A bad case of 'Do you know who I am?' disease

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Alex's Gmail : She lost her job because of this. Good for her.

Najam Abbas : Raise your hands who wanted to see her get arrested,

Ganymede, Jupiter III : If you watch the full 1-hour version of this, it makes Turner look worse. You can see the driver (from Boston) and the cop talking respectfully. The driver was disappointed but understanding. The cop was calm and respectful. The cop explained that the car had been unregistered for TWO YEARS, but the driver said that's because the car had been not used very often. The cop believed it, but the law is the law and he'd be responsible for the fine. The driver seemed ready to accept his responsibility. Had she not abused her power, it would've been a routine stop.

Bombshell B : Proud of the officers who remained calm and did their job. That “commissioner “ is a joke and she made a HUGE mistake.

Ashton Townsend : Wow these officers have the patience of a saint! Good for them!

MITCHELL WIGGS : I’ve never seen someone with such little power go on such a power trip lol

melissaborba : PhD students that forget to register their car 😂😂😂

Jeff Hensley : Arrogant hag, the kind of person who creates most of the problems in this world.

knowslittle 2 : She should be arrested for obstruction.

Shrey Mittal : The amount of managers she’s talked to 👇

anthony marshall : Can you imagine her husband

Goldcoastjewel : What a piece of work. She is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with the world.

Tony Renna : She would have called her husband but the guy probably committed suicide on the honeymoon.

nikolas maksimovic : Honestly... I just feel bad for the children of this woman.

artist45 : The arrogance and self entitlement is just mind boggling to me. Wow. So cringeworthy.

Jimmy Moonshine : I bet you she reminds her husband to take the trash out 7 time a day, starting two days before trash gets picked up.

StrandOMatic : "I don't think it worked, Mom."

What is Freedom : To this fine police officer my hats off to you! Thank you for your service and for up holding the law and for making the law equal and the same for everyone! That stupid old hag is trying to push her weight around, if she has any! Thats the problem with the elected representatives! They think they are above the law. The guy that was driving is probably her daughters boyfriend. And the old hag probably told him, "if you ever get in trouble just call me." Hahaha stupid hag. The two officers were very polite and great in doing ther job! The old hag spoke stupidly!!!

Geospace Angler : I hope this incident haunts her for the rest of her working years...to remind her a lesson of humility and professionalism

Chris Regnarts : She should be arrested for psychological abuse. She’s trying to make them feel bad so she can get the car back. She also tried to scare them with the commissioner position. When she saw that she couldn’t change the mind of the first officer, she tried to make the second officer feel that he’s getting manipulated by his colleague! What a psycho vampire is this???

Southern Sass : I rarely say this, but... STFU WOMAN!! Thank you officers for your patience and respect.

Gfreezy619 : Cringed every second she opened her mouth

Fishtank33 : 7:45 What's shocking is her absolute lack of a grasp on basic logic.

MamaBear Kitchen : How many times did he tell her "Unregistered vehicle" amazing restraint shown by the officers.

Reeseballin8 : She’s back to just “miss”

Michael&Jello : $10 says she's divorced

Rachel S : Guys. She’s having a YALE PHD STUDENT over for DINNER. Do y’all not realize how big a deal that is?!

Greg Cordes : This woman has lost it . They don’t give a flying **** *who she is 🤣🤣

Sue Anderson : So proud of these two officers! They did their job with respect, professionalism, and dignity. The ONLY critique I have is: He should have tazzed her happy @$$... She had him backed against the car; he asked her several times to back away out of his space and she did not comply with that officer's command. Would LOVED to have seen that! LOL! :p

J D : She terribly rude and does not even let the officer finish speaking, she interrupts him so often. Not nice.

Red Card : I can’t stand listening to this woman. She is so disrespectful to these officers.

Emma Brooker : Textbook personality disorder.

Norman Graham : She lost her job, that she was bragging about, which she got as a political favor (democrat). Truth is, we need to remove politics from the Port Authority.

Marnee Wolfrath : That lady needs to be smacked. I applaud the cops for being as nice as they were.

PF Buck : So gross the way she brags about her 2nd and 3rd homes.

Amir Tavassoly : Respect to those two officers

Begotis : Damn. I wonder how she'd react to seeing this video. Sometimes in times of frustration and anger I wish I could look at myself from someone elses view to see how foolish I look. Great job by the officers

Brattysauce EH : She disrespected these officers on every level. Being beneath her in their positions, kept referencing them as being stupid and this other one as being weak for not speaking, all the while dropping names of the schools the others were attending/ graduated from and even went as far as to say how many years she has been in this town, like she ran the place. I thought she should have been arrested for harassment, awful woman. Bravo to these officers for putting up with her and being professional in the face of snobbery and total disgust for people who she sees as beneath them in age, profession, schooling, and morals., She even went there with the decency card these kids are crying because their weekend was ruined, wow, Awful Awful woman. She is probably correcting my grammar right now.

Tabetha Smith : lol @ the delusions of Commissioner Privilege. Now that she is fired does she still think she is all that? lol

Get Seeds Right Here : Starts with a C, ends with a T and a UN in the middle.

Steven Sushi : She said she’s friends with the mayor 😂

rick lavoie : Great job officers for putting up with that Doucebag!

Kalahification : Wow that cop was a total pro. So calm he must be on Prozac or sumthin'. :D

AnnaLiisa : No-no. Don't you see? I am IMPORTANT

Anna Hicks : Wow these police officers were way to nice to her.

Jordan Sheppherd : If the mom's this bad, can you imagine how entitled the daughter is? Yikes.

Tiffany Oliver : Officer says” Just ask your daughter why” Woman says” Why she was in the BACK SEAT, she has nothing to do with this” Officer should have said “ And you werent in the car at all ... 🤦‍♀️

Mark Nayojab Fletcher : These folks are better than anybody else on the planet best of the best.This is how most big paying jobs have no brains this woman is awful.

Jeni Hansen : GLAD SHE LOST HER JOB.  THIS WAS CLEARLY A SELF - IMPORTANT WOMAN, ( well according to her ).

estebs1978 : No Madame. YOU are the disappointment and a disgrace to the title you HELD. I am glad you lost your job because of it.