venting online about a hard part in a video game

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RedRiot : Nailed it as usual

Patrick Star : G I T G U D

mariel ivana : This dude is really funny I love him

Carl Makes Videos : any time I Google how to beat some part of a game I find a gamefaqs thread full of people being dicks about the question I googled

Nanobox 123 : To be fair, you must have a very high IQ to understand DiarrheaSoul..

Lucifer : Gaping Dragon is basically a poop dragon though.

Maximum Overdrive : This should of been called: When you have an opinion on the internet.

Stephen Albright : I got a 15 second ad in front of a 17 second video

FightingMario54321 : *_G I T G U D_*

Some Commenter Guy : Literally mentioning any game that exists tends to lead to this

FluphyHD : You are the only man that can satisfy me under 20 seconds

coffeedudeable : How is it possible to be this funny in only 17 seconds. Yelling at siri into a psp?! Im dead! Get an ambulance

TactiSielu : "how do I delete all of Twitter" is such a mood

Grifter : ohhhh shit the dude yelling "GIT GUD" is wearing a large letter A like A for Anon

My nigga Madara : Wait till you get to Baron McButtwipe you need like the 500 mega shits upgrade and the feces jetpack to beat him.

Pixel Cubes : I can’t beat poop dragon either I feel you man

Cap'nCinnamonBun : His PSP has Siri? We’re all living in 2017 while he is living in 2119

Repressed_Retro : He used a PSP as a phone This man is a legend

SSBreloom : This video is like the Dark Souls of games.

Matt Osler : Thank you so much for posting this. I love difficult games but I am still looking for the one person (besides myself) who will admit to dying 50+ times to Poop Dragon before finally flushing him for good. 😡

BennyNeb : The only thing worse than a hard boss is an easy boss with tonnes of health that has one weakness so you just do that one thing for like 15 minutes...I'm looking at you DMC

Quivering Star : "This is the first game I've played in this series and I bought it to try it out because a lot of people including my friends say it's really good, but I'm having trouble with some obstacle relatively early into the game, any tips?" "'HOW DARE YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THIS GAME THAT YOU BOUGHT WITH YOUR OWN MONEY YOU SHOULD'VE KNOWN EVERYTHING ABOUT IT BEFORE EVEN THINKING OF BUYING IT JUST GET USED TO THE COMPLEX, BADLY EXPLAINED BUT MANDATORY MECHANICS OF THE GAME AND USE THEM TO PERFECTION ALL THE TIME YOU SCRUB" "By the time it took you to write this and me to read it, I beat the entire game by brute force and mashing the attack button. Also actively avoiding all the other players from this thread who found out my online ID and attacked me both in message form and in the game itself with their overpowered character." "YOU'RE NOT PLAYING THE GAME THE RIGHT WAY YOU HERETIC YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE US A CHANCE TO IMPEDE ON YOUR PROGRESS BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE GAME IS BALANCED"

Geo & Pixels : I’m actually still *stuck* on the Constipation level. Be grateful you’re that far into the game.

Ryan Charles : Git gud. True fans of ProZD are aware of his constant use of his PSP as a substitute for a cell phone. This is supposed to be surprising to people?

Sean Gray : Love your videos but for some reason youtube always cuts the last part of audio out so i never get to hear it :/

nightfires : cya guys on trending

Fire and Flames : I wish my PSP had Siri

Dreaded Zombie : TheLegend27 Idk..... Dab??

Crostil : ProZD screams into a calculator because of a poop dragon

Mr. Popohere : git gud

TheDarkWut : git gud

Anon E. Mousse : git gud

Gat : Then theres the saint that tells you how to complete it, telling you the pattern, how to cheese it, etc That or get good

Dom C : when every comment on this dudes vid is some profile with an anime pic 😂😂😂

DoubleHatterPatter : Dude, to beat poop dragon, you need the blade of dog turds. Everyone knows that, it’s like his biggest weakness. *duh*

Javier Salgado : Noice😂

Dat : im stuck on the poop dragon level aswell

SwiftAndSlick : I beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos first try :3

DoubleABeast 22 : That PSP tho 😂👌

Pandaser THE Panda : *Git gud*


communism : *G I T G U D*

WARPAINT GAMER : I beat the poop Dragon 1 sec ago & flushed

Christian Boustani : Persona 5 Gamefaqs board in a nutshell

Spoderman : how is this funny

PowahSlap Entertainmint : *_(This game is just like Dark Souls)_*

Webber Tatsukawa : Get gud noob.

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Have you tried using brown pine resin?

HanMorse : I just love that he yells into a PSP

GloryGaming HD : Dude, how do u always end up on trending?