The Greatest Paralympic Scandal of All Time

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Ben Briggs : Really interesting story; thank you for sharing it! Lends itself well to your inimitable and stylish format.

Ethan P : An undercover investigative journalist!? Where the hell is the movie?

Ancient Hawkk : Just like jon bois and pretty good!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

Auz Payeur : Holy shit. Somebody make a movie about this nonsense, because this is wild

Cory Baxter : Imagine being one of the two legit guys on their team and being SO JUICED that you were winning so much. Then you find out...

mac821 : I respect the crap out of the fact that you spoiled this story in thumbnail, I still wanna watch though. Thank you for that.

Some Blue Dude : I feel bad the guys in Spain's team that didn't cheat. Think, they probably thought they won it with hard work, just to hear that their teammates cheated and had to get their medals taken. Edit:Holy shit, didn't expect this many likes.

Angel Albano : It's too early for this. That's how I feel every morning until the afternoon comes, then I say it's too late for this.

goatneck : Why isn't a movie about this??.. this story is awesome

b 28282 : Now I feel bad for the other teams :(

Nathan Big Shlong John : This reminded me of Pretty Good by Jon Bois

Circe : There should be an Olympic event on 'cheating'. I wonder which country would come up on top.

Syn Starr : 11:33 Have you ever heard of the FGC? eSports? There in lies a community of people with few restraints on poor sportsmanship. There *are* bans on certain controller modifications, but really, it is so easy to get away with shady stuff there because of how lax the whole thing is. Why do they do it? Why do they break the rules or cheat: because the payout is ridiculous. Some FGC scenes like the Super Smash Bros. scene have it really bad where only the top 8 players get any sort of payout. This may be because I'm jaded, but I'm not surprised people would do anything morally objectionable like Spain had. Morals are entirely subjective and to some people they are easily bent in order to fit one's agenda. It's one thing to be famous from winning a major championship since the cheater could feel guilty about not becoming "the best" honestly. However, when it comes to making ends meets, humans will easily discard their integrity without a second thought. As the saying goes, "Money Talks."

ImOmniscient : I don't need to fake the test

Pikapetey Animations : this is crazy!! cool story!

ChrisFarmer : I disagree with your portrayal of the Paralympics as just a feel-good event where everybody is a winner. These are elite athletes we are talking about, the best in the world at what they do. It is just wrong to say they are not cutthroat competitors. And like any serious athlete, they know the will to win and the pain of defeat. Saying that someone deserves to be called a winner just because they dared to play sports in a wheelchair is a little patronizing towards disabled people.

Ryan Hanselman : You know you've got a bad plan if Cartman already did it.

Sebastián Lulli : this feels like an its always sunny in philladelphia episode

Taran Van Hemert : Why the hell am I subscribed to your channel? And why is it so excellent??

Joanna Craddy : As someone with autism, many people often mistake me to be intellectually disabled when I tell them about my autism - I'm not. This was a very interesting video.

Angel Muniz34 : Now that I'm thinking about it, this could be a good movie. Have it shown through the reporters point of view and show all the crooked and corruptness that ensued.

VoltageLP : I thought most basketball players were under 75 IQ points

Conor B : So basically they did what Cartman did in South Park

lavar the GOAT : This remained me of Jon bois

Sebas Yarzábal Poppi : I'm from Spain and I didn't know about this. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Jack Henderson : Eric Cartman...

Tepper : The thought of taking a test just to prove that you are not very bright (or not good at IQ tests basically) so you can represent a team of not very bright people seems very depressing

Tree Topley : LOL! I guess that's a different kind of "doping."

Dizzy Nonsense : They pulled a cartman from South Park

Edith Ume : Imagine being an intellectual disabled person, going to compete and your banned because of fully functioning able people.

TheSexiestPotato Ever : Hey, could you list your sources?

slick southpaw : Eric cartman where you at

Y4123 : This video was in my recommended for some reason and it was actually interesting, I think I'm gonna subscribe

JayCra456 Games : Those aren’t pounds they’re Australian dollars ($150)

Arne Verwaaijen : Eric cartman

alZiiHardstylez : "Some gomblesteins are panganters and all panganters are gerbelsons. Are some gomblestins definitely gerbelsons?" I haven't laughed that hard at anything in such a long time, the contrast between this and some guy on youtube trying to be mentally challenged going through an IQ test for a video on cheating in the paralympics truly is the definition of comedy.

William Parker-Rivera : I feel old now

VexinatorDesigns : *Says pounds* Shows pictures of Australian Dollars XD

therruefalse : Sooooo South Park but real?

Nonstop Potatoes : CARTMUNNN, NYEEEH

breigha bear : while i enjoyed this video, i'd like to share my input as a disabled person (albeit, not intellectually, bur still). your conclusion seemed to have a sort of lack of understanding of how snide and insulting this whole scheme was. the saddest part wasn't that the team couldn't enjoy their false victory, it was that multiple teams of disabled people who have struggled their whole life and worked so so hard to even get to the paralympics were cheated out of a potential victory because of a few really awful people. that's how it is for disabled people sometimes: we work hard, we do everything we can, and nothing happens. that job you wanted goes to the guy without a wheelchair. the restaurant you were looking forward to only has stairs and no elevator, and there's no way to go up with your walker. the sidewalk isn't paved well and has a huge dip in the middle of it, and you don't feel safe walking with your support cane. all of these things we experience on a daily basis, and this is just one humongous middle finger to every disabled person throughout the world. do i believe these people can have/have had a change of heart? yes. we all make mistakes and we all have the capacity to regret our choices and actions. but i don't think that those people will understand that we don't want things to change out of pity for us - we hate it when people feel sorry for us - but rather for a lack of respect and human decency. that's it.

Evan Devin : Top 10 biggest anime betrayals

FrootLoop : This is kind of hilarious in how awful they are

szysza145 : Now that one episode of South Park where Cartman faked being disabled to win the special olympics makes sense

Karel IV. : I saw the title and the thumbnail and decided that it was all I needed to know. Clicked through just to comment. Cheers.

Lucas Leal : Should exists a "drug-ok" competition, beside the normal one. So people can almost fly in the games.

Danny & Josh : Didn’t this happen in a South Park episode

Giga Wulf : Plot twist he did not plan this video he just tried an iq test legit and wanted to justify it.

Abby_B224 : Those poor 2 real players. They had to return their medals.😂

Rodrigo Ballon Landa : Mm..and the transgender athletes in the last not scandal... 🤔