The Greatest Paralympic Scandal of All Time

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Cory Baxter : Imagine being one of the two legit guys on their team and being SO JUICED that you were winning so much. Then you find out...

quin's itchy pp : youtube has been wanting me to watch this for like 6 months now is youtube calling me disabled

jumame : I’m curious how the two disabled players felt being on the team. Were they aware of the whole thing? Since they came from outside until the last minute I doubt they knew. But god how would it feel for them to find out their teammates were lying

Animefan764 : Can't they do a background check on people with intellectual disabilities? Ask families, friends, and acquaintances about behavior that might be telling of a mental disability? See if they were ever officially diagnosed or something? Maybe that would go against some privacy laws, but they–or their caregiver depending on how severe their disability is– can sign a contract agreeing to it.

Gabriel Soldano : THERE, youtube. I watched it.

Circe : There should be an Olympic event on 'cheating'. I wonder which country would come up on top.


WLHamontree : 0:26 Fencing in a wheelchair is pretty damn hardcore.

expertTRAINspotter125 : What if a non-disabled person tried to pretend to be disabled. * athlete saws own leg off *

I'm obsessed with anime : * scrolls down comments * * doesn’t see Justin Y. * * is relieved *

VexinatorDesigns : *Says pounds* Shows pictures of Australian Dollars XD

hi112 : “Stop! You violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.” *{Resist Arrest}* “Then pay with your blood!”

BrettPlayzGamez : "sorry, but you're too smart to play."

pop5678eye : In America we have the opposite problem. We have complete idiots pretending they are the greatest geniuses ever...

The Guy Hanging There : Can confirm that my brother once cheated on an Uno game and was never allowed to be dealer, banker etc in any game afterwards Cheat and get caught and people won't forget

AniMesuro : Eric Cartman.

Ford Larquaad : The thumbnail is essentially the TL;DR version of the video.

Kevin Barragan : Does a competition where cheating is encouraged exist? Like i wanna see a competition in... let’s say basketball too where the team with the most drugs in their systems wins. Just a bunch of roided up guys around the court

vizthex : Moral of the story: Plan out your scams better, and maybe don't hire 10 regular people.

Matthew Morcos : Someone make a movie out of this

Pikapetey Animations : this is crazy!! cool story!

Slime Man : This is literally the plot of a South Park episode

12345grov : I would NEVER fake an intellectual disability in order to compete in a Paralympic sporting event! (I'm not morally above it - I would just probably still lose.) :)

Wyatt Cusick : Imagine someone was actually trying to get into the Paralympics and they get this question 6:44

The Ultimate Reductionist : 5:04 "How were they able to pull off this scam?" You said yourself: Easy: everyone else was intellectually disabled.

Ben Briggs : Really interesting story; thank you for sharing it! Lends itself well to your inimitable and stylish format.

PsyintZ : Really, Spain? We all know you're tired of losing at everything you've ever tried to compete in, but this? This shit is beyond embarrassing.

theorignalgrayson : iq of 25 is actually medically deemed brain dead, you arent even able to breath on your own with an iq of 25

MANDRAC : Competitive sport is based on the idea that everyone is born physicaly equal and the more we learn about biology the more we realize how wrong this idea is. Take Dean Karnazes for example. The guy is born with a unique genetic mutation that make his muscles not produce lactic acid. He can run virtualy forever and if he were to compete in a maraton he would obliterate everyone. Now with the paralympics you extend the idea of "everyone is born physicaly equal" to every disabled persone is equaly impaired which is even more wrong. Add to that the future of medicine like gene therapy that can potentialy make people to be born with superhuman abilities and you can see how competitive sport is going straight into a wall.

Sagoruzemo : can this get off my recomended now ?

Y4123 : This video was in my recommended for some reason and it was actually interesting, I think I'm gonna subscribe


The Ultimate Reductionist : I thought the Paralympic games was about psychic mediums, ghost-hunters, water dousers, crystal healers, & astrologers getting together to compete in scamming the most idiots out of their money.

CoCo C : At least they didn't identify as transgender to sweep the female paralympic basketball competition as well.

Gribbo9999 : The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar. You failed the test. Congratulations you are on the team.

The Hufflepuff Hermione : My boyfriend and my best friend have autism and if you didn't know they had it you would never know. It's really sad that people do stuff like this. I can't imagine how the two disabled guys must feel after realizing that is was all fake. If the other 10 teammates had any morals they never would have agreed to this.

Harry Limes : Russia must be so annoyed they didn't think of this first....

Kairu Hakubi : does intellectual disability even affect basketball?

Sachindra Bhattacharya : excuse me sir, I think you mean they weren't "differently abled" uhhhhh

Reddy23 : I feel bad for the two legit players

TOP CAT : 3:09 a recent photo of him shaking hands with the pope where literally nobody is shaking anything lol

Xavier Smith : I feel bad for the 2 genuinely disabled players on the team.

J R Mouton : They were not cheating... They were just opressed trans-able people at a time when that was not recognised; if it was today they would be heroes. So... is this video transfobic or I'm just beign sarcastic?

cakepup : From the title, I thought this was a Cr1TiKaL vid

Ethan P : An undercover investigative journalist!? Where the hell is the movie?

Izumire : Anyone else heard that laugh at 3:32?

byw : I don't see why intellectual disability is even a class in a physical event. I'm sure plenty of professional atheletes score extremely low on IQ tests. Yes, some even into the sub 75's. Not to hurt anyone's feelings or anything, but the average IQ of a lot, A LOT, of African countries is in the 60's. Sure if they were mathletes or something, IQ plays a real factor. But simply being dumb isn't a real handicap in basketball. Being dumb isn't a real disability.

Elven Mage Jr : Cartman did it better.

Leoliy Xolsun : 2:51 Eric Cartman

Auz Payeur : Holy shit. Somebody make a movie about this nonsense, because this is wild