When the animators of the Boondocks needed to depict an American ghetto they didnt have a frame of reference So they drew inspiration from what they knew a poor Korean village This is the result

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Alan Serrano : Damm they shat on the dude 😂😂 It's a shame the show was cancelled

Michelle Grover : That’s not the hood. That’s the slums of India

Joshua Bates : You cut out the best part: "So what was it like growing up in a place like this?" "It was hard, you know? Lot of folks don't even know places like this even exist in America; they don't know how dirty the South really gets." *naked kids run passed* "Mhm, that's a damn shame. But that's real shit though nigga, you got naked kids, you got parents who gotta choose between food and clothes for they kids, shorty." *naked old man walks passed eating a hamburger* "Or for themselves, it's real out here nigga."

Pressu4 Freelion28 : Terra Bel: Terrible😂😂😂

Komjong Girl : There really is places like this in the us. Usually in the deep dirty south.

DayCab GearJammer : and everything else bad...

Derrien White : even on boondocks, sway still not taking that hat off

inlazlowetrust : Yeah, you know in Latin they say Terra Belle means "beautiful earth". But in Georgia, Terra Belle means "fucked up place to live"! "Terrible Terra Belle", yessir, that's our name for it! lmao

buffalo soldier 619 : Tetra belle=atlanta ?

1911 VsGlocks : Imagine if Franklin from GTA and this guy met

King Of Combat : "Man, what he do to make them niggaz mad like that?" That's exactly my question when I see messed up videos on gore sites.

dallashood67 : I swear Carl Jones doesn’t enough credit for his voice work on this show. He’s the main reason Thugnificent is my favorite character lmaooo.

ILOVE Pandas : Beat at the start was 🔥🔥

Demitri Jones : They shot him and thought "nah a few more kicks ought do it"🤣🤣

R.Y.E 4 EVA : That's where the police station *used* to be

Ashu Gupta : Aokiji !!

Josiah Jonathan : I eat money rapped chicken

Richard Henckel : Electric fence part always makes me laugh 😂

Xen : It’s terrible in terra belle

jadedandbitter : When I took a greyhound from SC to PA in 2002, I saw towns like this on the way in SC and NC. Like, so decrepit I couldn't believe anybody lived there, but lo and behold the bus stopped there.

Star Cherry : Lmfao I love the way he says Georgia! GEORGE-JA!

1822138 : 1:02 looks straight out of Fallout 4

HD12231 : @Frito1020 You're welcome.

HD12231 : The voice is off.

Keith Lewis : 0:39 People watching the first 5 mins of endgame who haven’t seen any other mavel movie.

D Rodriguez : dude had a hard ass life, wish nothing but good for em

Silver Man : yup... yup... yup... yup... lol

Lesego Ngoepe : Yes sir

Alpha Vegas : That looks like a third world country

robert sanchez : thats my hudd

EB Mane : What episode?

Ivy Girl : Terrible Gardens

The Urbanite : :23 what dat song?

InhumanCondition : This show is off the air, but the goddamn Simpsons has been on 30 years and I stopped watching that after the first 8. Sucks.

budsmoke bunny : Chicago

The Nameless King : is that a real place?

Your Drug : #KiwaunLikeISaidTheyTrifling

Toon Link : Hmm, didn't know that Detroit went by another name..

Shalucard : This is exactly the solution for detroit, Chicago, Georgia.

rants n' rambles : The fence is the solution

Blerman97 Blerman97 : Tgugnoficent is ludacris?

Lina Jones : I didn't know Mexico was in Georgia.

MrMedukneusha : Hows the demorat "new deal" working for you black ppl? Its been almost a hundred years since demorats re-bought you in the 1930's. Someday you'll figure out why demorats are desperate to lie about a "switch".