A bad case of 'Do you know who I am?' disease
Do you know who I am Syndrome

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Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Commissioner Caren Z. Turner resigns after an investigation into this March, 2018 traffic stop involving Turner's daughter in Tenafly, New Jersey. More here- https://www.statter911.com/2018/04/24/must-see-video-a-really-bad-case-of-do-you-know-who-i-am-disease/


Joe Sopiqoti : Both officers need to be promoted for having to go through this. Bravo!

林楠 : She is a textbook classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Cole Turner : "Do you know who I am?"...Dispatch we need an ambulance for a woman with amnesia..

Todd Bernhard : When entitled rich white women mix pills with alcohol...so glad she lost her job, so glad.

Michael&Jello : $10 says she's divorced

Violet Joy : Interesting how these PhD students from MIT and Yale weren't smart enough to register and insure the car. 🤔

Joseph Naim : Policemen acted very professional congratulations. This woman should be arrested

RCdilbot01 : Outstanding police officers. A prime example of power corrupts. very happy to hear she had to resign.

Marlena Sutherin : Why do people hold up their credentials everytime they get pulled over?!!! Lol!!!! It doesn't matter who you are, it matters if you BROKE THE LAW!!!!

Omar Avila : She wanted to speak to a manager so bad

SearchForDeal : I watched this video several times, she is so f#$ked up, now her kid should be under investigation with college admission scheme going on right now, I am sure she is the type put her kids using her job title...

Peter Murray : Her husband puts up with this every day. The cops got off lightly, eh?

Marty Bear : We MUST weed these type of people out of any office where they have power. What a horrible person.

marcos : After dealing with this woman...these 2 cops need a vacation...😂

ddk80 : Did they impound her broomstick along with the Corolla?

Solange Garson : I will side with the Police, that woman abused her power, insulted them..I'm glad she got fired...🙂

aces high : If that was MY mother, she'd be the last person I'd call if I was in a jam. I hope the daughter realizes that you have the right to distance yourself from toxic people, even mom.

Sach Kajal : Badge number 540, just to make sure there is no discrepancy. Matt is the first name..... GOLD

Lisa Darwisah : 2 young cop doing thier job professionally..

jiminmilk-png : “cAll mE commissioner” *drops sunglasses unofficially*

Terrence Thorn : Can you imagine being married to this woman or being her child ?

vick kirikino : PhD students from Yale not smart enough to keep the car registration up to date.

jazzgirl232 : She’s a rude, obnoxious, name-dropping, braggart narcissist. Wow I feel sorry for her children.

Pete Darby : Great police work guys. Professional to the end.

Najam Abbas : Raise your hands who wanted to see her get arrested.

Yasss Bitch : How did they manage to remain calm? I would've taken my earrings off, my rings off, my shoes off, and asked my co-worker to hold my poodle.

Anthony Arredondo : Shes on a power trip ! Foolish lady ! I would hate for her to be my Boss or the President of the United States !!😩

U got no Jams : MAN.!!! This was so entertaining I watched it while drinking my coffee 😆

maria manibog : Oh pls lady, take another Xanax okay?

Honesty4yoass : She was forced to resign from her job after she got a huge reprimand from Port Authority Chairman Kevin O'Toole after Tenafly Police Chief Robert Chamberlain sent a copy of this recording to the Inspector General for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE NOW HATED IN TWO STATES 😂 Good job you entitled baby.

Philip Swain : Classic case of entitlement. Vile female. Should have been arrested for obstruction of police work.

Frances De Jesus : She should of been arrested for obstruction of justice... 🤦‍♀️

Festus Haggin : A sock and duct tape! Problem solved!!!!

Apache Warrior : And she’s a democrat and YES it makes a difference.

hollymaes : I would be so embarrassed if I was her daughter

Devi D. : Scary she was seemingly able to spread so much of her DNA out into society.

Mike Meusz : Brilliant cops. I would of slapped her after 2mins!

saunieh : Somebody had an extra bowl of "I Am Special Wheaties" today...

The Book of Kent : " this is their Passover", then she goes on to violate every Jewish law on female modesty& behavior. She got fired.

Kaitlin : She looks like she wants to talk to the manager

Mario Kate64 : Woman freaked out in the bakery I work at (she was told that we were out of a certain donut) that and if she wanted a certain number of that donut then to please place an order ahead of time. She flipped out and dropped the Yale card, Harvard Law, 3 Mercedes and slammed me for working in such a low paying job (I went to culinary school and I’m a professional cake decorator who’s won awards and sh*t for my cakes) and I totally love what I do blah blah blah. Anyways Pretty sure she had no idea who I was but I went to school with her son from elementary through high school and she adored me during class trips. Her son is the sweetest most genuine guy and I still wonder to this day how he was produce from such a rotten woman. Apparently we’re doing something horribly wrong because she STILL comes back and buys from the bakery. 🤷🏻‍♀️ props to the cops for handling it right 👍🏻

Dc W : Oh my lord, so much 'people of privilege' BS spewing from her mouth and HOW DID SHE GET TO BE A COMMISSIONER WITH THAT ATTITUDE AND THAT BRAIN THICKNESS and for sure she's an example that law schools just give a degree out to anyone who will pay.

Steve : What an over abuse of power by her. Way to stick to your guns officer.

George Maher Jr : If you have to tell someone who you are, THEY DON’T KNOW WHO YOU ARE! 😳💯

Sunny Mon : That Police Officer should get a medal for good conduct.

Quilt Porn : I"M so glad that a pompous politician was not given a pass because of their position. Those officers should be commended for doing their jobs! Good Job ! I'm surprised that they didn't arrest her for harassing an officer of the law.

Alex R : Officers deserve a raise or a promotion. They handled the situation so professionally. Wish i had cameras like this in customer services.

Jimmy James : for claiming she owns three houses I really thought she would be driving a lot nice car.

Chris McCabe : don't tasers go off accidentally sometimes?