Kevin Hart wins $40,000 with Just King High | Pokerstars Championship Cash 2018 Sickest Hand

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Nick Wright : Hahahahaha โ€œhe didnโ€™t even look at his cards!โ€

nik watson : What a legend! Top man

Diuable : kevin hart very classy, "i'm giving it back to you so i can take it back from you again"

2678dhetysjk : The greatest call in history : lol she was like NOOOOOO

Dan M. : The best is "I'm giving it so I can take it one more time!"

Nathan MacLellan : I think Kevin was bluffing when he said he had the straight. He wanted to pay her off because she was so strong

Joscha Schultze : He wanted to give Mila the money and called her all in. He didn't misread his hand he only was sure that she will win anyway.

airdi : what a class act well done kenin

Nazar Abbas : I think he tried to give her the money and it backfired, he is so classy

Spencer Meow Choi : What if Kevin is actually a sick poker player and he just made an unbelievable hero call

Ivan Wong : she was bluffing into someone who was trying to give her money. this is some epic shit

We Manage Social : LOL nice of him though!

ilir gervalla : "When I get money Im giving back..." NO... I`m giving you money back so I can take it from you again :) Bravo Kevin

Santiago Delrio : Nice nice nice... Legend this man!

HarryIsTheGamingGeek : Let's be frank, $15K to him is like $15, so no biggie, but to most most $15K, even her, probably, it's a lot of money, so what a nice thing for him to do.

Santiago Delrio : Best thing at the end as he gives her 15K back. Bravo!

Jordan Adam : Kev knew what he was doing the whole time and still I think he's the man lol

Tommy Bagadonuts : I really honestly believe He new he didnt have the straight. I think he knows she doesnt have nearly as much money as any of them and he wanted to help her out and say here take it wanting to help a friend. Cause he didnt even want to take it when he found out King high was good. He pulls his little acting off and everyone says oh it was a screw up on Kevins part so he doesnt look stupid

Tine Furlan : Kevin...what a are the best...

Florida Fish Guy : So she lost to someone that was trying to lose?

SLICTRIX : 4:53 "You're dealing with a lunatic, unfortunately"

Crypto Ski Bum : Great situational awareness from Kevin

Richard Ban : Wow I don't know Kevin much. I honestly thought he was kind of annoying but after this video.. he seems like a Class-A guy.

GameBehemoths : I already liked kevin but that was awesome

Leng Lor : You know he smashing after lol. She going to give the best head.

Will E : This made me respect Kevin Hart 100x more. What a fucking man.

Rod Norman : Manners maketh man.

Daniel Treadwell : She wants the LBC

Demetri B : Kevin won because he is stupid. Lmao

Tony G : 4:26 charlies face is priceless :D

Johnny Logan : KEVIN IS A FUCKING LEGEND! True player!

Javi Perez : It was nice but Daniel's idea. Plus him giving her 15k is like you giving someone 10$

Thrilla In Manila : โคโคโคโคโค๐Ÿ˜‚

Crypto Ski Bum : Charlies face has a lot of sympathy!

TrexMix : He gave her back the money because he saw more value in continuing to play with a good poker player than keeping it. That was a really cool thing to do. You can tell Kevin has his Hart in the right place.

Go BlastNoise : ROFL COPTER!!!

Fabrizio Riva : Kevin was fucking around, and it looks like he truly fckd up. He got confused with the cards. It seems he wanted the lady to win.

Bjmw Kids : Kevin Ur one good man with a big heart! Kudos ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

Psycho Mantis : Jesus christ please edit the video better. I almost lost my eardrums to the quiet exchange between them both and then THANKS FOR WATCHING, PLEASE DONT FORGET..


Fallen x FreaK : That was some weird shit.

Riley Tanner : Kevin can win a game withought even looking at his cards

Arunas Arunce : u the man

Qzns 718 : He was very humble.

Peter Williams : Hart looks like Gary Coleman at the table.

Pacman4life123 : Lol everyone in the comments and i have no clue how to play Poker๐Ÿ˜‚

John Hennessy : Next time leave the ego home Hart, play the game straight... the challenger is playing it straight.. it's chump change to him but life changing to her... I found you about as funny as any other loud mouth drunk at a table... floor, table change..

Ace Fury : Damn 40,000. Thats some people salaries lol

blackstarafro2 : To good