Arnold Palmer attempts the water shot

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knpstrr : Skip Across The Water: First and last step: Pray

Jason Wayne : That was a Jack Nicklaus ball....CLASSIC....

unknown32984 : Have to love the guy just for the humour alone "that was a Jack Nicklaus ball" has to be the new classic line

Stewart Trickett : Players are too serious these days. Love the dry humour.

The Artful Dodger : And after the camera was turned off, he walked right across the pond and made that birdie putt too.

Brylang Productions : “Now we have a perfect ball” *Hits stroke* “That didn’t work because it was a Jack Nicklaus ball”

Kevin McCallister : tap that in for a 7, what a legend

Tunga : RIP to a legend

Go ahead and hate! : Someone get this guy a 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 iced tea drink. Something tells me he'll like it.

Denny Law : OMG, I'm laughing my self off my chair this is so funny. Cut in ball, Jack Nicklaus ball and he's laughing as hard as I am. I loved this guy all my life, and the world is not as good, without him in it.

jfelipino : People have no sense of humor.

Skywalker Games : I never realized how he resembles a buff big boned George bush

MetallicaRules : R.I.P. Arnold, you were one of the greatest golfers of all time.

kondor1001 : And a one putt for a birdie...

Dhruv Singh : "That was a Jack Nicklaus ball" Lol!

stevemcgee99 : I'm amazed at how stupid or at least uninformed and arrogant some people are.

Matt Cowan : ... that ball was a jack nicklaus ball.. LOLOL

driveshaft85 : RIP Arnold Palmer

Hank Hardigan : And a one putt for birdie. That's gold.

Ryan Bergen : this shit is soooo meme-able

Zombiehunter115 : Only golfer in the world who can hit 2 balls in the water and still have a putt for birdie on the same hole lol legend

Mr Vip : RIP. This guy was an absolute legend

Ricardo Torres : He's at the 12th hole just hit a birdie ..! And he is saying " I'm allright"..! From caddyshack ! RIP


Joe Flacco is Elite, but now he's hurt : I love him. The man!! RIP

D Snlove : R I P

Josh Lynch : 1.) Pray

ruth brown : Lift your Arnie Palmies Mr. Palmer...

Twobarpsi : Can't believe he's dead.

Germania : why am i watching this, i dont even play golf?

firebirdude2 : Or I could have just used a 9 iron....

Jeremy Bear : It was a Jack Nicolas ball hahaha!

Eric L : Long live the King

Doondah : He got a seven on take number seven

Joe Clavette : That's how I play golf. Hit two in the water, third shot on the green "That's for birdie"


Muhammad Mirsab : I don't get the joke as I'm out of the golf world, could someone explain why Jack Nicklaus ball is supposed to be funny?

SearchBucket2 : Lol. Jack must have been a good player to win as much as he did with a bad ball ;-)

JinNOSify : Arnold Palmer alert, Arnold Palmer alert....

damnjustassignmeone : Hilarious, thanks for sharing

gmonkey808 : Great guy. Sadly missed. RIP Arnold.

Joe Bryant : R. I. P. Arnold You will be missed

Marco Huevo : Actually, that would be a two putt for triple bogey, but who's counting?

6pointchris : grew up watching golf with my dad, didnt get too into playing but i always loved putting and chipping (a lot of that mindset bled into my pool game) anyone have an idea of the club loft he used? this looks fun to just try..

super clerk griff : Arnold was the  best .......tiger who??????

Wael Wael : Wopss

Colin Reich : Rip

Andrew Bell : The ball had a cut hehe. R.I.P Arnie.

Jonah Malvey : He should quit golf and do what he's good at ... lemonade

kingshearer2 : Brilliant I wonder how many balls he lost trying that shot before the camera rolled! Arnie was a legend.