The Story of Kony2012

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AlternateHistoryHub : Kony sought refuge in Wakanda which is why we cant find him

Erick Wright : Why didn't they just send Carl Weathers in to meet Kony, so when he sees him Kony would faint because he thinks it's him from a parallel universe? I mean it just makes sense. Missed opportunity.

Joshua A TM : We looked at this in media last year and the teacher was like “and what do you think happened on the night they were supposed to cover the town” and we were all like “they did it” and she just turned around and gave us the coldest glare and said. “You’re all wrong” Well She wasn’t wrong

The Eastside Show : I never really did understand the whole Joseph Kony thing until I watched this video.

Cabbage : I'm still not convinced he's heterosexual.

CreepsMcPasta : 2012 was a wild time

itryen : and later in december 2017 the ugandan kids striked back


TVBForever : 2012: Kony 2014: Ebola 2016: Captain Alex 2017: Knuckles ...uganda kids are stuffed.

Pinto Beans : I don't want to know what the Internet Historian actually looks like. His voice will never fit anything but the face of that old man

Keeby : If I was a Ugandan warlord and just found out a firstworld country was gonna want to kill me with dancing and celebreties, I'd probably just move on with my day and do more warlord things

Possibly Dell Honne : It'b be nice knowing what the money went to, but he doesn't seem like a bad person. Liars and scammers are easy to spot during interviews, but he seems like he actually wanted to make that work. I mean imagine you yourself going to a country and seeing all these kids sleeping in a different city out of fear of being kidnapped - a majority of us would never go as far as he did.

Youtube Security Squad : Guys, Joseph Kony and his army didn't disbanded. Instead they evolved into TIGER MAFIA and established their new HQ in Wakaliwood, Uganda

Moreno James : SO in reality the campaign, though initially cringe, was actually serious and sincere BUT THE MEDIA RAILED IT INTO THE GROUND while making the guy have a massive breakdown. This is genuinely frustrating. Also...George Clooney actually partnered with a company for spy satellites? ...What world are we living in?

Bya Kuya : "Boss, those are just kids Don't hurt them"

IconOfSin24148 : "We'll end the war without a gun!" Press X to Doubt

Chewi : When I was in jr.high invisible children came and did a big presentation in are gymnasium and showed us the kony 2012 video and got us all emotional or in tears then told us all to come to Washington DC to protest on April 20th or whatever it was. They made it seem like the only way we could "stop" Kony was to go to Washington DC. I still remember my teachers asking us what we thought about that and we were all massively confused why they wanted us to fly to Washington DC, we were all middle class canadians and had to attend school. And the teachers thought it was bad to that they were using our emotions to try to get us to go protest for them.

Bottom Text : These guys came to my high school in 2011 and we could all tell it was a complete sham lmfao. Jared from Subway also came to my school that year so not the best crop of guest speakers

Ncs _ : The quality control of this channel is insane. I wish more content creators would put this much effort it

DanDaMaN95cov : The teachers showed us this in high school, the next day there were posters all over the grounds. Everyone thinking they're part of something special, little activists that are going to change the world. Its really quite manipulative thinking back.

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I was just talking about Kony with my friends the other day, glad the Google spies heard me.

Rifky809 : If only we had captain alex

Joneewars2 : The fact that this channel goes goes to research internet events just like actual historians do with human history is an interesting itself, not only that but the editing and the writing are on point, 17 mins on this video and it didnt feel boring at any point, props to u my dude, u doing gods work.

d-culture : The plan to lure and capture Kony with the star power of Hollywood celebrities is straight out of Team America: World Police

Pikapower : Bruce U could totally beat Konys ass and do it for free.

Sam Patterson : Is this the prequel to Who Killed Captain Alex?

Shrubchucker : When Oprah said "2 weeks" that would have been a great cut to Arnold in total recall with the fake fat woman head.

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : Jason Russell is a highly flawed individual, but actually seems like quite a cool, fun and honest guy. Ocampo, on the other hand, is a piece of sheer, unadulterated filth. I'm not a massive Trump fan, but the more damage he can do to the hopelessly corrupted UN, the better.

