Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka

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GUO SHU TRAINING ARTS : Still 🔥 in 2018. Sounds even better.

Abraham Palmer : do any young people under 30 like this music

ELVISFX : But they don't understand how I feel about the funk I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk ♥

sergeant bardolf-ravenhill1968 : man this takes me right back to the early 90's.

Rev_Rob : THIS is hip hop. We don't have MC's anymore, we have wannabe pop stars.

Ma liberté financière : NBA street volume 2...

Jorge Yanez : I listen to 2017 songs but this this 90 hip hop is lit

ashley778909 : What goes up must come down but not me clown

Project Manager : Rap City on B.E.T. errrday after school...man born in 79 so this brings me back to my early teen years

Speedwagon : And they didn't mumble, not even once. Pure lyrics Pure beats Pure music Pure SKILL.

Tony T : They need to bring, this style, of hip hop back.. Real skilz...

LatinMiracle : Anyone feel like busting out their ps2s or ps3s just to play NBA street vol 2 because of this song?

jntj : Classic! Today's so-called rappers could learn a thing or two from the LOTU...

Moozy Mathers : 90's should've been last forever, damn times!

Regina Smith : No skinny dam jeans!!!!

Khalil Smith : I hope wat ever old head see’s this comment knows that all kids born after the 2000’s aren’t totally ignorant to original hip-hop I’m 15 🤷🏽‍♂️

Thanos The Mad Titan : NBA street vol 2 anyone?

Tremaine byrd : Newark Nj 58 9th ave do it all and mr the funky Apache naughty nature when they was new style lakim sabazz

One Two : What goes up must go down _-- But not me clown _--_ Nasty ... So Classic I could taste it !!!!

treyjae : i may be crazy but is that redman at 3:24 on the right?

jay love : 90's hip hop the best 🎧🎤🎵

hungry money : This is Hip hop Yo.

RapSpinninRecords : Anyone else think he sounds a bit like biggie smalls sometimes


LA TIGRE : "Hip-hop and rap yeah that's where my heart's at" My heart is in old sql hip hop.I got heart attack when i listen to new sql hip hop.

Jamie Kitchens : I'm glad I was able to experience the amazing Hip-hop of the 90's. I don't listen to any modern stuff anymore.

Demitrious Hill : im a 97' baby but i have the soul and spirit of 80's this is true music but that double bass is so sexy to hear

SoulessGingerCarlos : @3:19 is this where the machine gun funk sample comes from?

Deveon Jackson : u guys remember this time when music was good

NellyBelle : Yo we use to always bust out saying *Boomshockalaka* !!! Man this was the song back in the day!! Miss Hip Hop!!

Jeff from the Overwatch team : NBA Street Vol. 2 So much nostalgia

JuceeNicole : Machine gun funk sampled this but both classics

Dan Inturrisi : in for the 792 people who say ," I'd rather listen to this then the trash that comes on the radio today."

A R C A N E : lol my parents told me this song was terrible when it was released, i was like whatttt? then again their from LA so

Stephen Fields : they dont understand how i feel about the funk i work with the funk i talk with the funk i eat with the funk i sleep with the funk i live for the funk i die for the funk THE BEST PART

High Power : Pause at 3:24 Young Reggie Noble on the right

brain drain : 90's come back please!!

SouthSide Sicarios : the lyrics from 3:12 to 3:20 are so hard. I LIVE FOR THE FUNK...I DIE FOR THE FUNK!!!! So realll

liquidalloy : I appreciate this way more now then I did back in the day. New shit is wack and this just destroys anything new.

Icebreaker SD : No joke the 90s had the hip hop too the peak

Richard O-Godson : I don't know what my life would be without hip-hop, especially 90s hiphop. I swear

Alex Pica : Music videos back then use to be in the streets in alleyways ... Music videos now .. have G-5's in the background lol so stupid who cares ! Dope video .. Raw !

SwaggerLikeUz : The place would go crazy when this classic used to come on the radio, or rap city with Prince Dejour! 

malika dancy : Whose watching this in 2017

Alan Navarro : If the freaking music today had better flow and better lyrics, we would be on the street bumping to the beats. You know, when actual rappers existed?

Selina Pace : Still jamming on blast in 2018

STRIKER 93/2 : XXL Leatherjacket and some nice timerlands on my feet.. i miss this time, this is HIP HOP

bigg joe : yesss Chief Rocka

BIG BOY : Who's still here in 2017🎤🎶🎵🔊 90's are the best!!!!

The Last Kings 723 : Greatest hip hop video of all time