The Story of Kony2012

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AlternateHistoryHub : Kony sought refuge in Wakanda which is why we cant find him

Salokin : It was fascinating watching this happen in real time, truly the height of clicktivism


Salokin : Ah red alert music

Dan Lutfi : Me in 2012: "The heck is Kony 2012?"

Sam Patterson : Is this the prequel to Who Killed Captain Alex?

Jack The Killer : Plot twist the Ugandan knuckles meme was made by kony to attract more child soldiers

Cabbage : I'm still not convinced he's heterosexual.

novembermember : And then you end up jackin’ it in San Diego.

SpookyBlackKitty :3 : - 100 million views in the first 6 days - over 6 years after and it has 102 million views now How?

CreepsMcPasta : 2012 was a wild time

DrTheKay : And then **Snaps Fingers** -Youtube Ad-

Maple_Hobbit : I think the Kony 2012 video was what convinced me not to be a part of activist bandwagons.

alex Debroux : So basically massive temporary outrage and activism followed by a status quo because people only followed the hype and actually didn't care enough to demand a solution? Welcome to the 21st century and outrage culture!

Saga_Station101 : Six years later, I still cannot believe that this man actually came to my school and gave a presentation. Although in retrospect all we did was watch the movie and talk to a Ugandan girl.

Keeby : If I was a Ugandan warlord and just found out a firstworld country was gonna want to kill me with dancing and celebreties, I'd probably just move on with my day and do more warlord things

UnderratedBreakfast : “Think of the worst crime you can think of” Tax Fraud “He’s done it 1000s of times”

HarpsiFizz : Thank you for making this video. Seriously, thank you. Some time between 2005 and 2008, our school had an Invisible Children presentation. It was brought to and presented by students, though; Jason had nothing to do with it. We saw a film about Jason and his friends in Uganda. All I remember is Jason throwing up, some kids trying to keep up with schoolwork in Uganda, some children's drawings accompanying a story about a boy so dehydrated that I'm not even going to tell you what he did, and then someone interviewing a Ugandan child and the child breaking down and crying. So I was _really_ confused when Kony 2012 popped up and people were acting like it was something new. Of course I couldn't just say "I knew about this a long time ago" because people would think I was trying to look superior, when all I meant was "I remember this". Then people started calling it a scam, and I was like "no, it can't be. Invisible Children isn't some new thing", but I wasn't sure. Then Jason had his breakdown and people were mocking him, and I couldn't deal with watching people mock a psychotic break like it was his fault. I felt like I "knew" Jason from before, and I hated watching people act like he was a bad guy. So thank you for clearing things up. I mean it. I don't think you'll ever read this since this video is going to get a billion comments. But thanks. Now I understand why Invisible Children came back in 2012.

Ian Lehman : "Boss, they're just children. You can't hurt them!"

pingpong1138 : "People were up to anything to stop Joseph Kony, as long as it didn't involve any practical action" HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I was just talking about Kony with my friends the other day, glad the Google spies heard me.

Can we hit 100 subs with no vids? : MY GOD YOU'RE GREASY

Christopher Cardona : So they're going to stop this warlord "without a gun". so when you get enough likes on Facebook this guy is just going to lay down his guns and stop killing children. You'll have to send someone with a gun to stop him.

HQU : 1:42 "Kill George Soros" Now that I can get behind!

The Great And Powerful Trixie : 11:34 I miss 2012, man...

IconOfSin24148 : "We'll end the war without a gun!" Press X to Doubt

jhx97 : Hey guys remember SOPA?

DiScOrDaNt : Literally never heard of this until now...then again I was 13 in

Dean Ratliff : I remember getting death threats because I told people this whole movement was ridiculous.

Elizabeth DiGiorgio : That person who recorded Jason Russel naked on the street and then sold the footage to TMZ is my hero.

24 Frames Of Nick : I was 13 at the time so I thought this whole thing was an off brand Sony company making a strong movement


Uncle Squiddz : I remember there was a shit ton of Kony2012 flipnotes on flipnote hantena.

Can we hit 100 subs with no vids? : Why doesn't he try to destroy another ugandan warlord Ugandan knucles Stale meme Goodbye

TheApoke : You guys remember gandam style and the first avengers movie? Man 2012 was a wild year.

Daily Dose Of Internet : I still have my Kony 2012 poster from my dorm room for meme reasons. My entire campus was covered in "Kony 2012" stuff. Chalk on the sidewalk, posters, etc.

Sentionaut : Do a vid about why phillip defranco is such a twat

Catalyst V7 : I remember a bunch of people in my school wearing the shirt and acting like activist but none of them knew what it was about.


hoherspatz : The only thing that had improved in Uganda are its memes

Mondo The Grunt : *_Is that the bad guy from the Star Wars!?_*

眩暈夢 : You're doing pretty good for an /r9k/ brit.

General Sunglass : I was 8 when this came out and I was terrified of this. Like I genuinely thought that this guy would show up to my house and force me to kill my parents. Oh well

lyricsbyglenn : _W A K A N D A F O R E V E R_

Erik Astrom : This shit is like an episode from South Park

Erick Wright : Why didn't they just send Carl Weathers in to meet Kony, so when he sees him Kony would faint because he thinks it's him from a parallel universe? I mean it just makes sense. Missed opportunity.

Ibrahim Hell : But when are you going to do a video on the biggest con of them all SAWCON


TheHumanCat : You should do a video on Tanacon since you made videos on the other 3 trainwrecks

BadMouseProductions : 6:30 Isn't that the anti-gay pastor?