Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

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Thantos xX : "We serve food here sir"

Kaiya Jones : *Y O U F O R G O T M Y D R I N K*

Michael&Jello : Sup bibbin' ?

Sobepome : Giant griddles are the shit. It's the high point of my work to have some times where I get to drop a bunch of chicken or steak and just see the giant spread of maillard in front of me.

You Play Fortnite Don't you? : Now Waste like 5 minutes crying in A corner because A douchebag told you You forgot the pickles

Natalie Alfera : Is mayonnaise an instrument


Alex Smith : Hi Bibin, h3h3 sent me

ballislife2351 : Who else doesn’t remember him saying the second order like that

Leanna Cherner : You should do spaghetti tacos from iCarly!!

Lun Hing : MY LEG

Capree Studios : "Got it first try because Im pro like that." *me when I land a bottle flip first try*

Donovan Howes : Now I know how to make a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a Raft 4x4 Animal Style with Extra Singles, a Shimmy and a Squeeze, as well as Light Axel Grease that Cries, is Burned, and Swims But six hours of cooking sounds kind of hard.

Jordan Groff : Lemme guess Tiny, a small salad?!

MATTWER : cool griddle but how do you clean that baby?

Veridian : _Are you feeling it now Mr. Babish?_

MrSmekalka : As always, a great combination of topical and useful commentary over a superbly developed demo. New kitchen looks awesome. One point: the supreme usefulness of the Babish technique is the acknowledgement of the equipment / facilities limitations of home chefs. We're all cheering the 6 burner range and the ginormous flat top add on because they are awesome, but nobody has one at home. We're stuck with regular stove tops and frying pans. Of course, the massive burger required a massive approach, but there is nascent anxiety that Babish will move video production examples into the restaurateur realm and the legion of broke but ever more competent home chefs that are addicted to / rely on Babish to deconstruct the food of our film and television cultural inheritance will be cast into the low resolution realm of YouTube chefs who do not have a flat top. Just sayin' what's on the mind of the crowd with crappy kitchens.

Hannah Valigura : Please consider making some of the food from Spirited Away! Specifically the food the parents eat in the beginning of the movie, especially the weird tan blob looking thing.

Awesome Kids Lets Play : ▁ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ One Day I took the paint and then it happened... █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁

Jordan Payne : If we're going with impractical food orders, then how about Big Smoke's order from San Andreas?

rokamo : Lemme guess, tiny, a small salad?

Karsten : B I B B I N

095 : s t i l l n o P I C K L E S

Ryan Deschain : You could have just assembled it horizontally instead of vertically - it's what IN N Out did back when they had no limit on burger orders.

SyberServer : Make a King-size Ultra Krabby Supreme, double-batter fried on a stick. Don't forget the mayonaisse.

Veridian : Little did you know Babish forgot how to cook for the past 4 days and was driven to madness to make this video

Emil Olinsson : Bibbin wit babbis

Levi Senz : Oh shiiiiit!!!! H3H3 called you out for being a YouTube pet!!!!

ya436 : Im fasting. And i had to watch this.

Dionette : O_O WOW, SpongeBob completely failed on that giant clog of a burger. Bubble Bass got gypped.

Derp Chaos : A grill... is just a grill... no matter where you go

_scwilliams : You know what really should happen... You should cook a dish for Gordon Ramsay


overgdbg : Hmm.. Do you serve food here?

Nancy Mclaughlin : Make a Alice in wonderland cake that makes her grow bigger!

Jazmin Farris : is it wrong that i want a Babish and epic meal time crossover?? am I a monster???

Jré Eastbeat : Why don't you try Shokugeki no Soma the anime they have great foods right u your gourmet alley

SBTubbster : is this the bibbin with babish

helojoe92 : Your gas stove is exactly what i want in my kitchen! Great setup!

Lisa Fenix : ..AND LET IT, SCHWIM.. now you just have to make a "uhh roast beef, some chicken, a pizza....."

Castrik NM : Wow Babish, I didn't know you speak bubble bass.

Goose McBruce : on the subject of conviluded orders by fatasses how about Big Smoke's Order?


Animus Cumminham : “We serve food here sir”😂

Abelhawk : You probably could've stacked the toppings on a giant skewer or something

Richard Peralta : “Christen the kitchen with the cross-section” I love alliteration

Aussie : Here from Ethan’s video. Subbed!!

Birch Eeeey : Do the Nacho Grande Platter from Death Proof!

Illest Visionz : BURN IT AND LET IT SWEEM.

Sauce Stache : I bet your neighbors are loving that amazing onion smell from the 5 lbs of onions on that griddle hahaha! LOVE IT