Butt Dance

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I don't know if there is any way to describe this video. ---------- I didn't make this video it's just something I found on the internet a long time ago. I have no idea what the music is, and it was probably created specifically for the video.

Comments from Youtube

Justin F. : Ahhh I remember this well, yep, these were the golden internet days. Some day I will show my grandchildren this video and say, "Hey, this video is really funny... watch it."

TheChickenRiceBowl : I was scared that with the recent popularity of butts in the media that this would be lost in a myriad of gross twerking videos. I'm glad to see it wasn't.

Avada Kedebra : i was lying in my bed and suddenly this video came to my mind. it's been 6 years. still awesome

Nina April : This was literally the Youtube video that fueled my childhood.

Sophie Pastorino : The ultimate form of twerking.

Kittycatpartyhat : I can't even.

Felicity Hayes : Whoa~ Memories xD very hilarious ones xD

The Boi Of Jesus XD V: : Top10 Bests Animes Hentai In The World

Kavanagh24 : Best thing on here. *laugh attack*

Bitchius Babius LXIX : This sums up my entire life in a nutshell in 40 seconds.

Goldhummingbird : Aah, the origins of twerking

KutsaiChan : Oh my, it's been so long since I've seen this. Still love it~ Still adorable <3

Gretchen Armenta : it's been awhile...

Space Daddy : I remember this! Ahh the good old days.

pixeloid : Ah yes. A classic.

Brooke Arashi : Best YouTube video ever. I remember I sent this to my friend back in 4th grade!

jahnaya washington : omg so freakin funny

Lína Sigfredsson : This will never stop being funny.

Fesco : geez its already been 7 years since i watched this???

Hamstarball : L.O.L!!!

adomin1000 : I remember having an old avi file on my desktop of this back in 99 or 2000.

Micahel Mengelkamp : Herm... I can't honestly say that this didn't turn me on...

Luke Mitchinson : Still better than Miley Cyrus.

KimLikesFood : This was the first youtube video I ever saw

Kat Li : I was going through my old youtube channel and found this gem xD

Bubbadoo : watching this at o.25 speed is majestic.

Hunter Rensink : too much booty in the pants dance!

Ashton Ross : The original twerk

Rook : No.

Joy Kiara : Lol so freaking funny like this comment if you agree!!

jklinevideos : very enjoyable.

XperiaDice : WTF was that shit I mean twerkin is now REAL!

Juliana G : TWERK 4 TAMPA

Haley MCNAMER : King of all twerking

ChizzaGaming : Twerkin Just Fucking Got Real

jam mucgooc : I like pie.

Jerome Nelson : this is so freaking funny that it make me laugh MY BUTT off!

No Why : i love this

Johannes Fredriksson : This is the origin of twerk..

RagedVinylScratch : ...Well...

I Am Your Sandwich : LOL

Dasher Anne : Oh my god I found it again! My dad showed me this as a kid and made it the intro to like half of our home videos. I don't even know why. XD

美丽如 : HA HA

illy rosario : #TWERK_TEAM lmfao

Ahmed Elshafey : I can't even...


Emily Hughes : I am totally showing this to all my friends

Gilbert Chavis : woah major twerking

Barron Bowling : i tried to do this and i poped in ear drum.