Moog Funk Soul R&B Talkbox Demo

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Andriy S : Nice! Base line is also from Little Phatty?

snoop dogg dank kush : we are all black

Francisco Suarez Salazar : I don´t know how did I get here but this is fucking dope.

Paul Synk : IS it actually possible to turn the funk knob up past this level ...  !!! First class !

Enzo Farrugia : And the next day , jesus was born...

Devon Miles : GO ON HEAD NEPHEW *old funky voice* 👌🎶

Minneapolis sound : the song, Reminds me of Roger Troutman.

Jarrod Wright : Shit son, you got powers

Futurum Sonat : wich talkbox areu using? :) dont understand in the begining ^^

David Shaw : How the funk can anyone thumbs down this? - Excellent work my friend.

Benjamin T.Menson : what patch you using for the talkbox on the little phatty? sounds dope!!

croix93 : funky and low volume

Crazy-Tomb Rabbit : Ok ... Now I love this style of music !

Ted Shuttlesworth Jr. : My man!

djcoolcliff : Man this is funkier than an old preachers mic @ church!!!!!!!

Glen Lee : After watching this numerous times and watching the original, my personal opinion? I like this much much better! Cool as!

O Jay : roger troutman would be proud 😏

Lonz Canti : the problem is that this was 8 years ago so i can only imagine how sick his new shit is. 😩😩😩😩😩

Majid S. : Play that funky music, white boy.

bigdeelow1 : white boy got that funky soul in him 👏👏👏👏

SARGIS ANDREASYAN : damn it s dopeeeeeeee

skemsen : EXCELLENT!!! More, more, more!!!!! PLEASE! :-)

Samir Fek : RESPECT

Michael Björk : Now that's how you play a Moog synth.

sculas12 : This is auditory heaven!

21 21 : what scales / notes you using?

Thomas Vincent : F U N K Y A S F U C K

tonyo524o524 : That's what's up.

Derek Brown : Dope dude! Is this with the clean mod? I've heard the gain/distortion is so raw that a lot of people mod their banshee to remove those aspects, in order to make it sound very clean. Great playing, excellent gentlemen is good stuff man

Jesus Duarte : sick funk talk boxing 🎹🎼👍

21 21 : what's that thing at 1:00

Stefan Woldekidan : FanFUNKtastic!!!

visionkingdom : Ok white boy! That's how u feel! Well do that shit then.😮🎹🎤😎 Just long as its FUNKY!

xneon : this is the most awesome OC on YT.

James Poe : Nasty,stankin, funk and I love it! 10 stars!!!!

FlowersInHisHair : NICE

Christopher Kouri : well now that was just some bad arse funk rite ter mahn

Edwin Brown : Funknasty!

Justian Kroes : Awesome

VSafaryan : Man you're so awesome that you still reply to comments on a video that's like 9 years old. Good to know you're still around!

Josh Pickles : Dude that blew my mind!

gcinfamous : Hey man thats some dope synth playing! did you make that beat too? I was wondering if you help other producers play synths as a session player? Would love to have you playing on a song im working on.

Jake Johnson : Get it man!!!

stoneshorty : Nasty!

Jeff Meyers : I will learn this

bdub2868 : solid

R M S Y : Yeah!!!!!!!!

Tristan Hauk : Does anyone know the name of any musical groups that just make jams like this?

Ashley Dennis : Aye

Cathal Dennehy : holy shit....