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Chowder _2 : And then I started thinking to myself "Man.... what did he do to make them nibbas that mad??!" 😂

ILOVE Pandas : Beat at the start was 🔥🔥

DayCab GearJammer : and everything else bad...

Komjong Girl : There really is places like this in the us. Usually in the deep dirty south.

buffalo soldier 619 : Tetra belle=atlanta ?

1911 VsGlocks : Imagine if Franklin from GTA and this guy met

Ashu Gupta : Aokiji !!

Shal ucard : This is exactly the solution for detroit, Chicago, Georgia.

Pressu4 Freelion28 : Terra Bel: Terrible😂😂😂

Josiah Jonathan : I eat money rapped chicken

Ivy Girl : Terrible Gardens

rants n' rambles : The fence is the solution

The Nameless King : is that a real place?

HD12231 : @Frito1020 You're welcome.

HD12231 : The voice is off.

The Urbanite : :23 what dat song?