Metallica - Enter Sandman drum cover played with dildos

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Gear Gods : Now we know what it was that entered the sandman

BigRyGuy : Idk... It just sounds thicker

D H : OUCH ouch ouch OUCH ouch OUCH ouch ouch ouch OUCH ouch OUCH OUCH ouch ouch ouch OUCH OUCH OUCH

Dungzoo : Your stick holding technique is all wrong. Cup the balls.

izzy d : lars wants to know your location

empty : You should do "Blackened" with the..uh..*coughs* bigger ones

empty : 4:10 He sticks it

LopsidedGrub : If you linked the dildos in your gear list it woulda been hilarious

fletching in summer with gay birdies : My mum never let's me borrow her dildos :(

Kmac2021 : You are insane

Johnny Five : For Whom The Dildo Tolls!

EMB 59932 : Maybe Lars should play with dildos so he can be a decent drummer.

Greg : The fact that this dude woke up one day and decided “you know what. I’m gonna play enter sandman with some dildos today :)” you’re my hero.

RaisedOnRadio : If I were Lars, I would definitely question myself now that a guy playing with dildos did a better job than I.

McFuckin'Slayer666 : now you need to do raining blood with tampons.

Michael Bryant : One time I made a bong out of my girlfriends uterus

Ben Fucking Shapiro : This is flea if he was a drummer

SubtleHustle : This video lasted longer than the previous video I saw containing 2 dildos

66Samus : Ohhh Yurrrrrr! These were not as fun to play with as you might think. They were a bit heavy and short lol like swinging chodes 😂

Janfranco Monasterio Astudillo : I just read "metallica enter sandman" and i saw a guy with a drum, so i got here and there i realised what was the stdicks

porcaro4ever : voice in my head....*do Not hit Not hit like!! Me: 👍

Thom K : I like it better than the original with 1 dildo playing with regular drumsticks

Dog Shit Burrito : I feel like if we gave Lars some dildos, it would actually improve his abilities.

CitizenErased 17 : Dildo blast beats coming up next? Possibly To Girls just want to have fun??

Chris Beddows : The one time the title out done the thumbnail.........outstanding

IceColdEagle : Bless this man. I have never observed such raw talent

We Yor : Your mom walks in

Bronze Gaming Tr : Its better than Lars

Galactus G : I knew there was a reason for me to wake up today ahaha

powerguido : I'm so proud of the internet

Jimmy Gustavsson : I knew the puns would be excellent.

Auden Oakes : I didn’t read the title fully and didn’t realize the point of the video until 1 minute in

Jamie King : I didn't realise what it said until I watched

Os 76 : I would have died if it switched to foot cam and had dildos on your foot pedals 😂😂😂


Brianna Wright : must've been a hard one...

David Mchugh Music And vlogs : Could you do a cover of, TØP Dicks for hands?

Eric Hodgkins : The floppyness helps with ghost notes

135roze : If you were to sell these on eBay, would this be classed as 'used'?

Ansis Ābele : -In 2019 we'll have flying cars. *2019:*

crackbabyathleticassociation : I hope you had your socks on

Alta : Did you buy dildos for this or did you already own them?

Sir Luke the Modest : I guess the ball’s in Metallica’s court now...

DelixiousMusic : Literal definition of beating your meat:

Benja Ibarra : But does it djent?

kim softjoon : I didnt fully read the title and just thought those were very thick drum sticks

FlakeyJakey : Didn't know I wanted this till now. Thank you, Mr. Dildo drummer man

Guy Fieri : This isn’t anything special....Lars plays with these regularly

MayLay : Bless you recommend 🙏

RoseIsNotAFlower : This is the content I want when I go on youtube.