Vinnie Paul Tribute Pantera Walk

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Bitch Puddin : Who's the D bag who disliked this?

G Horse : Dime invented the riff from their fans outside their hotel room shouting Pantera 🤘🤘 Pan-ter-a, Re!! Pan-ter-a, Spect!! Pan-ter-a, Walk!! Are you talking to me?? 😉 RIP Vinnie

Cyb3r 3vil : Thanks for this great tribute too two great brothers RIP Abbott's

Dink Winkleman : Never disappointed by l.f.h. and new vids never cease to amaze. For those of you d-bags who dont think this is any good...i challenge you to record yourself and post the results of trying to play guitar while playing drums with your feet and sing at the same time. I'm no clairvoyant but I think I know the outcome.

mrdillyman10 : Dude where abouts do you play? would love to come represent

Hunter KC : 🤘🏼Awesome brother

Wilbur W. : respect from a fan in Canada


The Angry Dudeist : ❤ This is too much... RIP Dime and Vinnie...

Sirkastik : RIP Vinnie Paul

disorderuk : rip vinnie paul nice tribute

Angus Young : You're a beast brother

Johnny Moon : R.i.p Vinnie Pantera

Perpetual Legend : Thank you!

Robert Johnson : Lewis you are the man!!.....Deadly!!....I’m here listening to this sitting at my kitchen table in a little town called Mountmellick in Ireland....I could listen to you all day and night!!....😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

MRBIKERFINGER : Well done Mr Henry.

James Meehan : Awesome groove.

Mike Melgarejo : Just awesome man. Rock On!

Jose Bay Bay : This was awesome idgaf who you are if ya disagree!!

Deany Yo : Awesome man! RIP Vinnie Paul.

Derek : Cool! RIP Vinnie Paul

texas guy : rip vinnie paul!!!

Danzhell : 🤘

Mike Suto : Who dah Fook are those 12 knuckleheads that gave this a thumbs down??? RESPECT...WALK....🤘🤘

R S : Hell yeah

adhiyat : Terus lah untuk di bayar wahai musisi. karena musisi tidak pernah korupsi terkecuali darurat bilang 1 lagu lagi dan kami terus mainkan.

RaspySquares : Hell yes

Uki Malefu : \m/

Calico Cash : my god man \m/

Guitar Junkie : Great tribute! Screw the bottom feeding haters

Mark S : Getting out there and jamming..thats what they wanted..good for you

Philip Reed Wallace : Dude you rock. RIP Vinnie and Dime. I can’t find any band mates so I might give that a try.

Vegas City Madman : \m/