Toddler Leads the Celebration

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Christopher Scott Knell : This really made my day. Thank you Will (and Mommy!)

PorkyPiggles : That kids gonna be a leader one day

Riley R : I'm not a phillies fan by any means, but this video is awesome no matter who you are fan of

Melinda Campanella : great example of classical conditioning! he gets rewarded for raising his hands, so he keeps on raising his hands.

Moonbeam : This is sooo adoreable. I love this video. The kid is so cute.

Louis Marinucci : I have to admit you have a wonderful son and who knew that your video would end up making him a star and btw I seen it on Action News and the report they did on Will. I laughed not just at this video but also the report too. I too was at the parade myself but I was at 20th and Market with some of my own family and family friends.

Kevkar1 : Haven't laughed this hard in a long time

trainman1971 : Simply too cute and awesome! Way to go Will!!

Binoo123 : a pica do leao!

Lynn Rutz : I LOVE how the crowd got into it. They could have just ignored the little guy--but that they got into the moment with a little kid--AWESOME.

NileBoogie : Go Phils, how big is Will? YAY! Best. Video. EVAR!

Maya Shanfeld : haha thats adorable!!

Miss Nicole : Just saw him today on the morning news... he's such a good sport. Cute kid! Congrats on your now famous toddler :-)

Plaid Sidewalk : Once again, It's "WILL"

Plaid Sidewalk : IT'S WILL.

Plaid Sidewalk : Will is a precocious 17 months old.

kirk1968 : How can anyone NOT smile at that? Way to go, kid!

R-A-X : ラックス : LOL, Such a cute kid. <3

dementionX : Just shown on Jimmy Kimmel!

Jennifer Ehinger : Saw it on the news just now at 6:59pm Bay Area, CA

afterburner94 : so cute from the baby ^^ ahahah this is one of the funniest video on da web!

Superlandini : amazing child!!!!! xD

Pedro Mourão : best video ever haha xD

Joshua Lui : Big Will for President!!!!! LOL!!!

cruhnk : So cute lol Baby power!

idlefritz : The question is how big is Will's new ego? Awesome video.

Postapocalyptik : all hail king baby

Gabriel Rots : Hi guys, what event was it? Thanks.

Rathergood : that is just wonderful! absolutely wonderful!

zlumlord : awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Fitzy : Adorable

Louis Marinucci : I just had to see this myself since hearing about this video on the news and I too was at the parade but at the start of the route though. I still enjoyed it in the end and it was a day I will never forget for the rest of my life.


TheArtsyTuber : Either 'How big is will?' or 'Happy Gazelle'

Gabriel Silveira : isuahiDHIOSAHIDHASIudhuHAUDHUduhDSA

Paul Austin : Totally adorable. How big is Will? BIG!

Luke sky. : LOL FUNNY 1 STAR


AlphaEra : What was mommy saying? Happy...what?

Renato Siviero dos Santos : Muleque sabe como convencer pessoas.

Mark Ricks : THAT's so great! Thanks for making my night.



Fabricio Marvila : O que a mulher fala? "A pica do leão"???

schlepworld : Il Duce!

capt6069 : Great Video!

Meefaw Inc Films : ha ha awesome

littlebugkf : That was soooo cute! I saw this on tv and had to youtube it! Will is a celebrity!

vervor : ahahahaha AWESOME! GO PHILLIES!!!

Scooter : hahahaha this is awesome.