Bill Murray on Being Obnoxious

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Reason Bowl Radio : Bill Murray openly states he's obnoxious and does it in a way that makes me like him more. That's one likable obnoxious guy.

Stevie von James : I was 17 when I met Bill Murray at a firework show. At the time (2015; Ik, not long ago at this point), my mom worked at the Chamber of Commerce in Lake City, South Carolina, and every spring they would have ArtFields, a huge art festival in the Southeast US, which they would include a "celebrity" judge to pick the winner. That year, Bill was picked to do so since he was good friends with the Mayor. Everyone wanted pictures and autographs from him, but they were denied due to the Mayor being there as well (basically security reasons). On the final night of the festival, May 2, I was in the back of the audience trying to see Bill, slowly but getting closer to the stage. But by the time I got in front, he already left. Then after the awards were given out, the firework show began. I was in the back, again, watching the display. But as I was watching, I heard someone say, "Great fireworks, huh?" Sensing it was at me, I turned to my left and tilted my head upward, and there he was, standing right beside me, about 2 inches from his arm to mine. My eyes widened by such sight, but at the same time, I acted cool so I wouldn't make a scene. So I turned my head back up at the sky and said clear and loud enough for him to hear me, "Yeah it is…" And if he were to pass, this would be my story featuring him and I. A true legend indeed… ✌️

bob polo : I think renaming the video "Bill Murray on Fame" is more appropriate

NiceBootz : Bill Murray is one cool dude.

Garrett Hicks : "People usually go through a bad period when they're successful..." _"Was there a period like that for you?"_ "Right now." It's true. After Ghostbusters (1984), Murray tried to do some dramatic acting. After those films bombed, he went into a state of depression and inactivity. He made sporadic appearances (Little Shop of Horrors, 1987; Scrooged, 1988), but things didn't get going again until Ghostbusters 2 (1989).

WrnMyr : damn who knew garfield could be so philosophical

Onise Okriashvili : To Do List: Louis CK on Comedy Quentin Tarantino on Shooting quality picture Martin Scorsese on Cinema Stephen Fry on Depression/Bipolarity

Zenn Exile : I love how he admits it could have been anyone. He just answered the right curtain call and poof, fame and fortune for the lottery winner. Even though others around him clearly deserved it more. This is the trapping of our profit-driven culture. You have pepper in lottery winners to keep the workers clocked in, but we don't even award accomplishment. All that matters is the lottery makes a worker look free so the other workers don't lose hope and stop working.


Alon Dotan : It would be amazing if you guys made a Frank Zappa episode, that guy was such an oddball genius. a Stanley Kubrick one would be awesome as well :)

chumprock : "People ususally go through a bad period when they're successful..." Why did that paragraph immediately make me think of Shia LaBeouf?

dinosavros black : make one with Bill Hicks

PogieJoe : These are always so so good.

Doorhenge : Bill Murray is a lot more creative then he gives himself credit for. I wish he wasn't so picky for roles. The thing is if he did more roles he could take a mundane project and turn it into something truly special. - just from his input.

mikeogjr : No wonder why Hunter S Thompson loved this guy so much. He got it.

reelism : bill murray for president'

gnewt75 : I was wondering when this interview took place, but then he said "Meatballs" and it got dated.


Geovanni Ferreira : make one with Bruce Lee. Thanks i love your episode fat its beautiful !

Richard Wright : You guys should do Layne Staley from Alice in Chains :)

Wicked Crispy : The music swells WAY too much between bits.

Daren Redman : Jim Morrison would be cool. Also....Mitch Hedberg

Charles Darwin : This was a very confusing interview. Great visuals in the background I'll give you that, but it's still a badly edited confusing mess of an interview nevertheless. How are you supposed to follow along?

Dan DeGraf : Steve McQueen or Walt Disney

freeofavia : The sound work on this video is obnoxious. I can't believe they credited ANYBODY with "audio production".

Stu VS : Hurrah, sponsors for contemporary art. 💖❤️💕

Jebo Huevo : Henry Miller blank on blank

Michael Low : Bravo. Can't believe you chopped the Stay Puft man's head off!

Badre Bally : Could you make one with Muhammad Ali?

Dogman : dropbox sponsored this? that's weird

Cian O Connor : Amazing stuff as always guys. You should do William S. Burroughs next!

Dan Blume : These are all great!!! Is there a Keith Richards one?

Trace L Hentz : I'd like to clone Bill Murray then marry him

Alejandro Garcia : Are they interviewing Bill Murray or the jazz band? Cause the latter kept on interrupting.

MastaSmack : Couldn't watch because of the music...

Stu VS : Subject suggestion Box: Shirley MacLaine. Jane Fonda. Lily Tomlin. (Please)

DIplaya : Would it be too predictable for a Chris Farley one, or has he been covered pretty well by everyone else at this point?

Jack : Please do one with Shane Macgowan

GoodFriendsForever : I can't hear anything over the obnoxious music

Tucker Oberting : A Blank on Blank featuring Billie Joe Armstrong would be the greatest thing ever.

Jeremiah Fernandez : "Right now." lol

GraNOLAbar : I smile every time I see one of these

Seb : it felt like the whole format of this was one big messy intro, the way the music got louder every other sentence, and the audio was already strange enough, very cool though! love the animation and the interview!

ZinasaRapz : I hope they do one on Jim Kelly!

Liam Johnson : Do Truman Capote!

John B. : Bill once got busted with 2 lbs of pot at ohare .

Michael Allen CPA : Damn, as an aspiring comedian.. there's so much here

Michael Allen CPA : I see PBS is still making some good content!

Adam Taggart : Watching this video has genuinely changed my mind on sponsored content. While I normally resent seeing it on YouTube, this evokes a familiarity to me of late nights and weekends watching Red Dwarf as a kid, and being pestered by the delays and donations. Today, my beliefs have come full circle. I see that you broke ground for Kickstarter and YouTube, and have expanded to creating incredibly compelling and thought-provoking original works with serious joy and aplomb. I've got nothing but good wishes for all the folks on your team. tl;dr : this cured my cold sores

Prisoner : "I know it could've been anybody, it's just a weird lucky thing really. It could've been any actor, there are a lot of actors that are more talented than me, at second city, who quit it before they even got to a paying status, you know? Weird luck, i had no other option" I also feel like people underestimates luck and overestimates talent, people like to say that " Wow, this guy is really a genius! no wonder he is famous!" but, i really think there may be a lot of interesting people out there, a lot of talented people that didnt make it because of luck, because they arbitrarly choose to go into college instead of going into music or acting or whatever... I don't like when people argue that X musician is a genius or X actor is a genius, they may be people that have much talent and do a lot of good for the world, but, i think we like to call people " genius" just because they are famous... i don't know much about bill murray, but i like how he doesnt go along with people who call him " genius" and just accepts that he may be a normal guy... for the record i do think he is quit different and maybe smarter than the rest of the people... but who knows....