THE DISASTER ARTIST Trailer 2 (2017) James Franco The Room Movie

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Horrifyingly Hillarious : Oh hai mark

Matches Malone : Can't wait to see this

veryspoicy : Pure gold!

MrMrMaran : I've never been this excited for a movie!

jamal klotz : I never saw the room before but damn for some reason I wanna see this movie

0 0 : Oh Hi Doggy~ Oh Hi Mark~ Oh Hi Lissa~

Luddy C : What is the song that is used in this trailer?

Dima N. : I CAN'T WAIT!!!

MissV1yo : U know this is all Pewdiepies fault.

BboyZoinks : i actually think this movie will make you feel bad for tommy when he sees everyone laughing at him he is human, and well also rich cause of the movie but not the wsy he thought it'd work

ironhandz1 : This is going to be this generation's Ed Wood!

micheal cameron : Shit James looks and sounds like Tommy Wiseau so much lol

Maddy Arenburg : Damn. So many people beat me to the "oh hai Mark" comments. Oh well. Oh hai Mark.

fцику мцику : James Franco nailed him! Wow.

Young Ling ling : This is gonna be so good

Joseph Adam : can you imagine an Oscar nod for this role???

Jose Gardea : Name of the song near the end?

Joel Silva : Is this real?

NYC Radio Live : Saw it! It was f#$%^& hillarious!!!!

Old Ginny Fiddlesticks : crap about crap

Da WEI : Is this real? Cuz if so than i am pumped af

Thomas Outt : I wanted to be in this film, but nooooooooo!

The Unexpected Meme Lord : Hai mark

MissV1yo : I can't stop laughing. Why

Justin Marquez : this is pure amazingness. just watched the room in preparation lol

HolsovanUltimate : This is amazing


Tom Walsh : oh damn looks goood

Case Dunn : I am just so fucking excited for this