venting online about a hard part in a video game

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Erik Gutierrez : Siri, how do I delete *all* *of* *Twitter!?* in the distance: *GIT* *GUD!*

RedRiot : Nailed it as usual

Justin Young : *T O U H O U*

Maximum Overdrive : This should of been called: When you have an opinion on the internet.

Emmett Rasmussen : If you cant beat poop dragon maybe its because you *shit*

FightingMario54321 : *_G I T G U D_*

ChaseOnStage : Hey there is a monocle behind your glasses... Idk if you noticed.

Emmett Rasmussen : [ *insert shitty joke here* ]

Cap'nCinnamonBun : His PSP has Siri? We’re all living in 2017 while he is living in 2119

Justin Young : *A ProZD skit not on trending? What alternate timeline are we on?*

Lun Hing : Fuck EA

NotQuite Videos : any time I Google how to beat some part of a game I find a gamefaqs thread full of people being dicks about the question I googled

TheDrFunkenstein : Yeah but have they beat Cuphead live on stream tho?

Emmett Rasmussen : G I T G U D

mariel ivana : This dude is really funny I love him

Stephen Albright : I got a 15 second ad in front of a 17 second video

TheRealmDrifter : Poop Dragon sends his regards.

TalesOfGod : You never disappoint.

Christopher Torres : Siri: Adding GIT GUD to your shopping list...

Lucifer : Gaping Dragon is basically a poop dragon though.

22 The Cyborg : I love how applyable these videos can be to literally anything. For me, it's monster hunter. I hear git gud like the gud has no tomorrow.

FluphyHD : You are the only man that can satisfy me under 20 seconds

nightfires : cya guys on trending

DesmaX : man, this poop dragon fight's a pain in the ass

Martin Harhovsky : This is all part of Lysanderoth's machinations, which lay undetected for years.

coffeedudeable : How is it possible to be this funny in only 17 seconds. Yelling at siri into a psp?! Im dead! Get an ambulance

Rad diagonal : How do I DELETE ALL OF TWITTER?

Matt Osler : Thank you so much for posting this. I love difficult games but I am still looking for the one person (besides myself) who will admit to dying 50+ times to Poop Dragon before finally flushing him for good. 😡

Andrew Schmitt : I wish my PSP had Siri

Sean Gray : Love your videos but for some reason youtube always cuts the last part of audio out so i never get to hear it :/

Geo & Pixels : I’m actually still *stuck* on the Constipation level. Be grateful you’re that far into the game.

Crostil : ProZD screams into a calculator because of a poop dragon

Grifter : ohhhh shit the dude yelling "GIT GUD" is wearing a large letter A like A for Anon

Dat : im stuck on the poop dragon level aswell

PixelBlast YT : I can’t beat poop dragon either I feel you man

Some Commenter Guy : Literally mentioning any game that exists tends to lead to this

RiBread _ : All you have to do to beat Poop Dragon is roll to the left whenever he roars, he always roars before his special. Also, Mr. Cleans potions erase debuffs on you, and weaken Poop Dragon

TactiSielu : "how do I delete all of Twitter" is such a mood

My nigga Madara : Wait till you get to Baron McButtwipe you need like the 500 mega shits upgrade and the feces jetpack to beat him.

BennyNeb : The only thing worse than a hard boss is an easy boss with tonnes of health that has one weakness so you just do that one thing for like 15 minutes...I'm looking at you DMC

The Knee : "get good" guy came in the PERFECT number of times. amazing representation of Korean advice.

Kensai : Diarrhea Souls is definitely harder. I was so pent up on beating it without help that I became dehydrated.

Anon E. Mousse : git gud

Teun van den Broek : Sounds like someone needs to _git _*_gud_*

Mr. Popohere : git gud

TheDarkWut : git gud

Dom C : when every comment on this dudes vid is some profile with an anime pic 😂😂😂

PowahSlap Entertainmint : *_(This game is just like Dark Souls)_*

Javier Salgado : Noice😂

roneybill : Poop matchstick