves to dance and the other loves to teach me stuff. I found what you said about hearing ALL THE THINGS at once totally relatable too...

DatGuySteve : Relatable because I have high-functioning autism. Stay strong, George :)

lula_mds B&T : You are genius George! My son is 4 years old and is very similar to you, we think he has Specific Language Impairment We are from Uruguay, I would like the video to be translated Spanish so more people see it!

Amy Ashenden : Hi Lisa, what an inspiration George is! Please may we publish a clip from this video on with credit to your channel? Many thanks

Bjartur Steingrimsson : Great video George. Cheers from Iceland :)

LOEkLOEk : Great video! Well done! Greetings from Germany!

Emjay Kalt : George, I shared your video with my adult children, whose brother also has autism. We soooo enjoyed seeing your wonderful life! YOU ROCK! It reminded me of a lot of great moments with my son, and I am so thankful that you posted this as it was the best thing in my whole weekend!

Landon Snethen : He looks like Austin Powers

Bobby McGuire : George is awesome. I love his sense of humor, honesty and phat beats. Well done, George.

brigitgoddess : Wonderful job, George! I fell in love with and lived with a man on the spectrum for 2 and a half years--he would have loved to had the sort of supportive parents you obviously have! I am sure you will grow up to be a wonderful man! (my ex-boyfriend and I no longer live together--but he and I are still close friends) Best of luck to you young man! You GO!!!

Moonlily : Oh, my.. What an absolutely sweet and wonderful little boy. This made my morning,.

Kelly McCarthy : Hi Lisa, we love George's video at ABC News and I'd love to get a statement from you for a story if you're available?

Terry Watts : Sweet beats George!

Astronaut Cricket : Hey Geo. That’s a cool nickname for George. I never thought about that. I also didn’t speak until I was 3 either and I went to full sentences immediately. That’s funny. And I also get in trouble for not looking at my teacher when she talks and she thinks I’m not listening but I am. I like your video. I like making videos too but I can’t edit yet. And I’m also in 4th grade!

Hex Cam : I have autism

Graneth Liulfr : We appreciate this video! This is pretty great, and makes me happy to see him so comfortable with who he is. :D Keep being awesome, keep being you.

Gisele Madeira : Hi george! You are a cool person and a great classmate! I love your video and have watched it many times. Keep being cool. I love harry potter too. Xoxoxoxo - R.P

jp dolezal : you're music is really good! keep it up george

Wade Preston : Great video George. Your transparency helps everyone. Looking forward to more great content from you!

Darlene Janssen : Thank you, George and Mom and Dad for taking the time to explain this

Kat Moncol : George this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing about you!

Ester Leutenberg : Thanks George! You are a very brave kid! I learned so much about you!

Andres Ciaño : Loved your video George!! It was really great and I got to learn a lot about life with autism, which is pretty cool!! Cheers from Argentina buddy :D

oddfigure : Awesome video George!! Thanks to you, I learned a lot about Autism. Cheers from Puerto Rico!