Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka

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GUO SHU TRAINING ARTS : Still 🔥 in 2018. Sounds even better.

ELVISFX : But they don't understand how I feel about the funk I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk ♥

Abraham Palmer : do any young people under 30 like this music

Ma liberté financière : NBA street volume 2...

Jorge Yanez : I listen to 2017 songs but this this 90 hip hop is lit

ravenhill of darkmere1968 : man this takes me right back to the early 90's.

Speedwagon : And they didn't mumble, not even once. Pure lyrics Pure beats Pure music Pure SKILL.

Project Manager : Rap City on B.E.T. errrday after school...man born in 79 so this brings me back to my early teen years


Pluto Coleman : Still jamming real 90s rap in 2018 hit like if u are too 💯💯

RapSpinninRecords : Anyone else think he sounds a bit like biggie smalls sometimes

Thanos The Mad Titan : NBA street vol 2 anyone?

Tony T : They need to bring, this style, of hip hop back.. Real skilz...

Justme Sameguy : Boom shaka laka, yo, here comes the Chief Rocka Rock it down, so jump up off the tip you're not my nucca For sharper type to battle make the people say ooh ahh Think I won't curse, I'll break down and say puta Hey, madrigon, sesa me bichafi mi chocha Say what I want because, I'm that type of guy Now fam-a-lam, I'll be damned, slam jams the weak Could it be the skunk weed that makes us oh so funky? Now hold it let me choose, couldn't be the booze No it's the shoes (the shoes?) It's gotta be the shoes! Cause girlies, they clock, they stand around and jock So I say boom shaka lak, grab the microphone then rock To tell you the truth, when on the mic I'll say anything that sounds good Like "drum pan, a drum pan sound over some uuuuh" The Cat in the Hat and the mouse ran up the stairs "That doesn't make no sense!" C'mon who cares? See even without the gift there's yours so don't be tryin to knock me I say what I want to say, as long it sounds funky Some MC's wanted to buy me, so they try to take stands But they don't understand I'm the motherfuckin man I amaze and astound, rhythm up and down Smack a group of them around Let them know who wears the crown Who's-the-tip-of-the-top, the-cream-of-the-crop, the-best-under-the-sun I'm the Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Mr. Funkee The Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Chief Rocka [x8] [DoItAll:] Well umm, boom, shak-a-lak, I got the fragrance, the funk Whew and it's smellin' up the hip-hop A little bit of this, a little bit of that Mixed a, little of this, and now I gotta rap I'm the, Chief Rocka so I guess I am in charge I freak it with a twist so you'll boom it in your cars I'm the, one with the flow and the grip like G.I. Joe I snatch, I grab, and then I grab the dough See, if I was an Indian I'd still be the chief The only other difference-I'd smoke weed in a leaf To the hip, the hop, to the hibby, to the hibbidy Hip-hop, oh no, I don't wanna go pop I got, too much soul, rhythm and blues R&B, ya see, all that's cool But hip-hop and rap, yeah, that's where my heart's at Even back when I used to break on a box Backspins for backspin, even while I'm rappin' Before I had a record, I always kept 'em clappin' Freestylin on the block, now I Chief Rock I always entertain, by diggin' in my crux My brain, so if it's gonna rain let it rain I spook you with the hit Make you jump like House of Pain Boogaloo boogaloo, shake and jump And remember, remember, Chief Rocka won't front The Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Chief Rocka [x4] [DoItAll:] Ay Mr. Funkee [Mr. Funkee:] Whassup? [DoItAll:] Can I get assistance? [Mr. Funkee:] For what? [DoItAll:] For what? Yo Jazz, flex a cut Well back is the backer, I'm chillin' with my nucca And if ya got beef, then you can live with Jimmy Hoffa like [DoItAll & Mr. Funkee:] What goes up, must come down [DoItAll:] But not me clown I cut 'em, crack a speaker when I'm pumpin' So jump in, and watch your ears start hummin' Through the block, and don't forget to boom shak shak-a-lak [Mr. Funkee:] Well damn DoItAll can I rock? I hear a beat I grab the mic, and then I start this workin' The kids around the way used to think that I was buggin' But they don't understand how I feel about the funk I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk So now what do they say, when I'm walkin up the block Boom-shaka-laka there goes the Chief Rocka The Lord Chief Rocka, number one, Chief Rocka...

