The Story of Kony2012
The Story of Kony 2012

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Someone should really stop this Kony fella. --------- Patreon: Twitter: Second Channel: The Q&A: --------- Copyright media, images and music respective to owner(s).


Rogue- Like -Rogue : If the children are invisible how can Kony take them

Sypueria : "Everyone were up for pretty much anything to stop Kony as long as long as it didn't involve any practical action" This applies so well on so many of these "movements" these days

chose bine : "can you think of anything else that's worse than running around naked on TMZ?" kids getting kidnapped by an african warlord?


Xander Sedillo : This is basically Far Cry 3 but if Jason tried to use awareness to kill Vaas.

Khris Kranko : they should’ve hired captain alex to kill him

Jun123 : "... as long as it didn't involve any practical action." Yeah ... social media in a nutshell.

The Own : Arrests since Kony 2012- Kony: 0 Jason Russell: 1

10,000 subs with no videos?? : The man probably didn't even know any of this happened.

Slaanash : At the time I totally thought Kony 2012 was some kind of election meme.

Second Wind : Ok lets talk about betterhelp

Grey : Jeez, we have to stop this Kanye guy. Oh hang on, my food just showed up, gotta snap a pic.

Connor Hudson : "These white westerners...haven't got a clue what they are talking about!" As if black westerners or any other westerners that were involved in this knew what they were doing either.

Audzilla C : Holy shit I finally understand the “Jacking it in San Diego” scene from South Park

August Yankovich : So the prosecutors plan was essentially the plot from The Interview?

Keeby : If I was a Ugandan warlord and just found out a firstworld country was gonna want to kill me with dancing and celebreties, I'd probably just move on with my day and do more warlord things

Scott Wilhite : I just cited this in a higher ed academic research paper. :) I cited Russell explaining his 500k expectation. “According to the Internet Historian...” I’m a tutor, not the student. We’ll see how it lands with the professor... You’re now published in academia, sorta.

TheSuperSayain : Oh my God, I get the South Park reference now....

Purple Grizzlii : They made us watch this in class. Like legit stopped classes for half the day lol

AtrocityEquine : So BASICALLY: Dude tries to help a country in his own strange way, backlash happens (along with some mangled execution), he's driven mad to the point that he goes into an Emperor Lemon tirade downward spiral, and nothing happens. 2012 was an odd time and I feel nothing but sympathy for Jason.

CreepsMcPasta : 2012 was a wild time

JayBaddAssCutler : I was a senior in HS when this came out. They had a group from INVISIBLE CHILDREN show up at our school with one of the kids who was brought back from Africa a few months before the KONY thing started. I was pretty into it. Then all this happened. Haven't heard from them since.

Lewis : 11:20 use of Hell March from Red works for everything

Aaron : Honestly I love internet historian not only because of how much work and love he clearly puts into his videos, but also for the fact that he clearly does immense amounts of research. In addition he is an absolute king of memeing, but he also doesn’t embellish and accurately represents the events in such detail, and in cases like this he takes much time and care in how he talks about Jason

The chaos Bros. : Image ofUganda in 2012: kill the war lord and save the kids. Image of Uganda 2018: do you now da wea . Image of Uganda 2019: NO PLEASE NO MORE DEAD MEMES

Rebel_without_ a_cause : Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, trying to take down a African warlord...sounds like a "far cry" plot line to me...

土星S A T U R N : A random american guy thinking he can single handedly end a decades long civil war with donations is as funny as people thinking sharing pictures of yemeni children on instagram will stop it's civil war

Zenpai mN : So not only did it look like people vandalized Kony everywhere, but it looked like Kony was running for the 2012 US Presidential election for the Democrats

golgo 13 : what internet historian has taught me: never underestimate the absolute power of the internet to alter culture irreparably

JonatasAdoM : _As long as it didn't involve any practical action_

TerminalMontage : I was just talking about Kony with my friends the other day, glad the Google spies heard me.

creeper izak : I need to start using the word slacktivist in my vocabulary.

Jovan Jeffs : Thank god Kony 2012 is in the past, it will totally never happen again *sudanmealproject has entered the chat*

Kyles Isler : So THAT'S where South Park got that "jacking it in San Diego" reference lmao

Smash Bruh : I wonder if Kony saw the TMZ video of Russell suffering a nervous breakdown while butt naked. He must've had the best laugh,

39 : uganda want to erase that gay dancing video from your memory forever

Vance Walton : 2012, kill george soros is grafittied on the wall above the posters 1:41

Brandon Smith : The homer part killed me lol

Randy : "Then it got really serious, teenage girls started weighing in" lol

Murray Illman : Oh so that's where the Jackin' it in San Diego bit from South Park came from!!!!

AlternateHistoryHub : Kony sought refuge in Wakanda which is why we cant find him

jmonkey106 : Jackin it, Jackin it, Jackety Jack! Smackin it, Smackin it, Smackety Smack!

Kashimaro Clickclick : I was waiting for Knuckles joke the entire video

Rashed Khoory : My fifth grade primary graduation project was based off of this

destroyerimo : man that hell march part was firing me up lmao, I was deeply disappointed after.... frank klepacki rocks

tyler : Ok there I watched it. You win, algorithm. For weeks I have been pursued by this video. I admit defeat.

Antecomneno : 5:50 Ah, I *hear* you are a man of culture as well. Ghosts best NIN album up top

Sedan Mage : 0:35 all his recommendations are from young scrolls. I love this man

Burrito Wyrm : If you get 3 blood diamonds and 2 sticks you can craft a blood diamond pickaxe