Emil Gilels - Rachmaninov - Prelude No 2 in C sharp minor, Op 3

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MrFartyman44 : why is Dracula in the audience

Wayne Johnson : My favorite interpreter of this piece, ever, including recordings of Rachmaninoff himself. Gilel's' version has amazing color and contrast, an aching tenderness when needed, and a massive thrust. It creates a monumental arch which goes beyond the printed score and pretty much defines the upper limits of piano sonority.

Flying Swordfish : I really prefer the way Gilels plays the chords from 2:30 to other pianists - without too much rubato. It's supposed to be dramatic, but also pesante, so you can't be stretching the time too much. He plays it well.

Dario Santandrea : That's making the piano sing!

ben roof : The old Russian school : Magic

Mickey M : Wonderful live performance! Audience got their money's worth here. I feel the chills just watching online, could only imagine how this would feel live.

Edgar Martínez : The golden sound.

kavaldzhia : шедевр !

polymathecian : I come back here from time to time to listen to this rendition.

T42B19 : Wow he really got angry at the piano in that middle section!

yungkyoo woo : emil gilels good... but Josef Hofmann is more nice.........