Arnold Palmer attempts the water shot
Arnold Palmer attempts the water shot

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knpstrr : Skip Across The Water: First and last step: Pray

unknown32984 : Have to love the guy just for the humour alone "that was a Jack Nicklaus ball" has to be the new classic line

Stewart Trickett : Players are too serious these days. Love the dry humour.

The Artful Dodger : And after the camera was turned off, he walked right across the pond and made that birdie putt too.

Tunga : RIP to a legend

Bryson M. : “Now we have a perfect ball” *Hits stroke* “That didn’t work because it was a Jack Nicklaus ball”

Tommy Nakajima : tap that in for a 7, what a legend

jfelipino : People have no sense of humor.

Denny Law : OMG, I'm laughing my self off my chair this is so funny. Cut in ball, Jack Nicklaus ball and he's laughing as hard as I am. I loved this guy all my life, and the world is not as good, without him in it.

Go ahead and hate! : Someone get this guy a 1/2 lemonade and 1/2 iced tea drink. Something tells me he'll like it.

Skywalker Games : I never realized how he resembles a buff big boned George bush

kondor1001 : And a one putt for a birdie...

driveshaft85 : RIP Arnold Palmer

Dhruv S. : "That was a Jack Nicklaus ball" Lol!

Matt Cowan : ... that ball was a jack nicklaus ball.. LOLOL

High Voice Royce : Long live the MUTAHFUCKING KING!!!!!

Mr Vip : RIP. This guy was an absolute legend

Hank Hardigan : And a one putt for birdie. That's gold.

Ricardo Torres : He's at the 12th hole just hit a birdie ..! And he is saying " I'm allright"..! From caddyshack ! RIP

Michael Fuchs : And we all know he made that birdie putt! What a icon and legend. I wish I got to see him play in his prime. Long live AP!

Zombiehunter115 : Only golfer in the world who can hit 2 balls in the water and still have a putt for birdie on the same hole lol legend

DS nlove : R I P

Barbutt : Birdie after a few lost strokes... sounds like jokers I’ve golfed with!

Tony Bobér : Regulation wise, it would'nt have been for a birdy, maybe a 7

A C : I actually snotted myself when he said "That ball had a cut in it" "And a 1 putt for a birdie".... I know a guy who can dunk two balls and still score a birdie

redfirebird2008 : Arnold will always be THE KING. Great video and thanks for posting.


Butch 78 : Love it. Days when there was humour in pro golf.

stevepising : brilliant stuff. What a legend.

Bob White : Love Arnold Palmer built a house for him in bay hill back in the 80s

damnjustassignmeone : Hilarious, thanks for sharing

Chris Bowen : Alway blame the equipment!! Great video!

souleternal7 : After the hazard penalties it's not a birdie anymore! 😉

App Man : LOL, 'that ball had a cut in it, that was a Jack Nicklaus ball'... I actually believed the first one, but then I caught on..

ruth brown : Lift your Arnie Palmies Mr. Palmer...

Brad Beach : Sure do miss you Mr Palmer! The world, especially the golf world will never be the same without you.

Vince McMahon : What a gem of a human being, long live the KING!

Steve Winter : "and a one putt for a birdie". technically. you put two in the water, so it's more like a one putt triple bogey.

Dean Jr. : Arnold Palmer, the warlock of golf.

Bricago : I think this was on a video series he made called Play Great Golf.

Marco Huevo : Actually, that would be a two putt for triple bogey, but who's counting?


Anonymous : Arnie Parmie I see you baby!!! -Charlie Bones

Robert Stevens : Yep, one of those situation where "this is how it's done". Guaranteed to fail most of the time. He must have been sweating on the 3rd one.

stevemcgee99 : I'm amazed at how stupid or at least uninformed and arrogant some people are.

Mr Voks : Miss watching this man play, always for fun. RIP

nicknack daddyack : Awww he was the man! RIP Mr. Palmer! Endless and free golf where he is at now! Lots of Arnold Palmers to drink as well!

MafFwog : It's the dude from the Arizona can!

DbrowNick : Rest in peace LEGEND!