The IT Crowd- Browser
The IT Crowd was a comedy not a documentary right

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Roman Dudar : Jenn is right, IE is not a browser, its button to access internet and get a real browser...

Ben Chambers : Oh man, caught in another loop of I.T Crowd videos

pingu53 : pretty sure internet explorer would be the reason her laptop is like that

Storylover : 'If this was a human being i'd shoot it in the face!' XD LOL!

Shaun Todd : I work tech support in a call center.  This is basically my day.  Every day.

boiledelephant : The conversation I've had three hundred times: "Do you use Internet Explorer to view websites?" "No, I just use ordinary Google."

Chip : shes only there sometimes

Rapscallion2009 : Oh, it's so true. Especially the bit about "it's infected!" "It's just how I like it!". The number of times I've seen computers infected because some chuffnut decided to download some silly tool from the internet.

Saitham : I think I just watched myself and my mom in 3rd person

SpacemanDoug : Maybe the elders of the internet did this to her to get a good laugh about it.

blower : I have a real life one - i used to do call outs fixing pc's. Installed a new system at someones home, next day they rang me saying the mouse doesn't work, kept saying 'when i move it nothing happens, i've tried shaking it and the little arrow moves a bit' (this was back when mice had balls :).....eventually, after much back and forth, the penny dropped and i then asked one crucial question...'How far is the mouse off the desk?, i got the reply - 'about a foot!' XD. Yep they were waving the mouse around in the air!!, unsurprisingly when i told her to move it around on the mat it worked.

Adam. : "No no leave it I have it how I like it"= me refusing to upgrade from Windows 7

Charles Johnson : "The BUTTON for the Internet?! Jesus Christ!" Best line in the whole episode.

Facemelter : Dealing with people who don't know the difference between a browser and the internet is pretty bad, but not nearly as bad as people who want help with stuff like this and then suddenly get all up in arms when you try to do what is necessary to fix the issue. Like, they're the one who went to college for this. Their opinion is above yours.

Whoami691 : "If this was a human being I'd shoot it in the face!"

teresa sanfilippo : Flipping love this show. The best one ever is "The work outing" 

Angie Lara : She is legit like my mum lmaoooo I've had the same exact conversation about browsers with her and she still doesn't get it

sec : the button for the internet xDD

Conway79 : Jen reminds me so much of my mum when it comes to technology. If you showed her a little black box and told her it was the internet, she'd probably believe you.

Dennis Vance : So this is a live-action version of "Dilbert". The subject is an inexhaustible goldmine of absurdities.

moveaxebx : I don't think I have a browser...I googled "how to install browser", but couldn't find any good answer. Do I need to uninstall the Google first or should I remove the Internet from my desktop?

BettinaBalser : My IT nerd of a husband just about died laughing at this spot on.  And as an aside to the girls and the gays: is it not incredibly sexy how O'Dowd says "Jesus Christ!"?

PerfectAlibi : A laptop from the exorcist... I come across one those at least once a month, usually with Windows Vista installed... XD

RockNRollin HoneyBadger : Laptop from the exorcist lol

Silver Moon : I have never watched this series but looks good

ALCHEMAGNUS : I see this daily. . . It's amazing you can be so professional in be top of the class and in the real world work setting. . . Your common task is to run anti-virus or malware, and hook up printers constantly lol

Nuclear Cherries : Ah yes. I think we all know that feeling.

Daniel Andersson : To encounter this in real life is horrible. It's like: "I don't care if you have everything the way you like it! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO LIKE THIS! THIS IS BY DEFINITION HORRIBLE AND IT NEEDS TO END!"

PcGameHunter : Oh my god, this is SOOO accurate. Like word for word, I want to cry...

John Smith : The best tech support calls always start with, "Someone told me that..."

agent slate : IT'S NOT LORD OF THE RINGS! I PAINT WARHAMMER! ....that doesn't make it any better does it?

Max : I've just noticed that Jen has Vista on her laptop.

Jianju69 : "...and before you know it, you're painting figurines from The Lord of the Rings!" Ouch.

Evi1M4chine : That laptop would _definitely_ not come into my Intranet! That much you can bet!

Eileen Dover : Art imitating life for sure!

Kasumi Ninja : That's my wifau in a nutshell... If she just wouldn't be so hot..

Sarah Knight : Now that she is on 'Humans'; imagine her asking this to Anita. "I'm sorry Laura, I'm afraid I don't understand the question."

HummusLord1337 : *b u t t o n f o r t h e i n t e r n e t*

Brandon E. Smith : Clever. "walk around with a laptop from the exorcist" 🤣

Halaf Errikkson : Could this be any more true!!!!!!!!! Im glad theres somebody who understands me..

神様 : LOL

Ian-Devon Lewis : that was me arguing with my CSM about accessing his outlook on his new laptop while my battle buddy self teaches himself how to clean/rebuild a Acura RSX engine components in the office. ah... how i miss and loathe my rear d days @ 1-506IN(s-6), FTCKY

fartwhif : a laptop from The Exorcist

k9pker : netscape?

Melissa Wells : haha..this is seriously me at work

Norfolk Broads Review : Hi

Lesley McD : shut up

funkadunkalunk : Somebody on my Facebook legitimately once complained that 'the button for the Internet' had disappeared from her iPhone. She had never seen The IT Crowd. :(

deaddu : I know what you mean, I hate in particular when Chrome refuses to re-download a cache'd js file, it's very irritating.