Moog Funk Soul R&B Talkbox Demo

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Moog Music Inc : We love it!

Majid S. : Play that funky music, white boy.

Andreas Nielsen : This is ALOT better then autotune this actually takes talent

Aaron Beddome : This is one of the funkiest things I've ever heard

Duck's Free Games : Dang Sips you got taste in your music!

mike full : this white dude must have grown up in my hood in DA hood . his funk is proof we are all the same !!!!!!!!!!!

Simon bleed : You know if Rodger from Zapp ever got sick you could fill in for him... good job

Corey the Editor : Wow, you have some serious talent. Damn look at those fingers go! I wish I could do that :D Great job!

Bill Vapes : You funk those keys like a god

Godzilla Hårdisksson : Mooooore! 2 minutes ain't enough! :D

Kraken546 : Dayum, son! nice

Andriy S : Nice! Base line is also from Little Phatty?

Michael Björk : Now that's how you play a Moog synth.

Mississippi Dave : I love how he finishes so nonchalant ... As if he didn't just out-funk the entire human race!

fat420cracker : I see this dude almost every Tuesday night tearin shit up at the Goodfoot. 

Scott Hogue : Holy Roger Troutman, Batman!  Very badass my man. 

Jeremy Sears : WOW

Gustavo Cordovez : how you play that funky way man? you rock i want to learn to :c

Enzo Farrugia : And the next day , jesus was born...

Laion Neves : Man, I could listen to this for days...

ZohanNine : This sound like Stevie Wonder.

Dean Forrest : Dude mad Skillz! Man got some chops!

Butho : Only took 1 minute of listening for this new subscriber (:

DB Pooper : Are talkboxes fairly intuitive to use, or do they require a lot of practice to use effectively?

Sune Schack : Sooo many talkbox wannabeeeees playing boring pop stuff. This has to be the meanest talkbox jam I ever saw.... You have a fan. I'll buy Excellent Gentlement right away! ;) Funk it up and cheers from Denmark!

Will S : DAMN !!!!!! I can smell that funk all the way through the screen !!!!!!! LOL. Nice vid, dude !!

Minneapolis sound : the song, Reminds me of Roger Troutman.

0llril : Gotta love sips

xneon : this is the most awesome OC on YT.

bigdeelow1 : white boy got that funky soul in him 👏👏👏👏

skemsen : EXCELLENT!!! More, more, more!!!!! PLEASE! :-)

Sarah Rogers : Thank you Chive, for bringing me here

gcinfamous : Hey man thats some dope synth playing! did you make that beat too? I was wondering if you help other producers play synths as a session player? Would love to have you playing on a song im working on.

David Shaw : How the funk can anyone thumbs down this? - Excellent work my friend.

Peter Kolev : damn son wer'd you find this :DD

Paul Synk : IS it actually possible to turn the funk knob up past this level ...  !!! First class !

elisiliga : It's Ill. Makin me sick. Too funky!!!!!!

mikeycolfax : This man is damn legit for a lot of reasons- You can now see him with +Allen Stone !

TheDubTekk : "alright" NO! MORE!

Jeff Meyers : I will learn this

xDiamondDoll702x : Roger and Zapp baby! Yes!! This is giving me Zapp funk. Very talented

it's me : what scales / notes you using?

it's me : what's that thing at 1:00

DisturbedMoNo : That was good ..stupid good

Lucarelli Genesis : This is funk personified

Brian Blackmore : As soon as he started with that talk box I was transported into a land of funky where the trees danced and sang and the ground was made of colors. There I hung out until morning with George Clinton and Bootsie Collins. Funkadelic. 

Jim Little : I played this out loud and all the nearby women became pregnant.  

Atlas Jungle : Dang thats some funk that'll get the pets in my house dancing.

Benjamin T.Menson : what patch you using for the talkbox on the little phatty? sounds dope!!

Bloop : anyone else come here cause sips?