Interstellar - The Simulation of Zero G (Bonus Feature)

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AngelLestat2 : and after all that works, actors never receive a nomination because is a syfy movie, people only get an oscar if it is a drama.

somebody 獣 : Interstellar, the movie of the decade.

Surigen 12 : Interstellar music is just amazing...Hans Zimmer's melody is pure awe

mister chiso : the poor guys that have to clean up all those wires in post arent even mentioned. *sad face*

The Loobis : Jesus Christ. What do they do with all this stuff when the movie is over?

Oliver Morales : Crishtopher Nolan knows that this way its more efective to have a more "real" shoots.

MR BOLEUS : So this is the reason why the only girl in space crew has short hair....

Star-G : 4:32 Christopher Nolan, literally wheeling his actors wherever he wants!!

merkantelismo : you wonder who had the harder job,the actors in a space suit and all those harnesses or chris in a well-made suit the whole time.

Grzegorz Kapica : I am wondering how many years we are from a film made in orbit. Like, 3, 5, 10? Shoot the whole set into space, than the whole crew and we are done. how much will a BFR launch cost?

Well Darn : His movie doesn’t get enough credit, like I love this movie

Toe Kong Jared Han : Did anyone see Kramer?

James Bond : 0:46 is that the Kramer painting from that episode of Seinfeld?

nagualdesign : Most shots were perfect, but there were some where they changed trajectory midway without touching anything.

rlb8233 : Smart. Never thought they actually move vertically

tejas tayade : Alright alright alright.....

aAaa aAaa : Unbelievable how much work went into making this movie

Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam : I bet they all made thier core stronger by working in this film

Julian Rosario : If they can fake it, nasa can

David Crunk : Oh, so that is how NASA does it.

Fernando Barrocas : I'm quite suprised they didn't asked "NASA Studios" help...

david L : I want to be an actor now

Macoll : Some of the NASA tricks revealed ^^

Jake : Presenting..... The Kramer.

ThereAreOnly TwoGenders : Movie magic really is amazing. Especially nolans sets

Wouter d.B. : How much work went into this, amazing!

z3r0ko0L : Alright alright alright...

Monosetopia : Ducking professional!

Rick : A NASA precisa de um diretor é um estúdio deste, são muitas falhas nos teatros que eles fazem, contratem profissionais

Pablo South : as much as like this movie alot.. It's one my favorites. Everything is all theory, just made up.

WarlordRising : 0:47 Astronaut Kramer

Alex Viau : I loved Interstellar but the zero G is the thing that didn't work. It never does. Except in Apollo 13 (but they actually were in zero G)

Ziggy Marbley : This is flockin insane... take few steps back and take a look to the whole picture to us as a species in this time and space... there are millions dying from lack of food and stuff, but there are groups spending intelligence, resources and time for nonsense. No doubt its awesome but totally pointless and useless. take a look to this from alien perspective and one can understand why we are not visited by alien species, because our existence is pointless. We are driven by pain fear and greed. there is no hope and it has never been.

nigelcarren : As they say, "All smoke and mirrors" and in this case, vertical sets. Superb work, Bravo Mr Nolan and team. Not only a Sci-Fi movie that made you think but also a Sci-Fi movie that wasn't drowned under a sea of poor CG, making it feel less like watching a film and more like watching someone else playing an X-Box! Horses for Courses I know, but for me,... Practical effects rule. CG to polish the end result, but not be the sum-total of the illusion. Thats my take on it anyway, and Christopher Nolan and Ridley Scott are crowned kings of this art. Great video thank you.

Gavin Weston : Only the best film ever made...

Xiaotian Zhang : I hate your buggy avatar, I hate it hate it hate it!!!

Bastian Rivero : Time to watch inception again

Maxxzzz : Alright, Alright Alright

Frau Pitzler : In SiFi Direction you only have to know three names 70ies = Stanley Kubrick, 80ies= Ridley Scott and since then Christopfer Nolan. I only find that Hans Zimmer ripped off Philip Glass music, why they didnt hire Glass in the first place i dont know.

Don Cresswell : Chris Nolan is literally making the film with his own hands.

phoebephoebo .sydney : They missed off the really hi-tech method that Anne Hathaway described- standing on one leg and holding the rest of your body out horizontally, gently bobbing and leaning on furniture as you go- lol. As seen on Graham Norton.

Berserk Sun : Amazing details works perfectly as I didn't even notice anything is not natural

SteelBustingBiker : If gravity was so important to handle..what the F did they show the Cylinders take off out into space defeating gravity.

Rohit Kumar : I tricked by this channel thumbnail. LOL

Prince verma : Change your profile picture.....its creepy...and uncomfortable....

rob tilfurt : it looks fake because the blood always rushes to their heads

Save the Rhino : That British guy looks like Will Arnette

Rapbando : And that's pretty how the fake ISS streams are made.

Roy Batty N6MAA10816 : lol...thats how they do it "up there" on ISS