Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

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Thantos xX : "We serve food here sir"

David Shlenskiy : Squidward absolutely destroyed bubble bass with that 1 line.

CJCroen1393 : I don't know what I love more: The ridiculous order, or the fact that the hash-house lingo used was _actually real hash-house lingo._

Albert Nave : Make a Krusty Krab pizza out of nothing but hamburger ingredients.

C.I.A. : Dont forget spongebob made this in less than 2 seconds

Natalie Alfera : Is mayonnaise an instrument

AcesToAces : stack the layers

Evan Blenkinsopp : The only reason that Bubble Bass's second order is less well known is because the people that have fond memories of his original appearance in _Pickles_ stopped watching Spongebob into it's eighth (?) season when Bubble Bass reappeared.

JJ.Beast26 : This is the most intense game of jenga I have ever seen.

Michael Auberry : RIP Stephen Hillenburg, you wonderful man. Spongebob was my childhood

Bob Brock : “Make it cry, burn it, and let It swim”

Poop in a bucket : Bubble bass Vs. Big Smoke: Dawn of Justice. *Coming to theaters soon*

Stop Clickbait : "Let me guess, tiny.. a small salad?"

James Knorr : Watching this video is like watching one man cater an entire birthday party.

Veridian : _Are you feeling it now Mr. Babish?_

Crackerz GD : But, did you forget his drink.

Decimus Orion : That thing is a heart attack on a bun!

Nameless Ghuleh : I go into these videos feeling pretty good and I come out feeling like I’m starving to death. Got my mouth watering and everything.

Hot Dogs! : *wE sErVe FoOd HeRe , SiR.*

Sean Tran : RIP Stephen Hillenburg, thank you for making our childhood full of F.U.N.

John Harlan : You need the Golden Spatula to go with your flattop grill.

wooden wolf : *No shimmy and a squeeze!!!* 😑😑😑😑

Daniel Goldstein : Damn Babish, never heard of skewers?

Chad Mojito : This new episode of Epic Meal Time is pretty nice

CyanCyborg : Rest in peace, Stephen Hillenberg.

Steal My Beats : Literally read the tittle as *Bubble Ass Burger*

Nicolas Morel : Where's Stonie when you need him

Thy Z : am i the only one who feels as though this is a ASMR

Veridian : Little did you know Babish forgot how to cook for the past 4 days and was driven to madness to make this video

Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish : Lemme guess, a small salad?

StrawberryMochi : **aggressively shoves glasses back up nose** bUrn iT AnD LeT IT sWiM

XAV0226 : RIP Stephen Hillenburg

thatsmenikki1 : Pls do that King Size Double Patty Surpreme (with the worst) Double Fried On A Stick with a side of mayonnaise!! It’s from that episode where squidward said he hates krabby patties lmao

Jennifer Parker : _4x4 Animal Style_

Scarlett Roses : "Let me guess tubby a small salad?"

Dylan Carroll : You should have used kabab sticks to hold it together.

Tasty Gem : *NO PICKLES*

Mr Awesome : If you can gess these three spongebob questions you are a true fan 1-What was the song at the end of the the 2004 spongebob movie? 2-What year did the first episode come out? 3-Who was the original creator of spongebob? Answers below 1-Ocean man 2-1999 3-Stephen Hillenburg Fun Fact Now Paul Tibbit runs spongebob

Perpetual Peter : The new kitchen looks great, here's to the start of a new era of Babish!

Cody : How long are you supposed to fry the hamburger after flipping it? a minute to 80 seconds total (30-40 per side) seems really short. Is that all that is needed if it's extra hot griddle?

SnorlaxProductionsXD : “Let me guess a small salad?”


Jefferton Ahyeeoobee : “Healthy”

rokamo : Lemme guess, tiny, a small salad?

StuckInASock : Dang, 5 minutes to make this and it took Spongebob 5 seconds

꧁DLC_PR016꧂ : Ancestor of Big Smoke but Big Smoke got more food than his predecessor

Jasmine Gooden : "we serve food here sir" lmaooo

1000 subs if u hate Ninja : U have a nice head

Kaiya Jones : *Y O U F O R G O T M Y D R I N K*

GluttonousDragon : hey dude you should have used one of those "Stainless Steel Straight Rod Paper Memo Holder" but with an extra LONG steel rod