The Story of Kony2012

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Internet Historian : That Q&A I promised 2 months ago:

AlternateHistoryHub : Kony sought refuge in Wakanda which is why we cant find him

Dank Potatoes : Had Kony happened in 2019 people would have blamed Jason for being racist for attacking a black man

I has memes Boi : I guess you can say kony was invisible Ok I’ll leave

Ivan M : Netflix is doing a fyre festival documentary they're stealing your video

FrankDad : This is a rare moment in history that Alex Jones and cnn agreed on a issue

TerminalMontage [Jeremey] : I was just talking about Kony with my friends the other day, glad the Google spies heard me.

omegalulabyie : I came to the conclusion that we're all living on a Black Mirror episode

RNN Res : Come back internet historian I miss you

Angry Badger : Are there really no more bounty hunters in the world? It didn't occur to them that if they had 20 million USD, they could just put that up as the bounty for the guy and let a PMC go after him?

Dontsleep : “My mom said it, so it must be true” 🤣🤣🤣

CreepsMcPasta : 2012 was a wild time

Mario Cesar Lerma Argueta : you know guys, that whole Angelina Jolie looks pretty dumb but..... The mexican goverment with the us goverment catched El Chapo in a pretty similar way. Sean Penn got invited to have lunch with the drug lord and bum, the mexican federal police came with him and put his ass in jail. Although, he escaped, like 4 days later

Stabot : I remember back in high school that me and a girl from my school were arguing about KONY2012 over FB. She just "trying to help" while I was of the belief that inviting the US army into a third world nation probably wasn't gonna turn out to well. Later that very same day I was at a birthday party where another girl I'd never even met before started asking me if I was that guy who argued about KONY2012 being BS. To make a long story short that one random political argument on facebook lead to me losing my virginity that night so at least something positive came out of this whole story.

Michael Kikle : I remember telling my friends, after my high school made us watch the stupid campaign video, that this was obviously a giant scam, and everyone got mad at me lol. My senior year, my friends and I were debating in class over politics and brainwashing in public schools, and I asked them whatever happened to Kony, and it was hilarious having them realize that the whole campaign had fallen off the face of the earth (and their own lives), after they had claimed to care so much about the issue. It was a giant scam, and that was the end-all, be-all of it.

SpunkySpade : Gotta admit he must be pretty brave to openly talk about how you had a mental breakdown and stripped totally naked.

Keeby : If I was a Ugandan warlord and just found out a firstworld country was gonna want to kill me with dancing and celebreties, I'd probably just move on with my day and do more warlord things


Beach Looking Guy : One does not simply destabilize a Ugandan Warlord by liking a status 😂

T.I.C.H Productions : Why haven’t you done Chris Chan?

Reharl : Unless you are willing to commit violence, or get someone to commit violence on your behalf, no amount of words mean anything.

Matsimus : “My gaaaaard you’re greasy....” - Homer Simpson

57575756 : I think the real question is Who Killed Caption Alex, because everybody in Uganda knows kung Fu.

Perfect_Poop : I bet "It's Ok to be White" had a larger audience.

da streets part 3 : the biggest fraud is that he's saying he's not gay

EWMX12 : Congrats on 1 Million

IconOfSin24148 : "We'll end the war without a gun!" Press X to Doubt


Owen321 : Who’s here after keem referenced it??

Bring Da Beards : Kony still sleeping nicely in his buffalo Bill's superbowl championship sweater

Mary Chesh : Have you considered a feature of Twitch Plays Pokemon? I remember that becoming such a big deal on the internet that the fans created a whole story and cult following around it that referances were popping up everywhere, even irl.

Dr Shaym : I saw a guy wearing a Kony 2012 shirt a month or two ago. I guess he ran out of clean shirts.

Alannah : Invisible Children came to my high school, held a mandatory lecture and talked to my class lol I remember asking a question to one of the two guys that came to my global history class about having any experience with Kony's army and looking at their tote bags. They also talked about meeting in Washington DC to protest, didn't hear anything about it after...

Rebel_without_ a_cause : Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, trying to take down a African warlord...sounds like a "far cry" plot line to me...

RIGHT-WINGERS MUST TAKE ACTION : *SJWs are just mentally unstable slacktivists.*

Abel S. Phoenix : I watch this video once a week.

24 Frames Of Nick : I was 13 at the time so I thought this whole thing was an off brand Sony company making a strong movement

caseyyy : came here from Kurtis Connor

Droemar : I feel bad for the main guy. This is like a textbook case of good intentions paving the road to hell. He just wanted to try and help people and kind of ran up against his own level of incompetence, as well as the general apathy of a first world nation. It wasn't his fault millions of people didn't want to get up off their asses and do something, or that his charity of choice was kinda shitty. Seeing him snap from all the pressure and stress was pretty sad. Shows how damaging all that can really be. I understand how all this happened, but it's still a little sad that no good deed goes unpunished. Me personally, I would have absconded with the charity funds and fucked off to the Bahamas or something for the rest of my life.

BoboVapes : You should really make a video on the TikTok war (Gamers vs Furries) and all the men we lost 😭 RIP GAMERS KEEP FIGHTING BOYS✊ WOMEN, KEEP MAKING SANDWICHES AND SUPPORTING US THROUGH NO NUT NOVEMBER

Joseph Ercanbrack : My middle school history teacher had us watch that video.

Daily Dose Of Internet : I still have my Kony 2012 poster from my dorm room for meme reasons. My entire campus was covered in "Kony 2012" stuff. Chalk on the sidewalk, posters, etc.

Clorox Bleach : 1 like = 1 saved child

Ja C : what's the song at 14:35? Sounds almost japanese?

Optimus Martian : The posters look like they’re rooting FOR Kony, not against.

boris : 1 like = 1 dead child

Truthgamings : UMM

Roxie Sherrell : I just want everyone to know that these people came to my middle/high school to talk about this

the ELECTRIC Gamin : Dramaalert?

Christian Rivera : Belle nuit @ 0:00 👍