Nathan For You - Dumb Starbucks - Legal Advice

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Kocayine : "What kind of lawyer am I, I'm signing this shit without reading it"

Nick Robinson : "well, no, we don't want it in your pocket" "we DO want it in my pocket"

Cristian Barberena : OMG this is too funny "But you are a lawyer, don't you read things before you sign them..." #Imdying #LMAO

Blandco : This is hilarious, a signed document is deadly serious to a lawyer.

spaceye : The bit with the lawyer was unreal! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Nate : That lawyer had an incredible amount of tolerance.

Jared Pahl : He actually says "What kind of lawyer am I, I'm signing shit I haven't read"!!!!!! Oh my God, that's funny!!

MikeTai Vlogs : bruuuh. the second time he tried to take it had me dying with laughter. 

thirtythreeflavors : According to what I read on Wikipedia....

Mr. Tulip : "sounds like I'd need to be a parody artist".. haha that was meta as hell

aabron4123 : Lol what's the legality on just grabbing signed documents and not giving them back to protect yourself?

Denislav Dankin : "Based off what I read on wikipedia, it seemed like my approach was legal"

riadam riadam : you can see Nathan almost crack a smile after he goes to grab the document a second time.

Chris Ruiz : Someone should start a show called "Dumb Nathan For You" using all the same branding and similar ideas, using parody law, rofl.

Greyson Voutsas : So I do this thing when I watch embarrassing, awkward, painful, or epic things that happen to people in videos or movies where I have to pause the video and facepalm for a few seconds in order to emotionally process what is happening in the video. I'm on pause number 5 and now he's on the desk. I love these videos but it takes a while to watch them.

dale lgribble : when he tries to snatch it back from. the lawyer and hits the desk. I lost my shit. I laughed so hard I woke the kids up hahaha.

Morgan Montz : "What kind of lawyer am I, I am signing this shit I have not even read." I AM DED lol

Jetblackpilot : I swear I thought that lawyer was going to punch him in the face

lightronv : To be a good lawyer, you need fast reflexes

Logan Besalke : Lmao when he tried grabbing it

Isojoki : This show is so above most people's comprehension that it's genius continues to go almost completely unrecognized. It's... insane.

suvariboy : @2:53"But you're a lawyer. Don't you read things before you sign them?"

MTV NEWS : " ... The problem with you is that you have great coffee, but you're an awful human being."

Babba16 : HAHAHA, He even says it whyle SIGNING "What kind of lawyer am I, I am singing shit i havent read." OMG thats makes it even better!

Eric Pasquale : Lol the lawyer mumbled "what kinda lawyer am I signing something I havent read," not a good one obviously lmao! Funniest shyt still dieing

Adam Sipione : The table leap was gold

Greg Levitt : Trolling lawyers is hilarious.

Fiveleafclover180 : I just found out about "Nathan for You" today; man, have I been missing! D:

Matt Noble : "Based off what I read on Wikipedia"

Sion Nois : Lmao with the lawyer fight.

aznpwnerp : Is that legal to not give him back something that he himself signed w/o thoroughly reading?

Peter Saarloos : I don't really want to believe that that lawyer isn't an actor, because I'd feel so bad for him... but I think he's an actor. Surely... he's an actor...

Icky Spliff : Nah, the best bit is when the lawyer is looking all fed up and they say "the producers were able to calm him down". 3:37

Sam Miller : He tormented that poor lawyer...funniest thing I've ever seen. Lmao.

Eric Pasquale : Lmfao I died when he got that lawyer to sign that and made him liable, lol put him in his place rather quickly

spider_slayer_69 : he out-jewed a LAWYER, damn

spindext : Elias is pretty good looking

bkershaccount : haha, the lawyer contract was great. 

James James : lol "based off of what I read on wikipedia"

Jake Pin : When he tried to snatch it away I almost cried

Crimson_Ghost : "Based off what I read on Wikipedia, it seemed like my approach was legal" LOL I love Nathan.

Max Monas : 4:18 Nathan trying his hardest not to laugh.

ThunderousGlare : is parody law real thing?

Dekar V. : I have empathy for the lawyer; we all sign stuff we haven't read. Also, did we just see character development for Nathan?

Safi Rouhi : Is the lawyer real

Colin Qu : That lawyer sounds (and kinda looks) like Dick Van Dyke.

Manu Pandey : Nathan just keeps getting better and better. This is amazing!

Vlad R : Sooooo good. The lawyer remained a professional the entire time too, good for him.

Ricky Morse : when they cut back to him signing it: "what kind of lawyer am i, i haven't read this shit." lmao

Hervey Hyppolite : I might recieve a lot of flak for this but I think Nathan is up there with Dave Chappelle. This man is hilarious!!! 😆