Interstellar - The Simulation of Zero G (Bonus Feature)

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From the bonus features of "Interstellar"

Comments from Youtube

AngelLestat2 : and after all that works, actors never receive a nomination because is a syfy movie, people only get an oscar if it is a drama.

Joel Felipelli : Interstellar, the movie of the decade.

Surigen 12 : Interstellar music is just amazing...Hans Zimmer's melody is pure awe

Star-G : 4:32 Christopher Nolan, literally wheeling his actors wherever he wants!!

Oliver Morales : Crishtopher Nolan knows that this way its more efective to have a more "real" shoots.

mister chiso : the poor guys that have to clean up all those wires in post arent even mentioned. *sad face*

The Loobis : Jesus Christ. What do they do with all this stuff when the movie is over?

MR BOLEUS : So this is the reason why the only girl in space crew has short hair....

merkantelismo : you wonder who had the harder job,the actors in a space suit and all those harnesses or chris in a well-made suit the whole time.

George W. Bush : His movie doesn’t get enough credit, like I love this movie

tejas tayade : Alright alright alright.....

aAaa aAaa : Unbelievable how much work went into making this movie

Grzegorz Kapica : I am wondering how many years we are from a film made in orbit. Like, 3, 5, 10? Shoot the whole set into space, than the whole crew and we are done. how much will a BFR launch cost?

Toe Kong Jared Han : Did anyone see Kramer?

rlb8233 : Smart. Never thought they actually move vertically

Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam : I bet they all made thier core stronger by working in this film

nagualdesign : Most shots were perfect, but there were some where they changed trajectory midway without touching anything.

david L : I want to be an actor now

13%Commit50%OfAll MURDERSinUSA : Movie magic really is amazing. Especially nolans sets

Drake Magnum : Thank you for uploading these!

John Nasdor : Kramer!!!!

Monosetopia : Ducking professional!

James Bond : 0:46 is that the Kramer painting from that episode of Seinfeld?

Roy Batty N6MAA10816 : lol...thats how they do it "up there" on ISS

Daniel Filippus : And Here I was thinking they actually went into space and shot everything!

z3r0ko0L : Alright alright alright...

Elkien 3 : pfff NASA does all this LIVE

abhi verma : I love how nolan is always wearing a suit😅

Jake : Presenting..... The Kramer.

Rapbando : And that's pretty how the fake ISS streams are made.

Rohit Kumar : I tricked by this channel thumbnail. LOL

SteelBustingBiker : If gravity was so important to handle..what the F did they show the Cylinders take off out into space defeating gravity.

JzD Productions : Same way NASA does it :D

Herschel Patel : Beautiful!

gammaking : What part of the movie is this I don't even remember

Berserk Sun : Amazing details works perfectly as I didn't even notice anything is not natural

Garth Templeman : Is that a picture of Kramer from Seinfeld at 51 seconds

tjmobleycpc : This movie was such a masterpiece.

Dolly Marten P : DEUS X MACHINA

Alex Viau : I loved Interstellar but the zero G is the thing that didn't work. It never does. Except in Apollo 13 (but they actually were in zero G)

Kakha Khmelidze : This is no Zero G and never can be when you are near any significant celestial object. This is a Micro G.

Wouter d.B. : How much work went into this, amazing!

Bastian Rivero : Time to watch inception again

utahraptorfast : I kinda assumed they made individual sets that were small enough to fit inside planes that simulate 0G like they did with that movie based on Apolla 13

Did3D : chris nolan costum on the set !!

JimiTip : It's crazy how much money they put into filmmaking

Goobers : Space is a triangle, it doesn't exist as a square.

Gavin Weston : Only the best film ever made...

Don Cresswell : Chris Nolan is literally making the film with his own hands.