Kevin Hart wins $40,000 with Just King High | Pokerstars Championship Cash 2018 Sickest Hand

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Nick Wright : Hahahahaha “he didn’t even look at his cards!”

Spencer Choi : What if Kevin is actually a sick poker player and he just made an unbelievable hero call

ilir gervalla : "When I get money Im giving back..." NO... I`m giving you money back so I can take it from you again :) Bravo Kevin

Ivan Wong : she was bluffing into someone who was trying to give her money. this is some epic shit

Dan M. : The best is "I'm giving it so I can take it one more time!"

Diuable : kevin hart very classy, "i'm giving it back to you so i can take it back from you again"

HarryIsTheGamingGeek : Let's be frank, $15K to him is like $15, so no biggie, but to most most $15K, even her, probably, it's a lot of money, so what a nice thing for him to do.

Blakk Lining : Her body language just says:"I ain't got apeshit" the whole game.

2678dhetysjk : The greatest call in history

nik watson : What a legend! Top man

Vik Vik : Why you ppl need to say 15k is like giving away $15 for him most of you wouldnt even give away $15

GoodguyCwyzz : Ha ha I just realize Kevin didn’t think he had a straight nor was he trying to bluff catch he just wanted to give her money he was trying to help her

Nazar Abbas : I think he tried to give her the money and it backfired, he is so classy

Santiago Delrio : Best thing at the end as he gives her 15K back. Bravo!

Joscha Schultze : He wanted to give Mila the money and called her all in. He didn't misread his hand he only was sure that she will win anyway.

Florida Fish Guy : So she lost to someone that was trying to lose?

Richard Ban : Wow I don't know Kevin much. I honestly thought he was kind of annoying but after this video.. he seems like a Class-A guy.

R G : 0:17 He thought it is KJ of spades, then all this hand makes sense.

Tommy Bagadonuts : I really honestly believe He new he didnt have the straight. I think he knows she doesnt have nearly as much money as any of them and he wanted to help her out and say here take it wanting to help a friend. Cause he didnt even want to take it when he found out King high was good. He pulls his little acting off and everyone says oh it was a screw up on Kevins part so he doesnt look stupid

Nathan MacLellan : I think Kevin was bluffing when he said he had the straight. He wanted to pay her off because she was so strong

Will E : This made me respect Kevin Hart 100x more. What a fucking man.

Vincent : Kevin Hart is a stand up guy, he's a true legend when it comes to charity work and being a good dude, he totally knows he out matched at any poker table but plays for the fun, definitely not the money lmao

airdi : what a class act well done kenin

Leng Lor : You know he smashing after lol. She going to give the best head.

We Manage Social : LOL nice of him though!

GameBehemoths : I already liked kevin but that was awesome

SLICTRIX : 4:53 "You're dealing with a lunatic, unfortunately"

Demetri B : Kevin won because he is stupid. Lmao

Tine Furlan : Kevin...what a are the best...

Logan Nelson : It’s actually $48,000.

Joe Benson : She actually made a bad play, as he thought he had a straight, which meant he played it that way, which meant she misread him.

Jordan Adam : Kev knew what he was doing the whole time and still I think he's the man lol

TrexMix : He gave her back the money because he saw more value in continuing to play with a good poker player than keeping it. That was a really cool thing to do. You can tell Kevin has his Hart in the right place. : lol she was like NOOOOOO

Darryl Smith : Oh my GOD ! HES SO DAMN RICH

Smittin Bars : Great situational awareness from Kevin

Rod Norman : Manners maketh man.

Daniel Treadwell : She wants the LBC

Samanci : i dont get it? does she need the money or why does she "have" to win. she bluffed and paid the price for it. no empathy there

Gabriel Sabóia : She wouldn't do the same

Flip Flops : Im lost.

chingy45 : Kevin Hart is far from a saint, some of the comments would make you think he is one, but it was a kind gesture.

Marc Twainson : dont like her play lol

jonh hancock : This guys is a real superstar. He’s a true comedian, very smart and talented. Unlike most celebrities now a days.

Santiago Delrio : Nice nice nice... Legend this man!

coxie2foxy : Kevin Hart is super classy. Only thing better would have been if he gave her money and she left the game, so she could use the money towards the vehicle she wants/needs

Joel : What's happening with the audio at 3:05? : What a donk! 😂

VooDooH : 4:26 charlies face is priceless :D

Peter Blower : Could someone get Kevin a high-chair please?