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Km Music : 1982 Toto - Africa Videos Toto - Africa (Live In Amsterdam) Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video) "Africa" by Toto, Performed by the Crew of the Bourbon Peridot, West Africa 2013. Africa (Toto) - Oberstufenchor Cusanus Gymnasium Giraffe Manor 2015 Projeto Z - Africa - Toto

SuperDrJeckyl : 3:35.....just love this so much and them in the other parts.

prof memo : thank you for your hardwork we get to enjoy the song in different perspective

Витя Соколов : очень красивая песня

int4d : I absolutely love this MashUp and the more I watch it the more I realise how much work went into making it. Amazing spot on tech work! This song is 35 years old this year and and I just read an article that it's still one of the most popular songs on the net. Fine job.

RawhideProductions1 : What if all music vids just had Kristen Bell casually dancing and singing along. I think the world would be better.

SuperDrJeckyl : Still amazed how awesome this is. I love the dancy ones but this is just so joyful, puts a huge smile on my face.

Balo Mega : My family and I we used to live in a house like that, built by Germanies in Mazinde,Tanga, Tanzania, My Daddy was an Engineer there, in a sisal company. I miss those old days.

Jack Frost : One of the best songs ever. Thank you.

sputnikalgrim : Kristen and Dax are relationship goals

shayne Lowther : top 5 greatest songs of all time

flor wast : Notice the guy keeping close tabs on the Hippos...

Acosta Víctor : Lindo. ...vídeo 😀😀😀😀😀😁😀😁😀😁😆🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊Argentina. ..bueno Aires

Daniel Deschamps : Music,Choreography and Talent make this world great in troubling times.

friendofcoal : I bought the album when it cam out...… a long time ago.

Cristina Martin : Magic song. Magic video

et. : 'Killaspray' at 00:11 = tool used to spread killer pesticides on Earth. Avoid.

Shawn N : Great video. Props to all involved. Amazing that a song I enjoyed so much 30+ years ago is still loved today by so many.

knittel roger : Great

ABEZETHIBOU : I don't know who put this video together?....but this is awesome!!...also it's been proven by science..all over the world that this is the greatest songs ever written!

SuperDrJeckyl : This is so beautiful.

Marshall L : awesome job on the video Kristen an her husband make it come to life ..

Gimmie Micer : I wanna Hug Kristen Bell...

Bartley Henriques : One of my favorites . I must have watch 100 times

DragonlordXV : Kristen😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

John Whelan : Excellent editing job. The video should get a Music Award it is so damn good! :)

craig shrimpton : I've got to get me some giraffes for my front lawn.

loszhor : Classic!

Brian Cokro : Africa toto I like

Nancy Uribe : I love Giraffes and I want to go there and love them!!

mina chat Squat : Vive l.Afrique!!!!

Anderson b. Barbosa : Essa música nos deixa mais jovens! !!!! meche com a alma.....👍

merce10554 : Sooo good. Worth every second.

Mauro Guzman : i love africa

benny belton : although i can't understand, but still good

Thom Drewke : Hard work = imagination = good edits. Congrats again. (Always loved Toto, thought the original music video needed a redo... primo.)

SuperDrJeckyl : I am addicted to this. I loved this song before but you have taken it to new heights. Simply awe inspiring and so joyful.

Michael Scarbrough : Another fine example that true art is timeless beauty that never ages.

slick1ru2 : Man, he married out of his league, lol.

Steve Baker : thank you for what you do!!!!

Jayme Esteves Junior : Fantástico este vídeo

David Asociado independiente : 😎 , Gracias por el tiempo invertido . Desde Argentina

el gole : Que hermoso!! me emocione mucho viendo este vídeo Gracias!! Anhelo conocer la sabana africana!!! Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina

Keith Lambourne : Wonderful

Rob Orr : LOVE IT.

Mieke Beirens : Nostalgie

imerupp : loved this!

Malurosa Rosa : Amei! ❤

Iwan Buana : nice

Scuba Cabo Palos : In love with this video