A bad case of 'Do you know who I am?' disease

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Alex K : She lost her job because of this. Good for her.

Tiger : Nice! She lost her job! Awesome

Zeta Animations : Definitely the “Can I see your manager” type of lady.

*jimin-the-mochi* : “cAll mE commissioner” *drops sunglasses unofficially*

John S : This is not the type of person that should be working in government. You can smell the corruption on her.

Michael&Jello : $10 says she's divorced

M G : And these kids are adults? How embarrassing. Look at them sitting and waiting in the car like five year olds. 😂 Then she said they were in the car crying. Really? They couldn't just call an Uber to pick them up. Instead they thought Mommy would fix everything.

n0x : “You ruined Easter” lmao who says that

Heywood Jablomie : All those phd's and not one can register a car at the DMV.

Crab Gal : Why can't she let her children fight her battles themselves? She's coddling them and setting them up for failure

Red Card : I can’t stand listening to this woman. She is so disrespectful to these officers.

Arlen Griswold : “Don’t call me miss call me commissioner” 😂💀💀💀

eloyas : Cops did a great job of keeping their cool with that an ass of a woman.

Omar Correa : Those kids learned to never call that lady again

Amanda D : This lady just straight up embarrassed herself. lmao

MITCHELL WIGGS : I’ve never seen someone with such little power go on such a power trip lol

Thomas Thornton : I appreciate how they never once mentioned their authority as police officers.

Becky : And my goodness the patience of those cops. They must be saints. And i hate the fact that she had to keep dropping facts about the schools her kids go to, and her job as comissioner, and how many houses she has etc etc. What a horrid boastful Woman/child. This is one of the reasons i couldn't be a cop i would have socked her in the face, or at least definatelt arrested her for harrasment, especially if she actually spat at them.

Drove Raccoon : He hit her with that IRRELEVANT

monty python : cAn I sPeaK tO yoUr mAnaGeR

Amir Tavassoly : Respect to those two officers

Peggy Johnson : MIT, PHDs, YALE but didn't have enough sense to have a registered vehicle or insurance! :). Great patience both "NICE" officers have.. it isn't any of her business, it's on the driver of the vehicle so she doesn't need her "sentence put together"!! Shouldn't have stuck her nose in it! I think she's lucky having those officers because I'm not sure many others would have put up with her aggressiveness. MUCH respect to these two officers!!

Doug Ritterbusch : It all made sense when she made it a point to bring up how her kids go to ivy league schools... setting them up for failure by handling everything for them.

Ericka Bargas : Update: Port Authority commissioner resigns after video shows her raging at cops during New Jersey traffic stop.

calvi in california : arrest her for disorderly conduct, verbal assault of an officer of the peace, holding up a traffic stop, impeding an investigation, and then taser her!! :D

Southern Sass : I rarely say this, but... STFU WOMAN!! Thank you officers for your patience and respect.

sheeeve08 : Man I feel sorry for her husband.... And 2nd husband.... And 3rd.... And 4th.... And for everyone who just listened to her...

Chris Voytko : Worst case of entitlement... I so wanted her to slip up and touch one of the officers... Cuff her and stuff her.

The Kydbye : Respect for the police officers for being so patient

Steve Cocking : Respect from the UK to these two police constables who dealt with the obnoxiously entitled woman using the very highest levels of professionalism. I feel sorry Caren Z. Turners family as they must privately  be so ashamed of her.

Jimmy Moonshine : I bet you she reminds her husband to take the trash out 7 time a day, starting two days before trash gets picked up.

Melinda Bell : So they can do all that school work to stay at Yale, but they can’t re register their vehicle once a year? 👍

Ryan Carty : I am Ryan. I am a video editor and I demand that you give me your gun and keys to your police car. My cousin has a friend, who has a PhD, I’m pretty sure, and I demand you give me your weapon and your policemen pants. I was a video editor before you put on your diapers yesterday and I demand that you give me things. You’ve ruined my Easter and I demand your car. I am disappointed and thank you.

Sociopatu' : Q: -Do you know who i am?! A: -Yes, another idiot.

Matt Christian : Kudos to these officers for keeping their cool.

GodofWarChuka : Let’s all Bow down to the Special Yale and Harvard people. GTFO.

Russ Serpico : PhD student at MIT? I have a Masters from the University of Texas. If I said that to an officer, he would probably tell me, "I don't give shit". These cops sure are patient, unlike cops in Texas.

Just Chilin : 10:54 the other police officers like “oh shit matt, she coming back.” Lol

Cestial B : Good! She looked like a straight up ass!

Muang saechao : She needs to be fire immediately for harassing the officers and abusing her position as commissioner. She's so dumb if the driver is over 18 and not even her child so she should be arrested. Please let her get fire as commissioner!

adam28xx : The two police officers are to be thoroughly commended for their calmness and professionalism in the face of the hysterical foul-mouthed onslaught from this ghastly ego-tripping female. It's great to read that she had to resign, so lets hope that Tenafly never has to hear from her ever again!

Sanjay Patel : When she keeps telling officer that her kids are PHD students that mean she tried tell us that they above the law .

too much kylie : Lmaooo she tried to step in and be a hero of some type. You’re not above the law.

Cat Man and the Cat Clan : I've seen black people thrown to the ground for a lot less!

marito242 : She is a terrible negotiator and very slow thinker having all the education she claims to have, she can’t even make a decent point.The cops are legend !

reyray : They are are PhD students at MIT who can't figure out how to register a car.

kaylin worthy : *dOn’T cAlL mE miSS*

catisabiker : she should have resigned! What a misuse of office

Ball Sonic : I love how she was all of a sudden an attorney

IsaRat89 : I love how at 7minutes she realized she just shit on her leg and tries to put all blame on the two police officers XD