Binging with Babish: Bubble Bass' Order from Spongebob Squarepants

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Veridian : _Are you feeling it now Mr. Babish?_

Sobepome : Giant griddles are the shit. It's the high point of my work to have some times where I get to drop a bunch of chicken or steak and just see the giant spread of maillard in front of me.


CJCroen1393 : I don't know what I love more: The ridiculous order, or the fact that the hash-house lingo used was _actually real hash-house lingo._

ballislife2351 : Who else doesn’t remember him saying the second order like that

Lun Hing : MY LEG

Jordan Groff : Lemme guess Tiny, a small salad?!

Donovan Howes : Now I know how to make a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a Raft 4x4 Animal Style with Extra Singles, a Shimmy and a Squeeze, as well as Light Axel Grease that Cries, is Burned, and Swims But six hours of cooking sounds kind of hard.

Chill Frost : _4x4 Animal Style_

TheNoseyProductions : How am I suppose to eat this without my drink!??

Natalie Alfera : Is mayonnaise an instrument

Awesome Kids Lets Play : ▁ ▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ One Day I took the paint and then it happened... █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂ ▁

David Shlenskiy : Squidward absolutely destroyed bubble bass with that 1 line.

Jordan Payne : If we're going with impractical food orders, then how about Big Smoke's order from San Andreas?

Yosuke Hanamura : *_"Nailed it on the first try, cause I'm a pro like that."_* *_Dude, you're already a pro. You proved that shit by making the Ultimeatum. Legendary Chef shit, right here._*

rokamo : Lemme guess, tiny, a small salad?

Animus Cumminham : “We serve food here sir”😂

Ryan Deschain : You could have just assembled it horizontally instead of vertically - it's what IN N Out did back when they had no limit on burger orders.

ballislife2351 : Who else doesn’t remember him saying the second order like that

AcesToAces : stack the layers

Thantos xX : "We serve food here sir"

Artesd'Olga : Vaya como acomodas cada capa.

Ron White : structural rigidity is nice, but in all honest nothing speaks better to how good a sandwhich really is more than having a good chunk of the fixings litering your hands and plate. plus the clean up is just as tasty.

SyberServer : Make a King-size Ultra Krabby Supreme, double-batter fried on a stick. Don't forget the mayonaisse.

Evan Blenkinsopp : The only reason that Bubble Bass's second order is less well known is because the people that have fond memories of his original appearance in _Pickles_ stopped watching Spongebob into it's eighth (?) season when Bubble Bass reappeared.

Veridian : Little did you know Babish forgot how to cook for the past 4 days and was driven to madness to make this video

Dionette : O_O WOW, SpongeBob completely failed on that giant clog of a burger. Bubble Bass got gypped.

Damien Fate : Your new kitchen is a thing of beauty, congratulations!


Jazmin Farris : is it wrong that i want a Babish and epic meal time crossover?? am I a monster???

Castrik NM : Wow Babish, I didn't know you speak bubble bass.

Joseph Charles : Finally, someone accurately describes how long it really takes to caramelize onions—a real long goddamn time.

Jré Eastbeat : Why don't you try Shokugeki no Soma the anime they have great foods right u your gourmet alley

Mr. Doughnut : Burn it and let it SWIEMUH

The Derp Chaos : A grill... is just a grill... no matter where you go

Adidas Roadman : 1:40 Shrek would be proud

Ace Red’s Fan edits , Vlogs, and Reviews : Omg this is great !!!! Can you make the Krusty Krab pizza next ?

Jasmine Gooden : "we serve food here sir" lmaooo

Genzo ? : I’m hungry

Kaiya Jones : *Y O U F O R G O T M Y D R I N K*

OreOh YayYeah : We serve food here sir.

old no. 7 : awesome kitchen !


AliaPuaina : You had a WHOLE GRIDDLE FULL KF ONIONS to then be caramelized to like a square foot of onions

Lisa Fenix : ..AND LET IT, SCHWIM.. now you just have to make a "uhh roast beef, some chicken, a pizza....."

lil bleach : There no pickles(spits while saying it)

lilkhalim : Im so hungry rn thanks

Matthew Mckenzie : Is this the Krusty crab?

shrek Pee pee : looks delicous!

Illest Visionz : BURN IT AND LET IT SWEEM.