Arnold Palmer attempts the water shot
Arnold Palmer teaching how to skip a golf shot on water Took me a while to realize he was joking about a few things

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unknown32984 : Have to love the guy just for the humour alone "that was a Jack Nicklaus ball" has to be the new classic line

knpstrr : Skip Across The Water: First and last step: Pray

Stewart Trickett : Players are too serious these days. Love the dry humour.

Bryson M. : “Now we have a perfect ball” *Hits stroke* “That didn’t work because it was a Jack Nicklaus ball”

Tunga : RIP to a legend

The Artful Dodger : And after the camera was turned off, he walked right across the pond and made that birdie putt too.

Go ahead and hate! : Someone get this guy a 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 iced tea drink. Something tells me he'll like it.

Tommy Nakajima : tap that in for a 7, what a legend

jfelipino : People have no sense of humor.

driveshaft85 : RIP Arnold Palmer

Denny Law : OMG, I'm laughing my self off my chair this is so funny. Cut in ball, Jack Nicklaus ball and he's laughing as hard as I am. I loved this guy all my life, and the world is not as good, without him in it.

kondor1001 : And a one putt for a birdie...

Matt Cowan : ... that ball was a jack nicklaus ball.. LOLOL

Dhruv S. : "That was a Jack Nicklaus ball" Lol!

Skywalker Games : I never realized how he resembles a buff big boned George bush

Mr Vip : RIP. This guy was an absolute legend

Hank Hardigan : And a one putt for birdie. That's gold.

Ricardo Torres : He's at the 12th hole just hit a birdie ..! And he is saying " I'm allright"..! From caddyshack ! RIP

MetallicaRules : R.I.P. Arnold, you were one of the greatest golfers of all time.

D Snlove : R I P

damnjustassignmeone : Hilarious, thanks for sharing


High Voice Royce : Long live the MUTAHFUCKING KING!!!!!

ruth brown : Lift your Arnie Palmies Mr. Palmer...

Zombiehunter115 : Only golfer in the world who can hit 2 balls in the water and still have a putt for birdie on the same hole lol legend

stevemcgee99 : I'm amazed at how stupid or at least uninformed and arrogant some people are.

gmonkey808 : Great guy. Sadly missed. RIP Arnold.

Gorlox : He looks a little bit like Jack in this one.

Grant Hickey : it would be 7, assuming he hit his first shot to that point.

machia0705 : Vulgar ignorant people posting comments here. This is one of the all time great golfers showing us a difficult shot. Why are you people displaying such anger? You couldn't carry this man's golf clubs.

TheMadProphet : i guess you shouldnt buy a jack nicklaus ball

Michael Pedersen : 1st to the lake, 2nd drop, 3rd to the lake, 4th drop, 5th makes it to the green and 6th would be the one putt, so don't teach others about golf you troll

Spencer Malott : Not in this case. Just listen to him. "ball had a cut in in and thats why it dove into the water. You have to have a perfect golf ball to make this shot work". Plus just look at all three shots, they were all hooking slightly

Jack Dent : a cut as in the shape of the flight you fuckhead. A cut is a slice shape you moron

Dreama40 : So really what he just showed us is thats hes good if he gets 3 attempts at the shot, yawn...

Rchitect : there was a little shield at 0:40 or so which mentioned it ;D

lethomadness : his jokin he only said that cuz he failed how retarted are you

xfactor5492 : it'd be for a 7, learn how to play golf

tomj4607 : and a 1 putt for a 6

mark evans : arnold palmer is shit at skimming golf balls and full of shit because you can skim golf balls with a cut in it most of my balls have cuts in them as i cant afford to practise this art with new balls to prove it check my video out golf ball skimming with bombhead?

srv29 : @milesdavisblackmx5 Yeah, wait you must have gone to a PROPER University? Your writing is so eloquent you MUST be so educated! And you didn't even do it with the aid of 'wealthy parents'! Aww gee we should all aspire to but just like you! Thanks for being my role model!

srv29 : @milesdavisblackmx5 As bad as yours? So bad that he won 7 majors you idiot?

Jo de zan : birdie ??? i'd say triple bogey.....

1serasera : Watch out for the Crocodiles

Golf Progress : cool video, Arnie had all the charisma

theoriginalTeej : @milesdavidblackmx5 How many majors have YOU won with your swing?

wogolfer : @milesdavisblackmx5 Doesn't matter, still one of the greatest golfers ever to play

HanzSygnal : @milesdavisblackmx5 quantify "terrible", that like saying Larry Bird had a "ugly" shot

bunkerputt : Way to go Arnie. Good birdie. And great explanation of a highly practical shot. I'm putting it in play next round out. You truly are the King.