venting online about a hard part in a video game

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Cap'nCinnamonBun : His PSP has Siri? We’re all living in 2017 while he is living in 2119

Nanobox 123 : To be fair, you must have a very high IQ to understand DiarrheaSoul..

mariel ivana : This dude is really funny I love him

FluphyHD : You are the only man that can satisfy me under 20 seconds

TactiSielu : "how do I delete all of Twitter" is such a mood

Erik Gutierrez : Siri, how do I delete *all* *of* *Twitter!?* in the distance: *GIT* *GUD!*

Stephen Albright : I got a 15 second ad in front of a 17 second video

AliensAreNoobs : Good thing he bleeped the spoilers out. It would be bad if anyone found out that you save Prince Horace in the end

Mikey : Gaping Dragon is basically a poop dragon though.

Geo & Pixels : I’m actually still *stuck* on the Constipation level. Be grateful you’re that far into the game.

Classic_Retro : He used a PSP as a phone This man is a legend

Ryan Charles : Git gud. True fans of ProZD are aware of his constant use of his PSP as a substitute for a cell phone. This is supposed to be surprising to people?

The Red Mage : This is literally the internet, we live in a day and age where people can beat insanely hard games at level 1 while blindfolded yet no one wants to give actual advice to those who may not be gaming gurus.

RubyBeard : Dude, to beat poop dragon, you need the blade of dog turds. Everyone knows that, it’s like his biggest weakness. *duh*

ItsCash21 : I can’t beat poop dragon either I feel you man

H3NTA1 : *_C U P H E A D_*

communism : *G I T G U D*

Hex : siRI HOW DO I DELETE *A L L O F T W I T T E R?!!?*

Tanner Hill : OH THE PAPER ON THE GIT GUD GUYS HEAD IS A USER PROFILE took me a while to figure this out.

Endershock1678 : Heh, nice try Poop Dragon, you can't beat me... I don't take shit from anyone.

PowahSlap Entertainmint : *_(This game is just like Dark Souls)_*

Kensai : Diarrhea Souls is definitely harder. I was so pent up on beating it without help that I became dehydrated.

MonCherryHead : 'siri how do I delete aLL OF TWITTER???' my dude. same.

levitator45 : Cuphead

BlockadeDelta : In all fairness the poop dragon fight was a pain in the ass.....

UnPhayzable : Poop Dragon is literally the 3rd boss in the game, start your complaining when you have to face Butt Baron, his fire rate is 150 shits per second

POW Gaming : Asking a PSP how to delete twitter Edit: There, it says PSP now. Happy?

Spearka : Don't even start with Multiplayer games

Rubikari : Siri on the PSP XD so ahead of his time.

Craft_Mesa : Mysterious figure... Mysterious figure... MYSTERIOUS FIGURE.

Fire and Flames : I wish my PSP had Siri

TheHenriGame : That's me on the Monster Hunter Reddit

GuitarrAssassin : (Insert obligatory "Dark Souls isn't hard, just different" comment here.)

Erwin Rommel : So uh, bad dark souls experience ProZD?

Senhor Óbvio : Dark Souls fandom in 17 sec

StickMaster500 : Dean Takahashi playing Cuphead’s tutorial level

ウケルンtemptations : That dark souls reference tho lmaooo


AvennGed1 : I dont vent. I GET GOOD! #Unrelatable lol

SwiftAndSlick : I beat Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos first try :3

RedRiot : Nailed it as usual

Miner Kitten : "SIRI HOW DO I DELETE *ALL OF TWITTER-* " _relatable_

CringeAlert : This is inspiring me to make a game off this. if it happens, you will be in every part of the credits

Chloe Hampton : *Skyrim* *Assassin's Creed* *Drawn To Life* *Fairy Tale Fights* *Undertale* *Fnaf* *Cuphead* Should I go on or....

Alina P : Me on all the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky bossfights (GOD, I hate the unskippable cutscenes, WHY Gamefreak, WHY???)

Justin Y. : *A ProZD skit not on trending? What alternate timeline are we on?*

Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss : Pewdiepie: "poop dragon is the easiest boss ever" #ZeroDeaths

bo you ʞnow ƚʜɘ wɒy? : *I thought i heard toiler, because it was supposed to be "siri, how do i delete all the spoiler", but he made it clever and said "how do i delete all the toiler" because its poop dragon and toilet paper...ha haa hahaha...its okay don't face palm yourself, I'll leave :(*

Dan Forsyth : *pulls out PSP* "Siri how do I delete all of Twitter?!"

OGRE : Why can't those people just give tips to the struggling venting gamer instead of being an elitist douche? Does it make them feel better?