Helping the Homeless Through Farm-to-Table Training

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Nacho TV : It's wonderful that they're learning great skills

Kitten Ivy : This channel is the best on YouTube! Ty for all you do!

WaitingToFade : This is the kind of thing I'd like to do full-time. Starting something involving the community and 'nature,' if that's what we call it. But how to go about doing it?

johnny chang : Gathering with goodwill and positive people is key to surmount the depth of depression and despairs 😀

Dipyaman Ghosh : This channel deserves billion subscribers 👍

Jobin : Meanwhile I can't grow potatoes

Max O. Drive : Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime.

Superficial Serpent : This is how “helping the homeless”videos should be on YouTube, not giving them money to fish out a reaction, praise and sympathy.

XColonist : As the saying goes "Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime", this is great for San Francisco! However, the problem is, not all homeless people want to work and not all of them are and others are addicted to drugs. Why work, when tourist can just give you a buck. Stack up all the money and they probably make more than an average minimum wage work. Not to mention, rising housing prices, expensive food, etc. Point is, it great that the FHI is doing this, it just... there also other things that causes these problems. One step at a time thought. So progress. I guess.

天吉Mark : This should be implemented worldwide !!!

darkdoctor2017 : This inspired me to do start something similar

That Socialist Meerkat : Training homeless people to work as serfs, farming organic food for Silicon Valley dorks that priced them out of their housing

T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE : Its truly about connecting to communicate with one another that brings forth whats been there all along....understanding. “Growth itself contains the germ of happiness and from it, we all can grow."

KARL H.D : Amazing! Let's go planting!


Emperor Huey Long : 17th, water you gone do about it?

Fipfip 33 : Was about to sleep but let's watch

kylem1112 : too bad even if they did get full time jobs... san fransisco is pretty much impossible to live in if you don't make 100k a year or more

SixFt12 : I'd love to see this replace the food stamp program for those who can do it. So much healthier, both physically and mentally.

Justin Z. : Everyone is great in their own way.

Kensington Chubbs : What’s the background piano music at around 1:25?

Alfred Yumul : This is the world we need

Angry Box turtle : 1st

Kim's Reptiles the Netherlands : Cool. 🌿🌾🌱

IDiaI - : 19h

Shane Bowman : This is very nice. Big ups to these people 👍👍

Austin White : Hello

triple terrific : *Being homeless in this country is a Sin.* With the kind of opportunities out there you are either too lazy or chose to be on drugs. People literally die to enter this great country for an opportunity and these people just throwing their lives away.

LunaMoon : ❤️

ObliviousNerd : Will I get noticed?

Justin Why. : First To like my own comment

PsychoLunatic Games : 8th comment...,EARLY

Rebel fleet commander : Hello there (I think I'm first comment but not sure for fact.)

Max Garcia : First comment first like

JAMESG4MEZ 69 : how helpful like if you agree

Moka Chai : Great move bro

Liam Negron. : Hi

LightningFlash4730 Adri : Yooo

KenBuilds : Ola

Midnight Cravings : Helping others to help themselves. Well done! 👍

Ley Kim : I'm not homeless but hopeless in life and I want to work in that farm 😊

aldralee : I work with homeless folks in Los Angeles. The restaurant industry is one of the few that will hire folks with troubled pasts. So, the practical skills in the kitchen are great, but the gardening and dining aspects are beautiful. My heart!

Daniel Herrera : Nice sentiment but this program doesn't really help that much....if your not a celebrity chef restaurant work is some of the lowest wage work around. It is a brutal business. Same with agriculture. Not gonna get off the streets picking vegetables for a living. Teaching low wage job skills to people is not gonna do much good for the homeless in San Francisco when you can't even afford to rent a closet working 80 hour weeks on a minimum wage salary there. People need housing they can afford.

Alcoholic Beverage Ale : 0:45 that is the most beautiful art i've ever seen on the fence behind him

Petals on the Paving Slabs : Think of how much difference it would make if more places / people did this. Very inspiring, thank you.

plnkfloydian : I’d love to start a community garden in my area

Mimi Mimi : wonderful initiative, should be implemented worldwide !

unsub : Give them guns and teach them hunting!

sbrichcreek : What a valiant and valuable cause! Very inspiring!

unsub : Democrat liberal ran state hmmmmmmmmm???