Black Panther - Everett Ross vs Jets

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Jay Duron : This feels not like an actual Star Wars film then Last Jedi, they did a good job. Peace ✌🏻

Samuel Murrill : Most people failed to recognize the significance of this moment. Throughout my screening, every time Martin Freeman's character would even show his face on screen, people would laugh at him or mock him for being awkward and not understanding the new culture, even during times when he wasn't meant to be seen that way. While the movie did paint him as that kind of character, this scene is when that should have ended. What the people of my screening missed was the moment from 0:25-0:31. In order to survive, he needed to embrace the new culture... while the new culture also had to embrace him. Throughout the movie, Shuri was displayed as being just like the people in my screening, hating and being annoyed with Everett Ross. However, in this moment, she told him how to survive and he did it, showing them both accepting each other and the acceptance of different cultures

SethAngelo 13 : i dont understand the hate pointed towards Ross... yes, he might be an annoying and awkward character, but he's adorable in some ways

Christopher Joy : I love Ross so much

skip per : Why didn't wakanda use these planes in infinity war?

Shan Hussain : Who else is here to confirm that the voice of the AI was Trevor Noah? 😱😱😱😱

ItsATrap 1406 : Look it’s Bilbo baggins

Nabila Azhar : This scene actually scared me. I thought Ross gonna die.

Anthony Salvino : This scene is what really completed the movie for me, let me explain. It demonstrated that, even though T'Challa was the MAIN hero, there was not just ONE hero of the story. T'Challa, Okoye, Shuri, and now Ross completed the roster. As soon as the ship appeared outside the window and started firing at him, anyone would have been completely justified in running out of there and finding another way. Ross just looked right at the window and asked "how long do I have?". As soon as he's told he's got some time before being blow up and asks to be put back in so he can finish the job. That's what a hero is. It earned him my respects


Shirley A : Martin Freeman was such a great addition to the cast. Hope to see more of Everett Ross in more movies

Farooq Ansari : That AI's voice is actually Trevor Noah!

Ryan Croy : I don't see Ross, I just see Bilbo Baggins. But there was one thing that confused me. Why was smegol dressed up like Klaw? Did the director want them to have a Hobbit Easter egg?

jamie jarabelo : Dr. Watson?!?!? 😂

Uniteusall : The AI is voiced by Trevor Noah.

trex advent : Everett Ross is T'Challa personal pilot.

Taylor McKevitt : Lmao this movie was a 7/10 at best. All these black people say it's "our movie" and that it's the greatest marvel film is making me cringe so much. The movie was average.

James-Andrew Sarmiento : Did you know that Bucky is initially decided to be part of the the tean with TChalla? If only Shuri had his arm and he let him eat the herb. Who knows

B P : And now we learn Trevor Noah was the computer voice

trex advent : Why didn't they have a contingency plan to stop that aircraft which was attacking the Lab?

Tsogtbayar Margad : Gotta go fast 😂😂😂


trex advent : All that Vibranium in those Cargo Ships has been wasted.

Bobby Brahmadutt : My favourite part of movie

ParadoxPixels : When you realize the Voice A.I of the ship is Trevor Noah

Disappointed Father : Leave it to the white guy to save the day.

Zynthos : JAWN NO

Angel of Sarcasm : Wakanda shit is that colonizer doing in the thumbnail?

Joshua Choe : I wish Ross piloted a plane like this in infinity war in fact I wish he was even in the movie!

Tramaine Terrance : Ross is on point in this scene. TERRANCE OUT

Mondragon : Maybe Ross is the boyfriend of Captain Marvel. Because the movie takes 1990s Ross is a Pilot and Carol is also a Pilot. Theres a conmection between them

Thomas Orr : An EMP that can be willingly fired at any time and charged for as long as possible without destroying the electrical system of the ship/plane firing the weapon nice I like it it seems like they made vibranium resistant to EMP blasts

Danerito : The AI voice is Trevor Noah.

Comedic Bec : It's so weird hearing Martin with an American accent

James-Andrew Sarmiento : Atleast Ross redeemed himself right?

Alba quinzel : Martin Freeman ahhhhh 😍😍😍😍

Ikhwanul Hafizi bin Musa : Trevor Noah sounds good as an AI

selama boblue : I want to watch Black Panther because of Ross !!!

Super Z : Can't wait for dr strange meet him.

ninja master pro bro : Iam ross bigst fan

Dreaxil : Ross had be saying 'This is so awesome! I got healed by Vibranium, got barked at by some ape men & went all Wakandan on some enemy asses in a simulated tech advanced fighter jet'

alan vinicius : A tecnologia de whakanda está bem próxima de xandar ( guardiões da galáxia )

Rohan Devulapalli : The voice of the ship is Trevor Noah

Vincent Brouwer : Perfectly advanced park kksbzm abandon fellow spin poet delay skill.


Anjaps Llagas : I thought it's panthers vs jets

Cheewin Kaewthai : GJ watson

freedom375 : Trevor Noah was the voice of the computer. Had no idea until today!

Isaac Perez : Why aren’t the cargo ship made out of vibraniom (sorry I don’t know how to spell it) as well

monkey D. luffy : I wanted to see bilbo vs gollum