Hard Drivin' Race Drivin' Arcade by Atari; high score: 212,000 points!!!

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SpeedyC362 : well folks, its been awhile since i've posted. figured i'd update u guys. the monitor on the game went out a few months ago, so i gotta fix/replace it. it was looong on its way out! that job gonna have to wait until June or so - but once its done, i promise i'll post a video me kickin' ass on the stunt track and the Auto X.... before the monitor broke, i was playing the game a lot, and I can 100% confirm internet rumors that on the stunt track, if you drive fast and dont crash, you CAN GAIN a couple seconds every lap, and theoretically play forever!

Signalsoldier : Man this game taught me how to drive a manual transmission! Long live the nostalgia!

Allyssa Lord : This was definitely my ask time favorite arcade game! I was pretty good at it, but not this good. I'm working on a set up now for grand turismo 6 with the g27 wheel setup that will have an adjustable seat and correctly placed controls and shifter. That's the plan anyways.

jugglingembalmer : Why can't I get a cockpit view like this without the driver and steering wheel on the screen with a modern sim. I don't need to see the driver's arms and steering wheel on the screen when I've got my own real arms and steering wheel in front of me.

DAVIDSDIEGO : Nice video! I still remember playing this game, in an arcade, when I a kid. I can't remember if I played Hard Drivin' or Race Drivin'. I liked the that the arcade machine had a clutch to make it more realistic...

DAVIDSDIEGO : What kind of stereo do you have on your shelf? Is it an Aiwa?

414pwz : 2:36  "Tomorrow will be the most beautiful day of Raymond K. Hessle's life."

Matthew Doucette : 9:25 so close!!

Jason Doucette : Thanks for the video. Wicked setup. Looks like a blast.

phaedrus44 : I remember watching this a long time ago, and I'm the dude that bought your other machine! Had a lot of fun with it for a long time, but it needs some work now. Any idea the best way to get to the seat position sensor pot?

paul rogers : LOL I see we use some of the same tricks & shortcuts :-) cut the corner shorter on the first right turn by the barn to save more time

Mike NA : great driving !

Jarzka1990 : Looks like Stunts game?

DAVIDSDIEGO : I miss those stereos from the 90s. Nice rides and video!

Rafael Dolinski : @SpeedyC362 haha post a video playing the Super Stunt Track!

Rafael Dolinski : Very nice! I used to play it in 1990?... It is still a great game

lowlypawn : I loved this game, one of the few games I could actually get the #1 high score in the arcade. I would usually do the stunt track first and then do the high-speed track the rest of the session. I just liked the high-speed section better.

Miller : I could not Wait to go to the Arcade every week end to play this game. ABSOULTLY the best Nostalgic game out there. Our Arcade had the sit in cockpit version. This stimulation game was aheaf of its time for 1989.

Matthew Doucette : How much I love this. Play it the most on a Genesis, if you can believe that.

SpeedyC362 : sure is! btw folks i'm working on a super stunt track video, and autoX video. gotta get a lighting setup going. proper lighting is essential to getting good video footage. too dark and it looks grainy, too light and everything is all bleached out. stay tuned!

SpeedyC362 : the machine you played on must not have been set to 'normal' difficulty. the easier the mode it is in, the more time you get per checkpoint. and yea, in easy mode, if you really go fast on the super stunt track you can go fast enough to gain time each lap, making playing forever potential possible. i've easily scored above 450,000 in easy mode, with crashing here and there. so big scores like that are possible, depending on the difficulty setting of the game

SpeedyC362 : @1982Rafael: yeah, came out in 1988 and later in 1990 with updated physics and stuff. for sure still a great great - really more of a driving simulator than an arcade game. I usually play for about 20 minutes, then get a bit bored and experimental and start trying to disweight the car into corners and drift it thru with the throttle rather than drive for the fastest time/highest score...! "lets see how sideways we can get it without crashing!!" haha i'll post a drift video pretty soon...

