Ice Poseidon - Worst Lying Manipulating Streamer On Youtube - L OF THE DAY
Ice Poseidon Worst Lying Manipulating Streamer On Youtube L OF THE DAY

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Knopes : 'Just go out there and kiss her, the worst she can do is call the police" .... Thats a yikes from me on that one

ThatGuyYouHate : It was legitimately difficult to finish this video because the ice poseidon clips were downright painful to watch

BlaccFox : "You look pretty young, hold old are you?" "I'm 14" "That's good.." Yeah. I'm done. LOL

Hugo Castellanos : This is the only YouTubed who doesn’t criticize anyone ! He just spits facts 💯 new sub ! Anyone else ...?

Yanuze : It's like he has no emotion, All he cares about is content and money.

Anthony : 13:26 “you know they can’t hear your screams inside of the RV” Jesus Christ.

GnarlyStoned420 : This channel is so amazing. Keep giving them L's bro.

N MEN : I swear Ice makes you wanna catch an assault case

Carlos Abrego : Someone send that video of him and his friend talking about Grape street down to Watts. The youngsters will find his ass and do more than break his camera

Simon Ginks : This dude is fire 🔥 Coz he just melted Ice 💦

Devin Siner : Now I see why everyone hates him. Somebody is definitely going to kill him. You Watch.

ouchvinny4 : I'm sorry I had to skip the videos of him with the girls. I was literally dying of cringe. Great video, you gained a sub. :D

Futuo Invictus : Love the content bro. Your razor sharp wit, laid back delivery and unique perspectives make for a great show. Keep going at it, you are very talented. I believe you could make a career in media. You'd be great for radio.

oxysz : “You’re just a goblin surrounded by leaches” lmao perfect

QuickDigits : 3rd vid of yours I just watched, damn bruh I just hit that sub

Asadian Belifont : To be fair, getting bullied by underage kids is something any streamer would have to take. Smacking the shit out of some minors wouldn't exactly end well.

Rodney Wilson : The only person I would want to punch more than Ice, is Hampton Brandon. They are both rats.

Carson Corbin : Lol.. bro idk where or how I even came across your videos but I’ve been watching them for hours. Your delivery is on another level. Subscribed 💯

Jim Johnson : Damn dude those clips with him interacting with women are so cringe I'm bleeding

HodgePodge Doodles : Damn I feel old. I really don't get most of these Twitch folk. Why the hell are they famous and so well supported? That Ice P dude is just a troll and super cringey. I still remember when the idea of trolling on the internet was for tweens. Bored kids sat in their room just looking for someone to trigger into a rage or trick them into believing you were a chick. Now all I see are grown ass adults acting like petulant and entitled brats who find playground humour the height of good content.

electronicpunk mc : this is the reason when your head fills up so much air in it it's easy to target it with anything. MELTED!

Nicholas Bennett : You know, I will say you know your way around logic, not very many people have a good grip on it like that. Starting to like that I subscribed now. This is good content.

Cody Ingram : one day they'll use some of this footage as evidence against him in sexual violence courts

Czeji : *She's 14* F O U R T E E N

Tom Keefe : Dude..... I've watched the movie "a Serbian film" and made it through regardless of being the most fucked up movie I've ever seen.... But I had to fast forward past ice's interactions with women... He's sickening.

Quad turbo supercharged Regera : "I think its safe to say that youre pretty cringey" thats a generous way of saying it. Dude's an asshole, always had a bad feeling bout ice Also subbed.

COBRA1234576 PAINUSINURANUS : Hes the goblin and and your the goblin hunter


Inthawk : Ice got destroyed aint gonna lie

ItsMe NoName : after seeing 2 video's from this channel....I subbed. greets from The Netherlands.

Jack Burton : Ice sounds like Ari Shafir who is also a Jew.

Papa Devvs : Bruh come to Columbus GA, he getting knocked TF out 😂

Samuel J : I can’t wait to bully ice if I ever meet him 😤

BUDD13 BMX : Bro that's R. Kelly shit! Great video btw.

Paul Wynkoop : Defends his use of the n word by saying “It’s 2017.” Wtf kind of logic is that?

fromhelltocell : It's funny, ain't it? In the reaction on this vid that cringy goblin was talking bout him as a "big tuber", and you as a "small tuber". Now he has 4 K subscribers, and still obviously needs emergent medical help, cause he's more&more mental every day, it seems. All the best L.

Blind Tyrant : Ice used to be alright back in the runescape days, he was always cringey. Once he had a mental break and decided to start irl streaming to get out more, the fame got to his head. Now he just degrades people for "content". Its sad, RIP old Ice.

TEMPLAR DRED : Ooooo just finished watching ice response Hahahah so weak you pin pointed him to a t hahah he challenged ya to that boxing match please go stomp him out bro

Kimchi Sammich : Ponzi least 5 year sentence...never let him get back up

ManofWords : haha dude you have a new subscriber your right

tbertram88 : Good stream bro They were legit grooming that 14 yr olf

H1V1 : J E W I S H A N D Y

PhoenixDIE : Naa, nice vid dude. New sub here bro :D keep em coming dude!

Duvel : Respect for the good job. Expose hypocrites. Just subbed

So No? : I like your confidence man. Calm ,cool and collect.

SmallDick StoleYourGirl : if shes 14 I'm 14

Sarah : He is so insecure it is now part of his personality, he is evil. If he were to care about himself or the world enough to have moments of introspection, there would be patterns of self hatred he could identify and heal. However, he is ever praised for his defects so I don't see that happening until a major life incident occurs.

kc_kirchh : Lmfao I love this guy. New sub

Fawn Dillmiballs : Good video man! Totally agree with you! Ice Poseidon is an oxygen thief.