The Story of Kony2012

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CreepsMcPasta : 2012 was a wild time

Donut Operator : That song lol I'm dead

Andre' : Literally, the snap at 9:31 led directly to a well-timed ad!

Foxo Commando : This all sounds like an episode of South Park...

griffin lancaster : Is Kony responsible for Uganda Knuckles?

AlternateHistoryHub : Kony sought refuge in Wakanda which is why we cant find him

Spaghetti : pick an accent dude

TheVenator : I feel so bad for him. He was literally just trying to do a good thing and the world destroyed him for it.

SpyengoEen : People said the Mayans were wrong, the world didn't end in 2012. Well, intellectually it did...

IdioticProgramming : Supreme cuck vs Ugandan WarLord Who will win?

Keeby : If I was a Ugandan warlord and just found out a firstworld country was gonna want to kill me with dancing and celebreties, I'd probably just move on with my day and do more warlord things

biggreenmachine2007 : Isn’t this the guy that got caught jacking it in San Deigo? Edit: I wrote this before watching the entire video.

Rose Tico's Lard Ass Face : The kony video was forgotten a month after it premiered. Npcs don't have attention spans

dominoes37 : You know there is a certain kind of hipster liberal imperialism in this. They criticize Bush and Cheney for stirring up trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan but want military intervention in Uganda.... Hypocrites

figel 123 : You should cover the sceincetolgy vs 4chan war/protest

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I was just talking about Kony with my friends the other day, glad the Google spies heard me.

Res YT : Come back internet historian I miss you


Nonamearisto : Kony2012 was virtue signaling at its finest. If you can call that "fine." It was mostly a bunch of people who felt guilty about being white and/or Western and/or not poor. The people who supported this short-lived movement did it to convince themselves they were good people, not because they actually cared about the issue. Most supporters of the movement thought that liking the right thing makes you a good person. Or even just hitting "like" on Facebook makes you a good person.

Captain Moz : The lorax will do that to you...

IconOfSin24148 : "We'll end the war without a gun!" Press X to Doubt

EWMX12 : Congrats on 1 Million

Paola Chavez : I remember I was in middle school when this whole Kony thing was happening. We even had a mandatory assembly so the main guy who made this campaign can ramble on what he was doing to help and stop Kony. I remember not giving a damn and asking why was he asking preteens to act upon. After the assembly, you would see a bunch of tables of invisible children merchandise such as bracelets and shirts. I remember going up to the table to see and the person who was selling asked me if I wanted to “donate” $5 for a bracelet. What kind of child carries $5 in hand plus a bracelet made out of tread is unnecessary expensive. I laughed and said if they wanted to donate me a dollar for my lunch lol

Mark Donald : 6:08 "these white westerners..." so only white people did it then

James Lysander : Kony probably hired a witch doctor to curse him and that caused a mental breakdown. (Tis a joke don't lose your shit). It is however sickening that the whole world just turned on this guy, who worked around the clock to fight injustice. The people who belong to this world are sick, they have an illness in their very souls and they ignore it.

24 Frames Of Nick : I was 13 at the time so I thought this whole thing was an off brand Sony company making a strong movement

MemeWarVeteran2016 : That's the problem with today's society. People would hastag and like on FB but won't have the guts to actually do something. Same with ISIS, how many people actually went over to Iraq and volunteered to fight against it. When I said the Kony thing was a fucking joke people said I was wrong. But guess what. The Kony campaign dude got caught jacking it in public.

Paul Aniciete : Even as a ten year old, I knew this shit was over-simplified. When I look back 6 years, I laugh at how ridiculous things were. I wonder what I'm gonna think of now 6 years from now.

Bring Da Beards : Kony still sleeping nicely in his buffalo Bill's superbowl championship sweater

mickaelaria : Whats the song at 14:50? Ive been looking for it all over, i really wish you started crediting the music you use in your videos man.

Dr Shaym : I saw a guy wearing a Kony 2012 shirt a month or two ago. I guess he ran out of clean shirts.

Veit1991 : Now just imagine that they somehow succeeded to catch Kony. What then? You know what comes after Kony? After Kony comes Kony 2.0

Nicholas Yamamoto : The editing and structure of this video is absolutely top notch.

Master Sashimi : How did we not see it coming- April 20th 4/20 Gdi I Remember our teacher showed us this in class, Like the original video before the breakdown.

Ja C : what's the song at 14:35? Sounds almost japanese?

EmpLemon : 8:50 I SEE THIS SHIT.

Alannah : Invisible Children came to my high school, held a mandatory lecture and talked to my class lol I remember asking a question to one of the two guys that came to my global history class about having any experience with Kony's army and looking at their tote bags. They also talked about meeting in Washington DC to protest, didn't hear anything about it after...

Asdfer411 : People are desperately trying to look all political correct in the public eye so much that they don't even inform themselves about what they're actually protesting against or standing for. Same thing with voting now.. In my country voting is something completely normal and in america everyone feels like some kind of hero by posting themselves with that goddamn "I voted" sticker.. Literally just doing it for their own ego

Mary Chesh : Have you considered a feature of Twitch Plays Pokemon? I remember that becoming such a big deal on the internet that the fans created a whole story and cult following around it that referances were popping up everywhere, even irl.

MuchFlight : This is so amazingly done holy shit. Amazing work.

Daily Dose Of Internet : I still have my Kony 2012 poster from my dorm room for meme reasons. My entire campus was covered in "Kony 2012" stuff. Chalk on the sidewalk, posters, etc.

Skleptic : My grandma died like if you agree


Pixie Panda Plush : (17:15) Why does you seconds only have 30 hundreds of a second (centiseconds)? There's supposed to be 100 hundreds of a second.

Macabre : 15:35 "send nudes no dudes" lmao 😂😂

Sam Patterson : Is this the prequel to Who Killed Captain Alex?

Some Guy : I posted this comment when IH was at 999,536 subs.

C C : KONY 2012 started the "Slacktivism" non-movement? i was not aware... wow.

3APNHA : I love the songs! Where can I find them?

Beach Looking Guy : One does not simply destabilize a Ugandan Warlord by liking a status 😂