Ice Poseidon - Worst Lying Manipulating Streamer On Youtube - L OF THE DAY

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L OF THE DAY : This video took a looooong time to put together, I hope you're cool with 18 minutes !

kēromara : GATOR SKIN 🐊🐊🐊

juno : No content andy

psychotyty94 : I'm waiting to see if ice is gonna respond but probably get a bunch of hate from the cx anger

Adrix : dayme ... the dislikes tho :/

VazzyCow : Great video! You took pretty much everything out of context :)

TempoArts : Cx

bcherbs : Great Work !! But it was way too short , more please !!

EricMoranFilms : Cx

Brett Shuffler : Clickbait andy

CxScuffed Productions : Lemme axe you a question

Tony Moore : THem Ice Poseidon Dick riders in here. Yall weak

Michael Garcia : Out of context andy

Brett Shuffler : Take this L boy. CX in the chat.

ContactingTheDead : *No research Clickbait Andy*

Jawnzy : Out of context andy


GrapeDrank001 : Bootleg content cop

Static Zapper : TriHard

MrDmoney156 : Ice had it coming! Lmao

Jandro : The homeless man verbally agreed and signed a waiver before completing any challenges. He was also paid for his time. Cx

ZOZO : This was weak tbh and your research on the context of these clips and Ice's personality are highly inaccurate, it's clear you don't even watch the streams enough to have a valid opinion. Also, imagine trying to "expose" someone who's already completely transparent about everything and has a community who already roasts him about every little thing in his life daily lmao. If Ice was a "normal" Youtuber this would work, but not on someone who whose "L's" are already public and well-known, and even then, everyone knows Ice is "autistic" and stupid so no one will ever take anything he does/says seriously, being ironic is literally part of his brand. Nice try though I guess.

ao el : About ice getting "bullied" by the kids, he actually tried to talk to them and let them know they were going down a bad path in life. Sure it failed but he didn't lose his temper and tried to get through to them.

Ichucky Xtreme : Cx

Daniel Birch : Welfare content cop cx

Charles Whisenant : What a tool. How this bumbling idiot has a following is beyond me. L Deserved.

Ermo77 : You don´t know anything about a persona and live-streaming. It´s a bit different than sitting in front of your pc and editing and cutting shit till it fits. There are no take 2´s .

DCtheGod : N of the day, you took everything out of context, double digit IQ btw

Phoebus7238 : dont scrap the brandon one keep doing it, brandon is worse than anyone

GrapeDrank001 : Youre not even clever or original at all. you're literally a bootleg content cop.

Jan : Cx

Clorox Bleach : I’m a fan of both but L OF THE DAY, got the W today.

Chrylix : Irrelevant video LUL

Makeoke _ : That girl that said she was 14 was only joking so burger could leave her alone, she didn't care about ice tho

ThePioneer : This is a welfare content cop

E U : Reading from a script I see... lol. Cx

Augsif : Welfare content cop

SPACE GIMP : that wasnt black face that was spray can gone wrong get ya fact straight brother

BassGhost : The Asian girl, who was saying she is 14 isn't actually 14. She's a regular from the discord and was saying it as a joke, she was actually like 19.

plz stop : you're using my background, might have to *copystrike*

SubDemon : LOL for a guy that calls himself King you sure look like a hobo

Black Doug : Oh my God! Who is even defending this guy?!!he is such a creep!!

Big T : Cx

675 : This was pretty weak his own reddit roasts him better everyday

Mia C : Obviously Ice triggered you. SJW lol

IlDementedlI -IIIX- : BODIED !!! 🤣💯 still love Ice Poseidon 💀💀


Jevin : weak af

RV Andy : Cx

Vincenzo Ianuale : Ice deep throaters doing what they do best. Great video