SpeedyC362 : @pony2173: look on craigslist in MS, there is a really nice one for sale for $750. i'd alllllmost pick it up, but it would be closer to $400 to ship to my house in CA... allllmost worth it, but not quite; especially considering i already own 2 of them hahaha

SpeedyC362 : @1982Rafael: i'm getting ther! :) i have had a lot on my plate this past month, not much time to play the game - but a video of the Super Stunt Track is for sure coming... as is a video of me doing the auto-X for time, and also me doing the auto-X solely to drift! hahahaha fun stuff.... maybe in the waaay far future i'll make a "highlights" kinda best crashes and drifts and stuff, but thats gonna be awhile... stay tuned folks...

SpeedyC362 : you tube wont let me link it it seems, try "searchtempest" to search multiple craigslists; its in Minnesota, specifically minneapolis / st paul

Martin J : Super helpful thanks. Just got my cab last week.

SSi Racing Team : Jase TRD & SJH Rotaries high scores at Fashion Island Mall in Foster City, Ca.

LancerJak : Already know he can drive in real life and drive good cuz he's owning Hard Drivin'.

LancerJak : So epic.

megatron29 : great game i played this alot back then, it was high tech when it came out. :D as u look at it now u dont give 5 cent for it.

Mark Alldridge : Awesome game for its time this was. You should be able to get down to 1 minute 15 sec lap times with practice.

PatrickRob82 : I was utterly useless at this... but then, I was 8 at the time. lol

Bret Linden : NO speed track? I always did the stunt for the first lap to qualify then I did the speed track

filuferru : Hard/Race Drivin' was by far the best driving simulation game I ever played in my life. Considering that it comes from the mid '80, it featured force-feedback steering wheel, clutch (with a magnet in the gearbox mechanism locking the gear lever if you don't press the clutch), it was something coming straightly from future! I can't play it today because it's impossible to find, but I bet that it would kick asses against today driving games. I envy you that have one of them in perfect conditions.

filuferru : Ah, and for the record, my favourite track/car were Super Stunt Track on the Speedster Manual car (Yellow with flames) :)

WalterDiamond : Wow, this brings back memories. At 14 or so I was hooked on Hard Drivin'. I remember a scoring glitch somewhere over the 5 or 600,000 mark where the score would roll back to nothing and you needed to gain at least 10,000 more points for the score to fully display. Race Drivin' had the same glitch at every million. My best ever Super Stunt Track game was between 5.0 and 5.1 million. I didn't make it another 100,000 so the score was #1 at half a million and change. Took 4.5 hours to finish.

Siberian Husky : I always had the big bulky steering wheel.

SeriousAtari : Great video.. would love to see this score posted at highscore.com

chris williams : thank you for posting this i love this game

mactsk : my favorite driving game, i really learned to drive on that arcade, very nice to see it after many years! TNX!

pony2173 : i'm actually thinking of picking one of these up if i can find one in good condition for the right price. a couple of friends of mine and i use to play this for HOURS on end every week at a local arcarde..

PoserMan1973 : Did you get it fixed? I absolutely loved this game back in 1990-1991. My parents took my brother and I to Vegas a lot when we were kids. We played this version at Circus Circus. Primadonna had the crappy un closed version. I owned that game. Always had the high score. If you own this game, your high score isn't that great. You should be shaving a lot more time off. Take better angles on corners, going in and out of jumps. My best was in the 720,000 range. This was back in 1991. Damn....I was 17. Keep practicing. Mooooooooo! Hitting the cow is funny.

Adam Kendall : Yup my dad worked on that ;D

Theworkout Tablet : great run but far from a world record quality. you can run a sub one minute lap if you cut through the dirt, don't slow at the first jump, and don't slow at the second jump. most times you automatically crash, so it was a quarter waster to do this.

James Reeve : Love this game

steven bloomfield : i have the upright arcade version of the game and damn ill be lucky to beak 100k points 

Daz : cool game and driving. those non-survivable landings after getting airborne always used to screw me up when I'd play this as a kid.

Tibor Sipos : 1996-ban ezen a gépen több mint 500.000 pontot értem el !!!!! A kedvencem volt

Me : Thats awesome. :) Nice cabinet too!

Alky Styles : I just bought my first full size arcade, 720 by Atari, aka Skate or Die. THIS will be my second, I hope. I dumped so many Dollars on this one. Any idea how much I should expect to pay for a good working condition. The tension in the steering wheel makes this game as well as the challenge for high replay value. It was so close every single time. Love it! Thanks for posting the Video!