Butt Dance

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Alexander Marcoh : And thus, the idea for Adventure Time was born.

Justin F. : Ahhh I remember this well, yep, these were the golden internet days. Some day I will show my grandchildren this video and say, "Hey, this video is really funny... watch it."

Sophie Pastorino : The ultimate form of twerking.

TheChickenRiceBowl : I was scared that with the recent popularity of butts in the media that this would be lost in a myriad of gross twerking videos. I'm glad to see it wasn't.

Nina April : This was literally the Youtube video that fueled my childhood.

Kittycatpartyhat : I can't even.

Avada Kedebra : i was lying in my bed and suddenly this video came to my mind. it's been 6 years. still awesome

Gretchen Armenta : it's been awhile...

Redkittycats : This sums up my entire life in a nutshell in 40 seconds.

Norma J : God i totally forgot about this video lmao. six years have passed

Felicity Hayes : Whoa~ Memories xD very hilarious ones xD

Kavanagh24 : Best thing on here. *laugh attack*

Goldhummingbird : Aah, the origins of twerking

froggy Hoyle : Lol this is soooooo funny

LeeAnn Scott : Lol soooooooo ffuuunnnyyy

Sidney Summers : Twerk team

Mizore Much? : when YouTube wasn't about gaming.. ahh the good days.

Alexa Hopman : Hahahahhahahahahhahaha

Tom Zhang : Shake your bootie.

Pfadfinder-Kind : *sigh* hello.... Its been 88 years...

KutsaiChan : Oh my, it's been so long since I've seen this. Still love it~ Still adorable <3

Arda Aydın : Now I can die in peace

Highfivepaw Birbs : Wow nostalgia

BananaRaccoon : The video's description is so true... 

Mooshroom Xxgamerxx : What did I just watch LOL

Heyypugga : Only if it was in coulor

teatube : This is what i dreamt ,huh?

Himiko Yuuki : Omg that was so funny😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😃

onemanbando178 : Elephant in background is not amused

Aaron : His butt is going crazy

Mudtastic : This is beautiful

Asuna Yüuki : My life. Watching weird videos on YT. Man I'm amazing and being lazy 👍🏻

Tiffany Griffith : Omg this is horrifying XD

Alandra Doran : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂

Kim Hansen : do it for the vine

Tiffany Griffith : XD ll Help me!!!

Dinah Hutson : weird and intense  but okay 

CHANNE : i can do dis

Imani Johnson : I'm dead af X.x

Jaysybear : That was sooo juicy

Katie693 : *Walk away slolwly*

im not Okay MCRXoxo : im scared

Rachel Jaramillo : haha! ;D

WolfManiac 05 : I love it

Meow Woof : ... Oh.

VideoGameHeroine Meniela : DAT ASS!!

Tia Nutella : lol 

Dibwitzle : 11 years later and i still love this

Roselense : OMG xD

Spoopy 'Lysa : That was so nasty 0:18 well not funny Jessssss..................