Hiking to the top of Yonah Mountain - The Lovers Leap
Lovers Leap

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Thank You for Watching Please, Like, Share and Subscribe. and Hit that Bell for Notifications. Check out my other videos. Hiking Indian Springs State Park https://youtu.be/MOZuYKaB3aM Hiking Dukes Creek Falls https://youtu.be/n9vRKwjQGas Hiking Raven Cliff Falls https://youtu.be/855vEpKLWvY The Legend – tells of an illicit intertribal love affair between Nacoochee and Sautee. The lovers elope only to be pursued by a war party sent by the bride’s father. The trackers find Sautee and barbarously execute him by throwing him off the mountain. After watching, Nacoochee follows Sautee into the spirit world by taking the lover’s leap.”


King Comps : Another great Video! Intro looks good!

RFris : Awesome video!