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Schizophrenic computer programmer who made his own OS from scratch by himself has a moment of self perception about his illness

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Acid Snow : This is very insightful to understand of what mental illness looks/sounds & is like; thank you for uploading such a coherent and understandable video of being schizophrenic.

B. M. : R.I.P. Terry. You can now code eternally with HolyC++

zabelicious : That was great insight on what he had to contend with on a daily basis. There is definitely a disconnect somewhere, a missing link. Probably why he launched into a deep spiritual journey in search of meaning. Unfortunately trying to please God is doomed to failure. RIP Terry

Asher Burns : 5:22 on he describes what life is like for himself. Someday they'll cure this. Poor bloke.

SofaKingCool : 5:10 Terry was an ayyyy. I always knew he was some sort of supreme being.

amishtek : Did it progressively get worse over time? I have had a growing, similar feeling. It started when I was around in High School and I blew it off as "my brain screwing with me", but every time another "incident" happens, I grow more concerned about my reality...

dwnthk : Just like the movie A Beautiful Mind?! I am sorry for you.

Sean Thomas : Sounds rough Terry, I am not neurotypical either but I can't imagine the challenges you face every day! It makes me happy to see you have found some semblance of peace and understanding with it though man. The mind is a wild thing.

hill0ck666 : RIP Terry . you were a good egg . cheers yo

Jon Irenicus : When people find out I have mental issues, they just unfriend me on social media and eventually block contacts. It’s tough but most of us have to fight this shit alone.

RobotSlug : Rest in peace man.

Paul smith : Good luck, mental heath is nothing to be ashamed of, get help if you can

baddspella : r.i.p Terry. if you notice this is when he was living out of his car. i feel bad for him.

steeve cordier : Good step to speak about your feeling on youtube, sometime radio or TV respond to me to, but, it should happened time to time by randome. I think the easy way to react is => Don't care to much, something strange, stop to care about it

A Aron Halvorson : Yeah I like to think of it as a dream, when I'm interacting with people I can feel the inherent love that is part of the being. I heard a new study saying you could treat your symptoms like a sort shamanism, instead of "symptoms".. I mean it's still fucked. But yeah idk what much more can be said. Somehow you already know what you're doing, get food at the market and shit. So yeah I don't really know what to say in a YouTube comment.

D Jay : Your video was recently posted to Reddit. So you'll see a bump in your views for this video, FYI.

Aquan : F

C R : With respect Terry; if you have the option, find a doctor you can ask about immune system-based treatments for schizophrenia. There are recent links being discovered between malfunctions in the human immune system, and how it can interfere with human brain functions, causing these kinds of disorders. Some promising new medical options may be on the horizon for these problems. For example, in some cases immunosuppressant drugs have been linked with lessened schizophrenic symptoms. And there are apparently even cases where bone marrow transplants have seemingly passed schizophrenia from a donor to a recipient with no prior history of the disorder, seemingly. I wish you the best of luck in figuring yourself out, and finding confidence in your sense of reality. Your experience sounds deeply disconcerting and I don't think less of you for your troubles, for what it's worth.

Goofy Goober : RIP

shavot : 4:03 cough fart

Party Butler : Dude go to a therapist much love and support

s0m3f00l : Dead racists stay dead. Just ask Waring Hudsucker.