We Should Let Some Wildfires Burn

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In the last few years, wildfires have been getting worse - and, oddly, it's because humans have been preventing them. From a helicopter above the forests of British Columbia, and from the Tree Ring Lab at UBC, let's talk about how we should just let some wildfires burn. Thanks to Bradley Friesen! He's about to properly launch his channel 'Destruction by Gravity': https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL3Kr3kf9W34cUvurxl7AGw and Mister Bentley the Dog is on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mrbentley_thedog/ Thanks to Dr Lori Daniels at the University of British Columbia! Her recent research into wildfires includes: Chavardes, R.D., L.D. Daniels, Z. Gedalof, D.W. Andison. (2018). Human influences superseded climate to disrupt the 20th century fire regime in Jasper National Park, Canada. Dendrochronologia 48:10-19. and this op-ed in the Globe and Mail: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/we-created-bcs-wildfire-problem-and-we-can-fix-it/article35686104/ Thanks to the BC Wildlife Service for letting me use their photos: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/safety/wildfire-status Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) Post audio by Emi Paternostro (http://proximitysound.com) I'm at http://tomscott.com on Twitter at http://twitter.com/tomscott on Facebook at http://facebook.com/tomscott and on Snapchat and Instagram as tomscottgo

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Software Man : I Googled "how to start a wildfire". I got 48,500 *matches*

Lugmillord : of course it burned 42 times... couldn't have been any other number.

cesariojpn : Tom Scott promotes seeing the world burn and turn into ash.

IWantALongerNam : I live in Australia, and we have scheduled burn offs here for the same reason. Heck, go back hundreds of years before Australia was even a British penal colony, some of the native nomadic Aboriginal tribes, used to burn off an area to help it regrow before moving on to their next location. They knew that a lot of our native plant-life germinates via wildfire. There are even stories of birds carrying flaming sticks to spread fires in Australia. Now this is to do with smoking out potential prey, not some intent on the birds part to help the wildlife, but the effect is the same.

halsti99 : The bobble head Boba Fett in the cockpit is great!

DesBit : I love the doggo in the back of the helicopter.

Ketsueki Kumori : I knew it was the same guy helicopter guy from smarter every day! Had to double check as soon as I saw the boba fett bobblehead.

Daniel Sullivan : Immediate like just for the Stargate SG1 reference :)

Tom Bryan : Canadians are so nice they even have good fires.

shinybaldy : In the US in the Pacific West, it is a continuous push-pull with folks and developers continuously trying to build closer to forests that should have periodic burns vs. forestry management professionals.

LeagueOfCakez : This video is uploaded right as there's a wildfire going on in my immediate area

Doctor Von Tacos : stargate is good

Shaun Cheah : Interesting timing considering the situation over at CodysLab.

George Farren : So this forest is like a Phoenix which continually burns and rises from it's own ashes.

Adam Raaif Nasheed : Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Tim Harig : I remember being taught about the ecological role of wildfires when I was in elementary school back in the eighties. Why did it take until 2010-12 for managed wildfires to become policy?

The Otter Outdoorsman : Great video! This is a topic that is often talked about in a negative light (because, I mean, it has a lot of negatives to it that effect people in horrible ways that we can't ignore), but truly forest fires are also a good thing for the forests and can even reduce forest fire frequency and intensity. It's good for the ecosystem, the economy, and for people. I'm glad you covered this.

Rich Moore : It sucks that Youtube's compression does such a number on this video because some of those shots of the burnt forest are incredible. And is it just me or has the compression gotten worse lately? I might just be watching a lot of videos with noisy scenes lately but if definitely feels like I'm noticing the compression more even in scenes that don't look noisy at all.

Ben : Hey that's the same helicopter guy from Smarter Everyday!

Spectrum : I love this channel collab! Bentley is the greatest co-pilot ever!

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Whelp, time to commit arson.

Abbreviated Reviews : Way to make a video out of a fun helicopter ride. What's next, roller coasters?

NPC : Living in Australia, this all makes sense. Did people not know this?

Dielfon Elletab : Here in Australia we regularly have controlled fires - backburning. We do the same now what the aboriginal people did for thousands of years.

Mu51kM4n : "They're home to ... basically every planet that SG1 ever went to." Ha! I love it! I immediately liked the video at that point, regardless of what came next. Stargate was quite possibly my favorite TV series of all time. It opened me to world of sci-fi and fueled my curiosity about the universe oh yea, and the whole fire thing is great too. I did actually watch the rest of the video. :)

Rez Zircon : Forests evolved to be burned regularly (just as grasslands evolved to be grazed). When we prevent natural forest fires, we encourage buildup in the understory and overgrowth of seedlings, which overpopulates the forest (a healthy forest is NOT thick) and leads to water-stressed trees that become standing deadwood, all of which lead to the hugely destructive fires we see today.

miles : SHOUT OUT TO MY B.C BOYS!!!!!!!! We're "lit" if you know what i mean ;)

Sven Servette : It took Canadians until 2012 to realize this? Wow... We've been using prescribed fires in Idaho since the 70s.

like to get a dolphin : Some men just wanna watch the world burn

Zzyzx Wolfe : The Smokey Bear Effect.

Ali Jardz : Wooo Stargate!

arrow in my gluteus maximus : stargate!

GMD DeathAngel : 0 dislikes, as it should be

Vinnie : This is literally what my job is here in Australia. Thanks Tom for spreading a little more knowledge around.

shinevision sv : So... you are Fighting fire... with fire? Woah!

An Alt : its interestring, in australia, a lot of this is very basic, I never thought. that this wouldn't be common knowledge

NDV135 : Love you're channel Tom, but as a Canadian I was just kind of like, um... duh, guess that just shows how we don't think much about how where we live effects what we learn, because we learned this stuff in elementary school.

superj1e2z6 : Topical as Cody's ranch just burned. hmmmm

Rebecca Wright : In Australia we’ve been doing prescribed burns of bush land basically forever. It’s one of the key bushfire prevention strategies

SaurK : sounds like something a wildfire would say

DeadLink 404 : I don't get something about newest video. I mean why are the comments on it and the CBC video disabled? Why is the VICELAND video blocked in germany? Is there a part of this that isn't told? Or is this peticularly contentious? If so why? This just makes the whole thing questionable to me. Shutting down conversation seeds doubt Tom.

Droooooo0 : Didn't expect to see a collab with Ethan from H3H3 productions!

SirBanana : **laughs in pyro**

Elias Jacobs : Liked for the dog :)

Craig : The look the pilot gives tom when he says there arnt many trees left in england 😂😂

Philip Hölzl : minuteearth also made a great video about this topic

Clarence Ho : Stories I can't tell viceland not available in your country

Yevhenii Diomidov : The woods are just trees The trees are just wood The wood is just flammable Flammable is just inflammable

Merz Bois : Saw the thumbnail and thought Tom was with Varg Vikerness for a second. Nearly had a heart attack.