Metallica - Enter Sandman drum cover but...

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Kmac2021 : You are insane

Galactus G : I knew there was a reason for me to wake up today ahaha

Raúl Pérez : Yo i have the weirdest boner right now

Daeg : Snare still sounds better than St. Anger.

Luvenhart : DICK FIRTH!!!

Christian Izworski : Oh lars Ulrich signature sticks...nice

Tapani Nuolimies : 2018 is a good year.

Alphare33 : This is another use case for triggers. :D

Remi Rene : Lars uldick

Vincent Rpl : No

Seth Mc : Loved watching you beat off...

Hugo Ribeiro : Samus, is that your new Signature drumstick? :)

TWOC Poetry : That backbeat sounds a little flaccid.

L Galicki Band : Where did you take this from? 😮

Gear Gods : Now we know what it was that entered the sandman

Rick Boothe : New drummer for Brojob confirmed

Tailgunner : Blast beats with them pls!

mNtn : Toki: Drums sound is dildos

Meme Man : Please blast beat with them!!!!

miteiteyo : You went hard on those drums!


Marko Petrović : I also love to beat my meat.

66Samus : Ohhh Yurrrrrr! These were not as fun to play with as you might think. They were a bit heavy and short lol like swinging chodes 😂

Nick : this is what Glenn Fricker has to deal with when drummers don't bring sticks to the studio

Der Kleine : this is the future

Melvyn Haas : can you blast with these though? :D

Alastor : This is the reason Samus blurred out his background in that recent update video :p

Doodles : "Limited or no ads due to content identified as not suitable for most advertisers." lol

Matthew DeVilla : Still better than Lars

Breno Cordeiro : did you buy that for the video or did you already have it?

Branimir Tkalec : Thats what I call cocky drumming.

(skiz) : Im sure you already had those laying around.

ParasyteGaming : So how HARD was this to PULL off? I'll see myself out.

Jason Deros : I didn’t see that coming 😂😂😂

Fupa Mastah : 'till the sanity cums

gorguts04 : But can you blast with them?

I'm Fine : enter dildoman 😂

Alexander Li Calzi : Omg I'm crying, I'm gonna have abs cause of how hard I laughed 😂😂😂

StigmADiabolicuM : I knew those were blurred dildos around the room in the last video ;)

tinkoasd : TRIGGERS ARE FOR PUSSIES YOU CHEATER :) *parodic comment*

Filipe Salgueiro : Samus teaching how to properly play rimshots on drums!

Greasy Bastard : A little known fact is that lars recorded st anger with only dildos

Alex Ks : Впервые могу сказать "Хуевый барабанщик" и это не будет оскорблением :)

ZeGRMMA : This was the only way to make the drum parts of this song interesting lol

MechaAkuma : You sir need to stop dicking around

Andri Freyr Þorsteinsson : Wow... You really held those by the balls...

Draken fly : Enter the one eyed sandman...

SimonSkrlec : Are they new or used? ;)


ChaosPotato : BANNED