Kaneda Mikami : Lol wouldn't have thought I have to see Alex jones in this video, gave me a case of the lulz.

ai i : Btw, *I had no idea who Kony was* and what Kony 2012 is *before this video.* Around the time this stuff was happening, I was either drowned in anime or video games. I only clicked on this cuz you made it. 😆💕

24 Frames Of Nick : I was 13 at the time so I thought this whole thing was an off brand Sony company making a strong movement

DammitSinged : _KONY 2018 LETS BRING IT BACK BOIS._

Ken Reyes : Biggest false flag psy-op (psychological - operation) by the FBI in my country of *HELL/usa* . This is still happening today . I mean govt. controlled manipulation of good people using emotional manipulation .

Ian Lehman : "Boss, they're just children. You can't hurt them!"

Leanne : Good God I had forgotten about this! I remember being in high school at the time and thinking the video was awful and suspicious and of course, I was the bad guy. Teachers put up the posters around school which was cringe. If I remember rightly everyone was trying and failing to get refunds on the action kits when it turned out to be fake and I was like loooooool

Mondo The Grunt : *_Is that the bad guy from the Star Wars!?_*

#Kickagingerday2018 #sponsoredbyjacksfilms : Looks Like We Found What Inspired South Park's 'Jackin It In San Diego' Song.

John Willett : The UN is a joke. My existence is ruined by this level of incompetence. Genocide and war are rampant amongst the member nations.

Princess/Queen CB : I think even Mr Krabs who tried to use his own employees as live bate to lure out a giant clam to get his dollar back, would call that plan bat shit crazy!

hoherspatz : The only thing that had improved in Uganda are its memes

Matsimus : “My gaaaaard you’re greasy....” - Homer Simpson

Lameashellcosplay : In 2012 I was about 11, but I had access to google+ and would post a shit ton about kony 2012 not knowing what it was... I was curious about what happened to everyone though.

HarpsiFizz : Thank you for making this video. Seriously, thank you. Some time between 2005 and 2008, our school had an Invisible Children presentation. It was brought to and presented by students, though; Jason had nothing to do with it. We saw a film about Jason and his friends in Uganda. All I remember is Jason throwing up, some kids trying to keep up with schoolwork in Uganda, some children's drawings accompanying a story about a boy so dehydrated that I'm not even going to tell you what he did, and then someone interviewing a Ugandan child and the child breaking down and crying. So I was _really_ confused when Kony 2012 popped up and people were acting like it was something new. Of course I couldn't just say "I knew about this a long time ago" because people would think I was trying to look superior, when all I meant was "I remember this". Then people started calling it a scam, and I was like "no, it can't be. Invisible Children isn't some new thing", but I wasn't sure. Then Jason had his breakdown and people were mocking him, and I couldn't deal with watching people mock a psychotic break like it was his fault. I felt like I "knew" Jason from before, and I hated watching people act like he was a bad guy. So thank you for clearing things up. I mean it. I don't think you'll ever read this since this video is going to get a billion comments. But thanks. Now I understand why Invisible Children came back in 2012.

I'm Okay , : I'm triggered that this video didn't use any scenes from MGSV.

lyricsbyglenn : _W A K A N D A F O R E V E R_

Daily Dose Of Internet : I still have my Kony 2012 poster from my dorm room for meme reasons. My entire campus was covered in "Kony 2012" stuff. Chalk on the sidewalk, posters, etc.

SpookyBlackKitty :3 : - 100 million views in the first 6 days - over 6 years after and it has 102 million views now How?

candiigurl7893 : I never knew this about any of this. In fact, I've never heard of any of this until now. Was I living under a rock in 2012? Probably, for the time it took for all of this to pass over. It kinda sounds like a dumpster fire disaster and I can't say I regret not knowing about it.

DiScOrDaNt : Literally never heard of this until now...then again I was 13 in

poconagean : Where da hell is tanacon?