Regina Smith : No skinny dam jeans!!!!

Khalil Smith : I hope wat ever old head see’s this comment knows that all kids born after the 2000’s aren’t totally ignorant to original hip-hop I’m 15 🤷🏽‍♂️

Moozy Mathers : 90's should've been last forever, damn times!

Stephen Fields : they dont understand how i feel about the funk i work with the funk i talk with the funk i eat with the funk i sleep with the funk i live for the funk i die for the funk THE BEST PART

A R C A N E : lol my parents told me this song was terrible when it was released, i was like whatttt? then again their from LA so

Deveon Jackson : u guys remember this time when music was good

One Two : What goes up must go down _-- But not me clown _--_ Nasty ... So Classic I could taste it !!!!

malika dancy : Whose watching this in 2017

liquidalloy : I appreciate this way more now then I did back in the day. New shit is wack and this just destroys anything new.

brain drain : 90's come back please!!

NellyBelle : Yo we use to always bust out saying *Boomshockalaka* !!! Man this was the song back in the day!! Miss Hip Hop!!

Rev_Rob : THIS is hip hop. We don't have MC's anymore, we have wannabe pop stars.

Jeff from the Overwatch team : NBA Street Vol. 2 So much nostalgia

Donnie Maserati : Shout out to the West Coast Graff Artists, BBoys, MCs and Street Heads in the 90s that were mesmerized by this sound coming out of the East representing the gritty soul of the culture and music we were forming in our own ways out here. It's a blessing to see young heads in this era appreciating the same lyrics and lines that we did and showing the love to this music that gave us a different perspective to this world. It was an amazing time.

paintballhaven 92 : Even though I'm not an Indian I still be a chief. The only difference is my smoke my weed in a leaf.

Selina Pace : Still jamming on blast in 2018

neo1gen : Damn...Miss that time period

jay love : 90's hip hop the best 🎧🎤🎵

Alex Pica : Music videos back then use to be in the streets in alleyways ... Music videos now .. have G-5's in the background lol so stupid who cares ! Dope video .. Raw !

SoulessGingerCarlos : @3:19 is this where the machine gun funk sample comes from?

Reginald Schoenmakers : whos watching this in 2016

JuceeNicole : Machine gun funk sampled this but both classics

STRIKER 93/2 : XXL Leatherjacket and some nice timerlands on my feet.. i miss this time, this is HIP HOP

hungry money : This is Hip hop Yo.

SwaggerLikeUz : The place would go crazy when this classic used to come on the radio, or rap city with Prince Dejour! 

antonio townsell : classic 😉

Dan Inturrisi : in for the 792 people who say ," I'd rather listen to this then the trash that comes on the radio today."

Richard O-Godson : I don't know what my life would be without hip-hop, especially 90s hiphop. I swear

treyjae : i may be crazy but is that redman at 3:24 on the right?

LatinMiracle : Anyone feel like busting out their ps2s or ps3s just to play NBA street vol 2 because of this song?

Colin Larson : I rarely comment, so I will ask a question. How in the world is there 1,200+ downvotes on Chief Rocka? I understand not liking a track and moving on but damn, seems like some people need to have their ears checked.

LA TIGRE : "Hip-hop and rap yeah that's where my heart's at" My heart is in old sql hip hop.I got heart attack when i listen to new sql hip hop.

The Last Kings 723 : Greatest hip hop video of all time

bigg joe : yesss Chief Rocka

ashley778909 : What goes up must come down but not me clown

Crossing Lines : No joke the 90s had the hip hop too the peak