I hate porta potties.

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FunForSameer : Imagine if someone was outside the porta potty while Caleb was shooting the video and heard the screams 😂

Moe Rahman : No matter how I tried I could not have predicted that outcome lmfaoooo

Justin Y. : That's every person's worst nightmare

Baby Shenron : Top 10 superhero origins

Dat : the last airbender

Veridian : They bouta make an anime where the main villain is a porta potty after this 😂😂

John Santos : *Man, this ain’t Kansas*

LavishShawn : "Hey it's Occupied aaaahhhuuuhhhaaaaaaaa damnnnnnn"

BloxLogics : chocolate rain

Anthony B : Same shit happened to me last week. We gon’ get through this

Veridian : When you been holding it in for 3 hours but you gotta use a porta potty

sunsbookishgamesx : 😂 I love this shit

MixedTV : I straight up started crying when it went in the air 😂

Thee Greg : As soon as I saw the portapotty I already knew what was going on 😂

Cybernetic Husky : The wind needed to use it more than you

Micoola : hahahaha I only wish that you would've shown the porta potty smash into the ground and then you'd bounce out of it into the dirt

Momo the plant : Legend has it that Caleb is still flying in a port-a-potty to this very day.

It's Thinzy : Hate when that happens. Broke my kneecap trying to free it from the toilet bowl once I landed.

Anime Hype : *“It’s occupied”* 😂

Dylan : It's even funnier when you realize he had to go into a random porta pottie to do this, I hope someone heard that shit

CheeseStudiosTV : When the wind hits it so hard that it changes color

yes boi : How to make a good comment 101: 1) Make a certain part of your comment *bold* 2) Quote the video Example: Hey! *It's occupied!*

J Blade : Imagine someone walked by the porta pottie and heard him screaming 😂


Jun Taiohara : Are porta potties really that bad? Never seen one tbh

Ulquiorra Schiffer1 : The moment you thought going there was a good idea, your fate was sealed 😂😂

INZEM : Imagine walking around taking a stroll outside, then some piss lands on yo lip, who would you be mad at?

Flux Skies : I wonder how weird it would be for someone to walk outside and just hear some man screaming in a port a potty

T. Butler : Damn...that was the cleanest portapotty I've ever seen

S.A. P : Imagine someone waiting outside trying to use the porta potie and hearing the shaking and screams😂

bunbunbunnii : these plot twists

Aizya : “i hate g”

-KXVIN- : Crazy how you stayed in there even when the door was flung open

Falkery : Well I can tell you what I don't hate.... *DESPACITO 7 DLC FOR SMASH BROS*

Momo the plant : *Directions not clear, flew away in port-a-potty*

TheHappyJoker : I waited 1 week for this... *Why am I so stupitt*

Cox Ucker : Looked like he was gonna kick the porta potty in the thumbnail

EpicAntos : He should’ve splashed apple juice on his face

Ayman Abousalem : *The Last G* This was the first title of the video btw lol

Hex Hub Music : He just flew up like the House from The Wizard Of Oz! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Upriser 123 : He didn't even use the bathroom yet. 😔

TheFaze : That's why you always have to make sure to anchor your Porta Potties to the ground before you go risk going in

Super Nitro Z64 : You guys do realize he just edited the "flying portapotty" video together

The Legend : Imagine you’re just sitting in your house and you hear screams so you look out the window to see a goddamn porta pottie flying toward you

l Apollo l : If I get porta potty juice on me, I’m killing myself 🙅🏾‍♂️

XenMau : Imagine the people walking by hearing this as he records it lmao

Mohammed Ali : This man went out and found a portapotty jus 2 film this

Andrew A : lmao what do people walking by think when they hear this dude screaming in a portapotty 😂😂

pablo lantigua : When the water hit his face I almost threw up

Upriser 123 : Fuck porta potties