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crackroXsteady :

Red Pilled Libertarian : Better than Rome.

Robert Castro : Bradley lives and sings through him I can hear him this is seriously beautiful.

TalibanHatesme13 : bro.... i know you dont want to live in your dads shadow. but let me just tell you.... for every one of us fans of your dad and sublime..... you just made that whole story go from tragic to triumphant. great music naturally. Instant fan.

Joel Wayne : How are they not more famous?

Nomadic In The Philippines : Amazing!!! kinda got a tear in the eye....

Amber Clark : Literally getting emotional hearing this, I can hear his dad singing through him 😩❤️

Dani Damacena : This song played in 89 FM, the Radio Rock, from São Paulo, Brazil, and I loved this. Congrats, fellas!

Introverted Extrovert : He would make the best couple with Frances Bean Cobain. They both have so much in common as both their fathers were legends yet they didn't even get to know them. They would understand each other so much. I think that could help them heal

Jeff Jones : My God he is with out a doubt his father's son, it goes way beyond that awesome voice, he has soul.which has been all but lost in music, thanks Jakob Nowell. we need your kind more than ever..

Gaz Foster : What a voice man, just like his dad

ibi nyth : Sound just like Bradley... He'd be proud

The Last Broadcast : This is some dank stuff

NostalgiaGames : I really hope u guys become famous. Jake sounds just like his dad and makes songs just as good. This song and his others sound 10 times better than the autotooned bullshit people play on the radio now a day

shlerb : Where can I buy a LAW tshirt or hoodie? Lmao I wanna support you guys.

Donuel Paclibar : I hope they get the recognition they deserve and props to Jakob for starting from the bottom.

Ryan McLaughlin : Holy shit... this is like a dream come true for Sublime fans. I'm sure Jakob wants to be an individual but if he channels his inner Bradley he will make a lot of people very happy... and probably become pretty damn famous in the process. Great job.

Ashley Gilbert : Do you guys play in the Bay Area?

Ashley Gilbert : You guys are a perfect match to play shows with my husbands band, if you want to get in somewhere in the in the bay area hit us up

Connor Mokrzycki : this is rad. regardless of who his dad was. just awesome

Rickie Esposito : Awesome!!!! Love this song.bradley nowell would be so proud

That one guy : Dope that they're still playing shows in Long Beach

C Mejia : Bradley lives on!

DaNZ 27 : The genes are strong in this one. Very good just like his dad

KillerGames : yooooo he does sound like his father

BlueFan2007 : Sounds exactly like his dad

Davee Borges : Muito bom, acho q a letra fala da situação do pai dele e ao mesmo do fato dele saber tudo sobre o pai mesmo n tendo o conhecido..

Lt. Frank Drebin : Jakob is incredible..please come to Boston guys

Metalloud : Everything about this is amazing. The vocal work is perfectly executed. The guitars are so tight, the drumming is spot on. It just all comes together, the right blend of punk, ska, and rock. This is a band to watch out for.

Chris Mora : dude these guys are great

Rudy Medina : I love this kid!!!!!He sounds so much like his dad because he just fucking does! They jam hard with heart! I feel it! One Love!

Daniel Canto : Wow.... don´t you have anything else online? Just love it! Sounds so much like Sublime ( not only the voice, of course)... great job dudes.

billythorson : I always listen to sublime after I listen to this song

Davee Borges : Definitivamente bom.. ! Br.

Breno Delgado : Bradley lives!!! Thanks, Jakob! and continue, ever!

Ryan Cesena : GIVES me CHILLS every time. bad ass

Ashley Gilbert : You guys are a perfect match to play shows with my husbands band, if you want to get in somewhere in the in the bay area hit us up I've uploaded some of his shows in my videos

Digicamo Ghost : Please release this on iTunes!

ShroomFactory : Very happy to see this!

Allen Dabpad : Love this, you guys sound great and now you've made me miss your dad. Cant wait to see you play.

jennifer collins : You cannot deny the closeness in his voice, but Jakobs sounds like it is full of pain, and it's a beauty Bradley didn't possess. Huge Sublime fan here, but I'm drawn to Jakobs darkness❤❤❤ You're amazing young man! Simply amazing

JJ Stevens : Great song can't wait to listen to more. Making your dad proud what a good son. Beautiful voice.

Lucas Machado : Bradley lives in your voice!! Obrigado Jakob, i'm from Brasil

Iron Leo : OMFG, like father like son, music in their veins.

Brandon KW : Goddam this is Brads son ?? Im like mind blown, now I understand why my friends tell me rome shouldent be sublimes front man, but at the same time, look at what his son did! he made his own band just like his dad did in the end 1980s. You know brads looking down smiling saying thats my son! And his dad is so proud of him. And he sounds sooo much like his dad. I really hope I get to see them live.

Samuel Stines : your dad would be proud

Veronica S : Tbh I've only ever listened to Jakob's acoustics out fear of being let down when it came to the band but THEY ARE EVERYTHING I HOPED WITH AN ANGSTY CHERRY ON TOP

Ashley Gilbert : You guys are a perfect match to play shows with my husbands band, if you want to get in somewhere in the in the bay area hit us up I've uploaded some of his shows in my videos

V Design : Good on you, Jakob.

S Ekins : I can't think of a better way to make your father proud. Thank you for this greatness Law