Butt Dance

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Alexander Marcoh : And thus, the idea for Adventure Time was born.

Berd : Who ever made this animation. Is. GOD.

Kittycatpartyhat : I can't even.

Justin F. : Ahhh I remember this well, yep, these were the golden internet days. Some day I will show my grandchildren this video and say, "Hey, this video is really funny... watch it."

Avada Kedebra : i was lying in my bed and suddenly this video came to my mind. it's been 6 years. still awesome

Nina April : This was literally the Youtube video that fueled my childhood.

Gretchen Armenta : it's been awhile...

Norma J : God i totally forgot about this video lmao. six years have passed

Sophie Pastorino : The ultimate form of twerking.

froggy Hoyle : Lol this is soooooo funny

Sidney Summers : Twerk team

Goldhummingbird : Aah, the origins of twerking

Kavanagh24 : Best thing on here. *laugh attack*

Mizore Much? : when YouTube wasn't about gaming.. ahh the good days.

Felicity Hayes : Whoa~ Memories xD very hilarious ones xD

Redkittycats : This sums up my entire life in a nutshell in 40 seconds.

Alexa Hopman : Hahahahhahahahahhahaha

LeeAnn Scott : Lol soooooooo ffuuunnnyyy

Tom Zhang : Shake your bootie.

TheChickenRiceBowl : I was scared that with the recent popularity of butts in the media that this would be lost in a myriad of gross twerking videos. I'm glad to see it wasn't.

RocketJump : Back. It is so sweet.

xKatjaxPurrsx : EPIC!!

SoundMaster : man when i clicked at this video ( fraddiew brought me) i thought it would be something about sfx or somrthing.But whatt i saw was......this

Kyleaaron Nightcore : k

BushBumper : I watch this every day x'D And I never stop smiling.

AkantoreX : Oh, I'm in the weird part of YouTube again.

Caroline Elizabeth : i watch this now when i get bored xD it always makes me laugh!!

Caroline Elizabeth : best butt dance ever xD

Caroline Elizabeth : o_o wtf LOLLLLLLL

pootinhammer : i love this vid ive seen it probbably 50 times.

Ferrous : im...ahhhhhh...rea...really confused ri....right now

didierthesuperstar : @hmstitanic1910 CAUSE THIS IS DAMN GOOD !! : D

Lovely Moon : @AlannaAmore cuz it was made by the same guy who makes adventure time :D

Athena Velasco : I wish I could hold my breath and make my but bigger...

BioTek1994 : looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

Bookworm Studios : This was the first youtube video I ever saw

wTone_ : I wonder how many people were led here by /b/

Sylphon : @letuslove16 i think he was about to lay a turd o.o

BananaRaccoon : The video's description is so true... 

นิพนธ์ ล้อมวงษ์ : Like Likie Like it!

Joey.T.Cartoon.P : Looks like somebody likes there ba-donk-a-donk!

International Space Station : lolwhut

Garrett Fotis : TAP DAT

Aduro Tri : Once again in the weird part of youtube.

Ahmed Turab : Aw man.... I actually loled at this one xD

Randy Prosser : Uh, what did I just watch?! O_o

Diego Gonzalez : this has to be the best video ever !!

headanddead : @DSLOTTE yes of corse

Binu : ...

Michael : @5sentus GLOWING SWEAT!