The Greatest Paralympic Scandal of All Time

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Cory Baxter : Imagine being one of the two legit guys on their team and being SO JUICED that you were winning so much. Then you find out...

AniMesuro : Eric Cartman.

Reddy23 : I feel bad for the two legit players

Edith Ume : Imagine being an intellectual disabled person, going to compete and your banned because of fully functioning able people.

Animefan764 : Can't they do a background check on people with intellectual disabilities? Ask families, friends, and acquaintances about behavior that might be telling of a mental disability? See if they were ever officially diagnosed or something? Maybe that would go against some privacy laws, but they–or their caregiver depending on how severe their disability is– can sign a contract agreeing to it.

Circe : There should be an Olympic event on 'cheating'. I wonder which country would come up on top.

Abby_B224 : Those poor 2 real players. They had to return their medals.😂

breigha bear : while i enjoyed this video, i'd like to share my input as a disabled person (albeit, not intellectually, bur still). your conclusion seemed to have a sort of lack of understanding of how snide and insulting this whole scheme was. the saddest part wasn't that the team couldn't enjoy their false victory, it was that multiple teams of disabled people who have struggled their whole life and worked so so hard to even get to the paralympics were cheated out of a potential victory because of a few really awful people. that's how it is for disabled people sometimes: we work hard, we do everything we can, and nothing happens. that job you wanted goes to the guy without a wheelchair. the restaurant you were looking forward to only has stairs and no elevator, and there's no way to go up with your walker. the sidewalk isn't paved well and has a huge dip in the middle of it, and you don't feel safe walking with your support cane. all of these things we experience on a daily basis, and this is just one humongous middle finger to every disabled person throughout the world. do i believe these people can have/have had a change of heart? yes. we all make mistakes and we all have the capacity to regret our choices and actions. but i don't think that those people will understand that we don't want things to change out of pity for us - we hate it when people feel sorry for us - but rather for a lack of respect and human decency. that's it.

neurosp : This year a Spanish movie was released in which one of the true disabled guys appears , they even talk of this fraud and how affected this guy who almost commit suicide after that , te moovie its called campeones-champions. Sorry for my englando.

Konkey : The most sick part of this story is that mentally fully abled people literally just dunked on handicapped people so bad that they were 30 points in head in one half at some point, and they walked away with no charges. I can rationalise the actions of the coaches, the organisers, pretty much anyone involved but the players who only stood to gain for themselves and did so by brutally destroying their opponents without even going easy.

VexinatorDesigns : *Says pounds* Shows pictures of Australian Dollars XD

azazelleblack : I have zero interest in this topic but I came by to throw you a like because of the anti-clickbait thumbnail. ('ω')

Darth Palpatine : I am spanish, and all what i can say is: WTF DID MY COUNTRY DO? . (NO one should fake a disability)

Wolf Child : *reads math question* “it’s too early for this” MEEEEEEEEE

JuanjoDead : If this shocked you... This type of behavior is common in the high echelons of Spanish society and politics.

Pikapetey Animations : this is crazy!! cool story!

Treser Streib : If that IQ test was real which it wasn’t it would be lowest ever recorded even beating out the current lowest of 27.

Sarah : That nobody received a real penalty for this is a miscarriage of justice. Fraud is a serious crime and it should always be treated as such. Custodial sentences are a poor form of punishment for most people who are not violent, but some form of mandatory labor (e.g., community service, cleaning up roads, etc) would be completely appropriate.

TCAP FAN : journalist cared more about his story than preventing anything from happening

Its His Fault : This is disgusting. Love your story though

pop5678eye : In America we have the opposite problem. We have complete idiots pretending they are the greatest geniuses ever...

jack cohen : Well I played against a genuine Paralympics basketball team and we got completely shredded.

Neil Bins : I think the IQ test is a terrible indicator of cognitive ability.

Black Knight : As a Spanish I hate those bastards. They dared to represent our country and cheat in such an important international event, giving a sick image of us. They should have faced jail. They stole the sweet moment of victory from other legit teams, the parties, the celebrations the compliments.... The ending of this video is soft. The conclusion here is that anyone that cheats in a competition is a souless thief, that should be ashamed and prosecuted for life. I blame my country national sports organization for not being more cautious and alert, not preventing this injustice. May this event never be forgotten to remind us how important being honest and fair is.

Ben Briggs : Really interesting story; thank you for sharing it! Lends itself well to your inimitable and stylish format.

Ventus277 : Maybe they were Yasuo mains... so basically they were disabled... mentally disabled xD

Matthew Morcos : Someone make a movie out of this

I'm obsessed with anime : * scrolls down comments * * doesn’t see Justin Y. * * is relieved *

Josh Corcoran : Can you imagine if they lost though? I honestly would never be able to show my face in public again

A Very Fancy Skull : Greatest plot twist I've ever experienced, to be honest.I was legitimately mind-blown when you said he was an undercover reporter. The immediate implications that came to mind (I paused the video to think on it) made me sit back in awe for a moment - and no, I am not exasperating.

jumame : I’m curious how the two disabled players felt being on the team. Were they aware of the whole thing? Since they came from outside until the last minute I doubt they knew. But god how would it feel for them to find out their teammates were lying

joseph jackson : Bad things people do is almost always about the money

Arm Ore : South park made fun of this.

LordVader1094 : Must really suck for the two guys who WERE disabled, unless they were in on it too.

Y4123 : This video was in my recommended for some reason and it was actually interesting, I think I'm gonna subscribe

Wyatt Cusick : Imagine someone was actually trying to get into the Paralympics and they get this question 6:44

vizthex : Moral of the story: Plan out your scams better, and maybe don't hire 10 regular people.

Fn Strikes : Wait, if you have a IQ or 75 and less, then are you Underestimating disabled people?

Niggabite : Eric Cartman did a better job getting away with it

b 28282 : Now I feel bad for the other teams :(

Namboss Awesome : PARALYMPIC GAMES should be excluded only for atheletes that are wholly or partly incapable of movement as the games name suggest "PARALYSED". Mental disabilty differs from Physical disabilities in terms of body movement.

Ford Larquaad : The thumbnail is essentially the TL;DR version of the video.

Marian Minar : I love your videos man, good job. Quick critique: FLUID intelligence (as opposed to crystallized) does not describe changing IQ (6:00). Fluid Intelligence includes "abilities [such] as pattern recognition, abstract reasoning, and problem-solving". Your IQ CAN fluctuate, especially during adolescence, but remains mostly stable in normal adulthood.

Yvonne Mariane : actually small-minded non-disabled too full of themselves to play less well, and not destroy hard-workers' morale. IDIOTS!

Ethan P : An undercover investigative journalist!? Where the hell is the movie?

Kate Shungi : No excepts the Spanish inquisition!

Ned Staz : 2:51 Answer? Erik Cartman from South Park when he tried to get into the Special Olympics. And he still got beat.

sir tomato : Hey is that the vsauce music?

Wand ItUp : Hey man great video. But absolutely horrible advice at the end there. Kids school is useless. Just be creative, schools teach you to follow directions, something that’s useful in a purely industrial workplace, but that system is outdated now. So don’t stay in school. It will ruin your life. It sure did for me.

Taran Van Hemert : Why the hell am I subscribed to your channel? And why is it so excellent??