How do cigarettes affect the body? - Krishna Sudhir

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PowahSlap Entertainmint : It's a good thing I can watch this rather than learn through first hand experience.

Quang Pham : Omg that's scary. As a smoker after watching for 2 mins I'm so horrified. Gotta take a cigarette to calm myself down before finishing the rest of the video.

Vishal The Great : I don't smoke But after seeing this video. I will still quit smoking.

AJAY KUMAR : no to cigarette for 2 months... plz wish me good luck.. thanks. 🙏

Lousia Granger : my dad had quit smoking cigarettes since I was 5 years old. He said it was dangerous for me. Thanks dad. <3

Adrian Spade : I've never understood the use of smoking - even when people say they use it to calm the nerves. My father has been smoking everyday since he was a teen (he's in his late 60's now) and you can't go an hour without him coughing up a storm, and spitting up tar into the sink. That's why when I read comments online from smokers playing the "yolo" excuse and "it's my body" and all that, it made me a little furious. So you want to spend your short life in pain? There is a plethora of healthier ways to cope with stress, there are plenty of chances to escape peer pressure, and there are certainly other ways live that "#coolkid" life, so please stay safe for the sake of yourself and those around you.

Mrpromen12 : Wow after watching this, I stop watching youtube...

Denis Epshteyn : 11 months a nonsmoker and feel great. If you do smoke, quit as soon as possible, and i wish you luck on this journey, it is not easy at first, but it is so worth it..

Ali G : It’s 2018 we are all on weed and TED-ED is still talking about cigarettes...

Guxalin Khuwatthanasenee : Next: How do alcohol affect the body?

miss strawberry : I’m so confused if the characters are human or monkey

Takadatsu : When you are depressed and life it's a pain every single day...death is nothing, smoking is nothing.

goodnight n go : I feel so smart when I watch ted ed videos lol

v kay ji : i am watching this while smoaking

OHM-968692 : What about people who don't choose to smoke but live in extremely polluted cities?

Puneet Saxena : Say no to cigarettes !!! 🚭🚭🚭🚭

vasco de gama : Yum I’m about to start smoking thanks to this video 👍👍👍

Andrew Burton : I still can't believe there are still so many people that still smoke after all this scientific evidence that it's deadly.

Chota Chatri : I quit smoking after watching this video, never again 🚭😊

Fenella Fox : this is great! thank you for sharing - i would love to see the same style video created with quitting alcohol in mind 💛

Hello World : I'm glad my whole big family is a non-smoker.

Quang Pham : After watching this, I must take a cigarette to calm down myself.

Life of Prashanna : Smoke weed and get high !

Seeker Of Knowledge : Please make a similar video for drinking.

Gavin : Cancer causes cigarettes

Thatfathipo : Smoking is just natural selection in the modern age

Miles Kluckow : i find my daddys crack pip in his closet

VłJłT Chandna : Why don't we ban them ?

rahul raj : One of my English teachers used to be a serial smoker for the last 15 years . But 2 months ago he saw a mark on his face and got scared , he went to the doctor, the doctor asked him that if he don't quit smoking he may have some bad news soon . This threatened my sir and he told me that after that he tried to quit smoking . I thought it would be difficult for a smoker of 15 years to quit suddenly . But a month and a half later he told me that he had absolutely resisted from cigarettes. I still don't get it how . He wasn't lying and I'm sure about that. He told me the benefits he saw and how the first few days were so hard for him . When I asked him how he managed to win against smoking for now 2 and half months after continuous 15 years . He said 'Will power' but I think there's something under it working which even he doesn't know himself .

Timestamp Guy : I'm clean for a month now, wish me luck guys!

Harkish Brar : So ciggerates are basically man made poison

Mr.X : 48 Hours clean .... i hope i can keep it up.

17 subscribers without video : please do about weed

Hertz Productionz : Glad i quit smoking this month on new years day im sticking to weed from now on

Vaibhav Shewale : i always tell my friend to not smoke or drink but he never listen he himself explains what happens when he don't do this for months like he can run a marathon but after doing again he can hardly climb 2 floor up! well he says he want to die young and want to try everything because that's what is living!

Little Biscuit ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ : I really want my mom to quit but she doesn’t listen to me she always say “ mind your business” I want her to live longer

vvvortic : thanks now i wanna start smoking

iWhipACivic LOL : quitting smoking was my best decision

SARTHAK SRIVASTAVA : Conclusion: Start and stop smoking intermittently for more health benefits.

Vikash Kumar : The best way to stay away from ciggrates is not to start.

dead shot : Hit like if you want quit smoke but end up smoking more

Miles Kluckow : humph im gonna probably vape rather thn smoke like GRAND DAD

Roj Kovli : Real man doesn’t care about death ,,real men smoke 💪🏻

UnNicopMas : Only green🍀🚬

Dark Drug : Smoking while watching this. Nice video 😊😊😊

aint gay : Everyone around me smokes my friends, my father, my brother even some of my teammates. It's really hard to convince everyone around me that smoking kills but hey one of my friends drifted out of smoking because of me so I believe if I try a bit more I can stop everyone around me and make them live a happy and healthy life

Gem Gang : weed is good for ya

Erell G : a very interesting video thank you

steve timothy : go to frazer he sell cheap

steve timothy : does frazer count??