Mallrats - Brodie Meets Stan Lee

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pseudohipSTAR90 : RIP Stan Lee :’(

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : "You know, I guess one man...can make a difference. Nuff' said!" - Stan Lee

JaxBlade : What a great and memorable man and artist, Gonna miss his random cameos. RIP


NickyVendetta : He talks about regrets in this. But my regret would be to never meet him. Rest in Peace, Mr. Stan Lee. Excelsior!

Jonathan A. Ronda : Kevin Smith gave Stan Lee a cameo before it was cool.

RedVIII : Stan looks freaking great here, and it feels like yesterday that I watched this movie for the first time.

Colin Pfeffer : Still the best Stan Lee cameo, It's such a moving scene, im tempted to say that Stan probably spoke from the heart even though most of his lines were probably written for him.

Derek Connors : "We never really tackled stuff like that in the old days, what with the comic book code and all." I love this line for two reasons. One, it is a real life allusion to the censorship Stan was famous for fighting in the early days. Two, I love the implication that, had it not been for the Code, Stan would have gladly discussed Mr. Fantastic's junk in the comics.

Duper Super : "You know, maybe one person _can_ make a difference. Nuff said." -Stan Lee R.I.P

Crazelord91 : Stan could have been a pretensious autor who demanded reverence for everything he created; or gotten sick of the fans. Instead he seemed to just enjoy bringing smiles to people's faces and being a goofball; having fun with his fans R.I.P True Beleiver. *EXCELSIOR!*

barbiquearea : RIP Stan Lee. May Odin invite you to feast in Valhalla.

James Leslie : Seriously, I'd totally geek out like Brody if I encountered Stan Lee.

Joel Plamondon : This is the only one I haven't found in the compilation videos. You know the ones that say "Every single Stan Lee appearance in every movie ever made". This one is not there.

Jeremy H. : Happy 95th birthday, Stan the man! It's good to know that Mallrats is part of the MCU lol

Tony Arechiga : RIP Stan Lee! True legend ! Excelsior !

Sabin1981 : Rest in Peace, dear Stan, excelsior! <3

Chris U. : RIP Stan Lee. This is one of my favorite cameos.

Darryl King : His BEST Cameo ... Rest in peace my Hero ...

SHAO 73O : Not really a Marvel person but hearing Stan Lee died had me Google this right after. RIP.

TheDayveion : Man, Stan looked great with a beard. We miss you "Stan The Man".

Kye Brown : I love how it takes Brodie hearing the name Green Goblin to realize who he's been talking to. This is such a fantastic scene. As fun as meeting Stan was at a convention, I don't know that I wouldn't have blurted holy shit if I had met him on the street. May he rest well.

Robert McElwaine : It must have been quite something else for Kevin Smith to be able to get Stan Lee to make a cameo in this considering his being a comic book fan. This was only his second movie after all and he was really only beginning to get started professionally in the film industry, so having the comic book icon make an appearance would have been a hell of a coup.

lone ranger : "Oh and Mr.lee" "What" "Excelsior" "Oh You got that right"

Chris Combs : 0:47 Brodie inadvertently stink-palms Stan Lee.

ChaoticGamer : We just lost a he always said, Excelsior! I think it fits that "Excelsior" means "onward and upward to victory"

Kombücha : "He pumpkin bombed the hell out of that place"😂😂😂 love that line, you will be truly missed by many Stan. RIP

60 Second Scifi : ...for just one more day with her. :( Rip

Psychotropical : RIP Stan Lee. Take his advice here my friends.

CDHfilms : He should have a nice long touching cameo like this in Avengers 4! He should talk to one of the characters before they go into battle. I don't know which one it would be but He would just say something motivating and encouraging to one of the Avengers Probably Iron man or Spiderman.

luckyseven77712 : My favorite part of this movie

Yakusoku no Ji : Who thinks he told him a true story? Rest in peace, Stan Lee. Now you are with your wife again. And your old friend, Steve Ditko.

AMJH 4LAH : "IS HIS DORK MADE FROM ORANGE ROCK LIKE THE REST OF HIS BODY?!" "Its a superhero secret". Great film. Awesome cameo. From a true legend

Mike Hunt : Seems I’m not the only one who remembered this scene

MinatoOnimaru : Touching scene :) Love this one!!! (even if it was orchested by Brodie's friend xD)

DJEDI296 : Dude aged like fine wine.

Angel feliciano : So why wasn't Stan Lee nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actor?

VirtuaSavage : RIP Mr. Lee, shall always be a true believer. Excelsior!

Drew Pieper : When i heard he had passed i instantly thought of this scene... What a legend... RIP man you were one of the greats

BJB : I love to hear Stan's voice - I love to hear him speak - I wish he had more TV / Movie time - I will miss him RIP Stan

Joe Acosta : RIP Stan “The Man” Lee (1922-2018)

Scoobysnack : Venom “don’t give up on her!” The last time I saw Stan Lee’s cameo

adj789 : this is F4nt4stic

embrezar : Stan's death makes me wonder if he's going to make any posthumous cameos... CGI has gotten pretty convincing, so it's not out of the realm of possibility. Also, Stan Lee is talking about "the one that got away," so to speak... in real life, he was married to the same woman for nearly 70 years, which is way more impressive than screwing a lot of women like his story in this movie. That's love right there... that might have been a more effective story, but who knows? Brodie is a strange one.

beatsme2 : When London told Stan "Excelsior!" -- YOU GOT THAT RIGHT RIP STAN!

AeroQueen : Rest in Peace my Hero 💔

Jerrod Schembs : I wonder if they got the title of the Spiderman story One More Day from the end of his speech.

Dexter Carrie : This is the video I remember best that showed Stan Lee at his core besides his countless Marvel cameos. Love Stan Lee and will miss him R.I.P. Stan :(

matt quiggle : Now we'll really never know if Thing's dork was made of orange rock or what. RIP Stan.

TheDarthEddie : Rest in Peace, Stan Lee. You made us all true believers. <3