Inside Fukushima: What Happened After the Nuclear Disaster?
Inside Fukushimas Exclusion Zone Nuclear Disaster 2011

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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster is unimaginable in scale. 8 years later in the midst of a $27bn decontamination effort, we explore inside the disaster zone and meet the locals to uncover the situation in Fukushima; past, present and future. *A special thanks to Fumito Sasaki from Japan Wonder Travel for escorting me through the disaster zone. This documentary wouldn't have been possible without his insights and knowledge of the Fukushima disaster. For details on his tours to the region, you can find the links to his 2 day trip and one day trip below.* 2 Day Journey to Fukushima | Overnight Stay ► Day trip Tour to Fukushima ► *During our tour we were guided by an experienced guide through decontaminated areas just outside of the "difficult-to-return" zone. Don't ever go inside of these zones or private areas without permission if you visit there by yourself.* For the previous Abroad in Japan Documentary on the disaster: ► What Happened After the Tsunami: ► WEEKLY Podcast: ► BEHIND the scenes Patreon: **FOLLOW THE ADVENTURE** ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Instagram: @abroadinjapan **EQUIPMENT I USE** ► MAIN Camera: ► INDOOR Lens: ► OUTDOOR Lens: ► FAVOURITE Lens: ► BACKUP Camera: ► STABILISED Camera: Business Enquiries: