Funny Indian guys arguing (HQ)

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bakerXderek : He threw in the Banchode LOL !!!!

senhuan : Tech support gore.

C Straley : These guys are so terrible at insulting each other but they don't lack desire. I almost died laughing!

MoryN8144 : Mother yucker dooooooooowwwwwwwnt

Drew Walsworth : I feel like I'm watching two AI's learn how to curse at each other.

THE MONSTER lol : Ur running like lady 😂😂😂😂

Wade : When Comcast and Verizon get into an argument

Michael Rossi : I gotta strange feeling those guys are best freinds now. Idk y

Rameez : Im dying Why u F me , i F u😂😂 Blooody!!!😂😂 Running like a lady😂😂(he got hurt)

Nazza Khan : Ive been laughing at this shit all xmas weekend. 😂😂😂 i love the fact they can have an argument on 3 words

Yashvardhan Tailor : Bhenchod you

Frank Daves : watch this slow mo motion. your welcome.

Swaggerino : *blodi* *bostord*

ツ H m m m m N i c e B i k e ツ : OwnagePranks face reveal finally

nirvgorilla : 0:43 - don't salt at me! why you salting at me?!

Lost Beetle : send bobs

DeckerBens : "HQ" mark makes it even better

THE MONSTER lol : I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Harish Mathanan : this is the best thing on the Internet!

Choo Choo Motherfucker : So that's why i couldn't get ahold of customer support the other day.

Maverick6429 : “Assaulting at me no good man”

Supernova12034 : its funny because its accurate. All the fresh off the boat indian guys fight like this

YegorTheRussian : I bet those two are American doctors

Leeroy Jenkins : POO IN LOO

Chris Gouger : Obviously the guy driving the car was going too fast on the other guys designated shit street.

Pr3ssPl4y : Salting' at me no good mayhn.

Da Gawd : This shit is gold

2Lysergic4Insurgent7 : bhenchod xD

Dildo Shwaggins : BLAAADY FAK U BLAADY

Nazza Khan : Still laighing at this, have a long\ bad day at the office, i watch this, have a barney with the missus, watch this, cheers me right up

///MAYH3M : Why don’t they just both speak in java or HTML

Lenny Delgado : Hey mommys

Max Amillion : The one in the car sounds like GradeAUnderA

Orson : your moms house

Jon : lmfao

huzi619 : These are some great benchoding strategies! 10/10

fxcksd : this is so awkward they can't think of other swear words and there is an awkward pause

julz Nayan : Whoa! That escalated quickly ahahahhaha!😂🤣😆

Booby Hill : 00:36 " Running McGrady" lol

Tiger Locc : HAHAHAHA

Bert Jete : bluddy bostadad

S1lentK1d : Nothing like waking up in the morning and hearing dis facking booshit owt yo facking windooow.

Adam Scott : This is the most Indian argument I've ever seen and heard. "Bhenchod bloody!" "Bhenchod you!"

Marcin Z. : I was waiting for the dancing part!

S k : Blardy Bastooord!

N Solano : Sala Pan Chaud!!

Gravyman : The guy in the car is not Indian, correct? I've never heard an Indian accent like that. He uses the word banchode just because he knows it's an Indian insult.

Russien AR : If you listen closely at the beginning you can hear " where are U now " by Justin Bieber in the background

Val-Christian Kaspar : 'You blastard!!!'

Richard Rempel : This is the best thing on the internet