Wishin' Boot - Saturday Night Live

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Lucas Gonzalez : They look like a legit country band

Joanne : "The whole dang time that dog had been the boot"

James Larken Smith : Wishin Boot the Movie will be on the Hallmark Channel in the fall...

Jacob Hattaway : Am I the only one who thinks setting the fake wishing boot on fire in a barn full of highly flammable hay is a bad move on the wishing boots part?

.AccessoryAddict. : "Then the boot pulled out a knife...." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wesley B. : The whole dang time that dog had been the boot lmao

Alex Heap : This sounds like an actually country song

Nick Hackett : i was afraid the dog was going to die

Gypsy Dover : I am not gonna be able to get this song outta my head now. Its kinda catchy.

jack loves nougat !! : This is an accurate description of country music

Lindsay R : I love the outline of the boot on the bed

PIX Promos & More : Just so everybody doesn't get confused: Kate = Martina McBride Aidy = Wynona Judd Shelton = Alan Jackson

Nikki Prock : I go back and watch this and love it every time. It's such a great satire of late nineties/ early two thousands country music.

Peter Tysdal : As a Texan I have to say that this reminds me of 80% of the music on the radio, if Jesus was a boot. Best ever.

Bconn5 : This is an snl classic

TheAgentAssassin : well ok now this is funny Blake didn't totally bomb on SNL

PinkSugar : The boot pulled a knife 😂

nonabliss : This is hilarious.  This sketch really captured all of the contrived and clichéd elements of a typical country music video.  Love when the "Wishing Boot" suddenly transforms into a dove flying from McKinnon's hands.  And I must say it is a catchy tune as well.... You rock Wishing Boot!

Fox Vyars : Does anyone else think the wishing boot is related to the sorting hat? 😏

Tawny Parker : Is that supposed to be Reba, Wynona Judd, and Alan Jackson? 😂

Freya Dawes : Anyone just here for Kate in bunches and that dress

Isa B : Kate reminds me of courtney cox in friends years with dark hair.

booginas : "When I was sixteeheeenn . . . ." LMAO.  Kate had me rollin' through this whole thing, from her singing, to her facial expressions, to her dancin'.  She is a pure FOOL!!  LMAO.

Brittany G. : Dang, Aidy looks great with bangs!

Blue Palmer : Kate with pigtails!!

Matthias Tan : Kate is beautiful, funny and she has a beautiful voice she's basically perfect

OrangeAni : I can't even...who came up with such silly idea lol :D

AwesoMESS : Every country cliche there is 😂😂😂😂😂

3catzz : Whoever wrote this needs to write the rest of SNL, it might make me watch it again.  This was absolute hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsRandomnotes1 : Blake Shelton, what a sense of humor he has:)

Maia Suarez : She slept with that boot she had carnal relations with that boot

KiraEileen : "The boot is you"

Robert Envall : This was far more than a "skit".  Take another look, and think about the money and time that they spent on production and recording.  It sounds like a radio-ready song.  Listen to the melody,  don't think about the lyrics, and it could be a song by Lady Antebellum or Reba!  Pure genius, and the best thing I have seen on SNL in a long time.

loner1878 : 2:11 ROFL@ the dancing in the background.

DEMONCOOKIE666 : So the Wishing Boot is totally responsible for burning down that barn, right? The fake boot caught fire and then the whole place went up in flames.

AaronThePaladin : This is one of the funniest and most retarded things they've done in a long time.... I LOVE IT!

Richard Collins : this will be in my head for at least a month now

Masqerader : I'd buy this song

Jack Shriver : This sounds like a real song though.

sophie warner : The more I watched this the less crazy it seemed...

Helmut83 : The lady dancing in the background at 2:07, hahaha...

DaleRobby rear : It is sad but I'm moved by this.

Thundering Typhoons : I need me some wishin' boot.

ratalie : Lmao was Aidy's story a reference to the movie Monster??

Dena Vahdani : hhahaha this is so well done! their facial expressions are on point!

Madison Wood : This song has taken over my life I cannot stop singing this song. 😂

Diego R. de la Rosa : I would have loved to watch Kristen Wiig in these music videos, she sings pretty well.

Anna F.W. : I don't know why, but when listening to the song, for whatever reason, I'm totally cool with the premise of the song until the boot wants to pay bail... then all of a sudden my brain goes, "oh well that's not realistic!"... As if the boot bringing food to starving children is completely legit...

Craig Patterson : Just goes to show how easy it is to write a country song . Next song My lost wallet .

Joe Baumgart : so god is neither male or female but a smelly old boot