Ice Poseidon - Worst Lying Manipulating Streamer On Youtube - L OF THE DAY

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L OF THE DAY : This video took a looooong time to put together, I hope you're cool with 18 minutes !


just bread : ice's fans are the type of people who browse 4chan one time and think there cool and edgy.

Jalen Lowdermilk : All the dislikes from triggered ice fanboys. And JEEZ Ice looks bad in the thing with the gf

Inthawk : Ice got destroyed aint gonna lie

Salmonfaky : Does ice think he's attractive??? lol that's internet fame for ya ...

Draco Safarius : Man you can tell Ice's cancer community is out in force on the dislikes lmao Edit: Oh god the suck up comments are even better, you guys really make it too easy Edit 2: Jesus the absolute embarrassment that is in the comment section doesn't stop, I am loving this.

Imma Last : I thought of Ice Poseidon as a funny guy, but i never saw these clips you just showed, and this is kinda sad and pathetic, from Ice Poseidons side. you didnt only nailed the coffin, you build the coffin... or rather... he build it himself xD Continue the nice content!!! :D

Sukhy Mann : Someone finally getting the hypocrites. Yo king keep up that good unbiased shit.

Dolph Youngin : Kids defending his treatment of the homeless don't seem to understand exploitation.

lokjh : No content andy

Karas Crow : Ice is a man-child. He gives respectable guys a bad name. You don’t have to be an SJW or a cuck to be decent to women.

FAT JAXSON : People saying he took all the clips out of context... THE WORST CLIPS WERE THE ONES WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE PEOPLE IM THEM. Unless they're paid actors, no context is needed

Rally Boyd : Ice fanboys be triggered af

Tik Taco : Wait, there are people who unironically like Ice poseidon? Lmao


danny phenton : All these dislikes from Ice’s 12 year old army lol

Brett Shuffler : Clickbait andy

kobra&yoshie YT : I never liked ice because ge stuck me as an arrogant prick.....I was right....thanks m8...don't listen to these asshats btw

Kas : Long overdue vid about Poseidon. He is such a despicable person exploiting people for content and donations. He pretty much got kicked from every platform bc he is such a douche. Great video and well deserved L for the rest of his life.

GTRI3 : How can you defend a guy who throws a salad at the homeless man? Ice poseidon's fans are probably some kind of 12 years old kids who think that bullying a homeless man makes them cool.

Felix Högsander : Ok L of the day! you gorgeous bastard! I've seen your vids on and off for a time now, and this just did it! Subbed! I actually thought IcePoseidon was a good dude beforehand, from what I've seen. but boy oh boy......

Modest Pilgrim : its obvious all ice fans are like little tweens. sad bunch.

Robyn Leigh : I felt so uncomfortable throughout this entire video. Who is he and why does he have a following? I've never been so disgusted by another human being in my entire life!!!!

Mo Jamal : Ice Poseidon can blame his actions on autism all he wants, but that doesn't change the fact that he's the single biggest piece of shit to ever walk this earth.

psychotyty94 : I'm waiting to see if ice is gonna respond but probably get a bunch of hate from the cx anger

CREEPIN 2000 : Lol this comment section is so bad right now 😂😂. I bet the ice fan base didnt even watch the video or even considered the points made. 😂

oxysz : “You’re just a goblin surrounded by leaches” lmao perfect

Rinnegan Sensei : Y’all remember when Sam and ice got bullied in the hotel by a group of teenagers lol

Adrix : dayme ... the dislikes tho :/

Phoebus7238 : dont scrap the brandon one keep doing it, brandon is worse than anyone

Kartik Wadehra : This guy is a messed up human being. Why didn't Youtube or Twitch ban him?

DPirateKats : EDIT @14:23 wtf ??So rapey !!!!!!!!!! I only watched Ice Poseidon once, and it was a livestream in which he called a prostitute into his house, filmed her without her consent and made her clean for him, she kept asking him the whole time if the camera was filming and he kept lying . It was enough to tell he's a narcissist who views women and all people as objects, he has no empathy, and when I started watching this video and saw him defending Mexican Indian, it was obvious that the only reason he defends him is because he feels indirectly attacked considering they both treat women the same, I came to that same conclusion before even arriving to the point where you said the same thing. What a piece of shit, why do people even watch people like him let alone give him money .

Matti Leinonen : Lots of angry Nose Poseidon fans here

Palix Tobin : Ice is trash, straight up.

iCryptic : Cx

uufd rs : I used to like him in the RuneScape days, his early irl streams where he would just walk down the street and do stuff with friends. Now he's just a completely derailed edgelord partly due to the ppl he surrounded himself with, it's kinda sad to see..

AlamedaCA94501 : Ice has raper face. He looks like he smells.

BubberTubber : Why you keep the Mexican Andy thumbnail up for that long i had to look away from the screen 🤮🤮

George Alexander : Loved It! Hilarious. You called it with the cx thingy. And hate bombed by all the 12 year olds that don't even know how to make ice. Like what the hell is that? Hahaha

Vincenzo Ianuale : Ice deep throaters doing what they do best. Great video

Gaudy Gotti : LMAOOO ICE IS LAME...

Hopeifide : the best part is when the teens are punking him out and he's like "you think acting like this will get you far in life!" see you in 10 years when you have no stream and saved 0$ of the donations dumb white teens sent you from their dad's credit card.... He's not just gonna go into movies from this lifestyle no one will wanna work with him after googling his name.

Brandon Harris : Im really surprised Ice hasn't been banned from Youtube yet.

Bromund : His community terrorized him and his Reddit for months on end for Caroline drama L of the Day makes one video about it and suddenly it's time to defend Ice Great fans lul

Lil Saturated : Welp, Ice can hold this L

SkiMask666 : Is your name Nick Gurs

SolidShark OFFICIAL : I watched ice.for a year. I watched this video and agree with a lot. Good job!

PersonGuy3000 : this was a hilarious video, subbed

VazzyCow : Great video! You took pretty much everything out of context :)