80's Commercials Vol. 600 Part 1 of 2

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Andew70 : Saturday morning cartoons, when they played real cartoons.

Totally Amazing : The kids now are really missing out on real entertainment. The commercials were just as great as the shows.

A Mac : Happy, Happy 600! This post is right on time! As always, I'm spending my Saturday Morning watching 80's Saturday morning commercials and eating cereal. Can't say enough how much I appreciate your work in posting these commercials to your channel. Thank You!

mrmonty86 : The Great American melting pot is a song we all need to listen to but they're those Faux News watching wackos who think this song is nothing but anti-American pro-Communist propaganda.

ScratStitch : The Great American Melting Pot feels so timely today. Great batch of ads! Congrats on reaching 600 volumes!

Drew L. : People ask me how I can have a 30 year old commercial jingle stuck in my head. By golly, THIS is how!!! :)

vicious0111 : I'm surprise they don't air back. The Ewokes and Droids cartoons with all the Star Wars craze going on as a tribute! Computer Critters were talking about touch screen already?! During the 80's?! Interesting, how the Nestle Bunny can have his beverage drink. But, the Trix Bunny cannot eat his own cereal! Ironic isn't?

Pannoni 9 : This was the final time ABC used these commercial bumpers after five years of use, with the new "red curtain" bumpers introduced the following week, kicking off a new season of Saturday Morning programming, including the premieres of Ewoks and the new season of Scooby-Doo (13 Ghosts), arguably the best since Scrappy was introduced.

Adam C : I always did like "The great American Melting Pot". And me and my brother would cut grass for money to get EVERY He Man figure. Wish we would have kept them.lol.

Yoda Pagoda : Congratulations on 600! I’m happy to say I’ve watched every one. Fruit Roll-Ups…my mom would never buy these. I didn’t get to eat one until several years later, and was underwhelmed. That Schoolhouse Rock clip…wow. It really is what we all are! “She-Ra Doll Sold Separately.” I thought she was an action figure? OMG “Computer Critters” that’s so incredible! The Future Blob beat me senseless and told me to be a bus driver. Those ‘Pump’ toothpastes didn’t work very well, seems like a lot was wasted. Needless to say, they didn’t last all that long. I couldn’t get over the fact that Ovaltine wasn’t a new product, at least according to my mom. O.G. Readmore was great, I noticed at the library looking for his book suggestions were already checked out. Cookie Crisp, what a bit of marketing genius! That M&M’s commercial was classic! I still consider the green ones 'homers.'

Tonya D. Manning : I miss all these wonderful shows and commercials, and the simple way things were!!

Anderson Helms : Love the turbo teen clip at the end. Truly unsettling.

Hidden Ian : I could've died a happy man having never known the terrifying body-horror of "Turbo Teen"; but no longer ...

MsFarzee : Congrats on 600 80s commercial uploads! I have watched every single one and I come to your channel for the witticisms, commentary and shared nostalgia! Shout out to the regular followers that comment on these uploads over all of these years!

RET Worldwide : Happy 600th post! :)

Paul Jensen : I didn't see this in the description so I hope it's safe to say it: I think Chris O'Donnell is one of the kids in the Cap'n Crunch ad.

Don McCollough : First touchscreen PC was from HP in 1983.

NoctournalDonut : Happy 600th vid! (Or in this case, Happy 600th for the 80's section?) :D

MULLET BOAT : That Melting Pot song went on loooong. If it had more lyrics, and, not as much repeating animation that would be one thing, but, as it was: that thing dragged.

Yvette Orozco : Omg...The Littles!!! That brings back a lot of memories!!

sdmc222 : I was in the Army and spent almost all of the 80's in Europe so its weird, I don't remember most of these. All we had was AFN, one tv channel lol. Was culture shock coming back.

Lolo Queen : I remember wanting that She-Ra doll so much when I was a kid 🙄😆 It's crazy to see all these and listen to the songs again 😏 thanks for this!

m s : "we're the computer generation" hits me riiiight there (xennial 1980)

Kemruss : This and part 2 are literally my ground zero of childhood Saturday morning cartoon watching. Would have been 6 at the time, going into 1st grade in a couple of days. Used to love The Littles. Plus switching back and forth between the networks to catch the shows I liked, eating a salad bowl filled with Fruity Pebbles. What an awesome time to be a kid. Only thing missing was one of the Shriner Hospital, "Ounce of Prevention" PSA's

DanZero77 : A new fall season on Saturday Morning was always the highlight of the year for me. I had some of those Crack Ups they were really cool.

Roadd Jack2 : tyvm for throwing in some cartoon openings as a nice bonus!!

Jesse Shade : More people DO need to hear that song nowadays.

DecKrash : Whoa! Zack of All Trades? Been awhile since I've seen that! Luther Vandross did a wonderful job with those commercials.

Roadd Jack2 : miss these mcdonaldsland story ads they were fun to watch

dandanthetaximan : Saturday morning cartoons... woohoo!

HRTVFan2 : Congratulations on the 600th 1980s commercial block upload

Venger Van Vanderbone : This must have been the final television airing of "Mighty Orbots" ever (to my knowledge) as the new Fall '85 season premiered the following week. Good news is that "Mighty Orbots" has finally been released on DVD in 2018, thirty-three long years later.

unnamed715 : Turbo Teen's transformation is the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.

wildsmiley : I remember the day in 1985 when my mom brought me one of those Burger King He-Man cups. I was He-Man crazy back then.

Julie Meowmeows. : Congrats on 600!! Your channel has been my favorite place on YouTube for years and it's such a valuable archive.

LordNimon : Your video descriptions are as insightful and amusing as ever. Grats on 600!

D : Fruit roll ups brings me back.

yusakug : 4:11 - "IT'S MADE OF PEOPLE!!!"

Prima : I remember almost every one of these commercials! P.S. FIG NEWTONS, NEVER WERE and NEVER, EVER WILL BE "COOKIES"!!! #TheLies

Nakama's Warrior : I remember Four Bears Water Park. Golly...The memories. The Golden Age.

VT187 : So where was the capt at?

blackjack0202 : TurboTeen looks absolutely nuts

Rocky Rabbit : I actually remember the Great American Pot song from elementary school Also the voice of that raccoon from that Computer Critters cartoon sounds like a very, very young Rob Paulson.

Melissa Cooper : I miss Alpha-Bits cereal.

DreamDancer82 : "Since 1985 the future has grown from a manageable small angry cloud into a cat 5 hurricane" You'd better believe it, baby! Especially emphasis on the "cat," if you know what I mean (meow!) I have two "Zack of All Trades" on two different tapes from 1987, and I never knew until this moment those were Luther Vandross. Huh. You learn something new every day.

yusakug : Happy 600th! And I only remember the 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo because it introduced me to Vincent Price.

David Smith : These are awesome..that HI-C jingle reminds me of the jingle KFC used for the chicken little's sandwiches man I miss those along with Nintendo cereal,TMNT fruit pies,

Michael McConnell : Not sure when that satellite picture of the Four Bears water park land was taken that you saw, but it's all upscale homes around the water now.

Bill Seipel : Frostra and Catra? LOL. Her 'Catty' side? Wow. And how bout that theme song? "The fate of the world is in this hands of these beautiful girls"

Luke Perkins : Happy 600!