Pearl Jam - Just Breathe (Live at Austin City Limits)

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RichardFeynmanRules : Straight from his heart, to our heart. Eddie is a great gift to the world.

Glenda J : My favorite of all times thank you ty ty for this fine cut..

Nick Carlisle : I noticed that Eddie Vedder is one of those artists that sound the same on albums as he does live.

Kevin Hayes : Lost my Mom 11 years ago today...this song always evokes all the feelings I had on that last day with her.  We opened our hearts up to each other during the last few days of her life, put it all on the table.  She gave so much and would never take anything in return.  She has stayed with me and always will be in my heart.

odd odd : I'm only a fetus and this song mesmerizes me

Eric Rinaldo : Sean Connery on the keyboard everyone! Thanks Sean!

vikkithefearless : Today is the worst moment of my life, my father lost his battle with cancer this morning. This song means more to me now then ever before. I love him so much.

vogelpitts : My beautiful husband died in a tragic accident on Monday. This song is everything. He was my everything. Thank you Eddie. ❤

Harry Cordes : My girlfriend and I just covered this song in honor of her brother who would have been 30 today. It was his favorite song..

Ben Gipson : This is a all time great, dedicated love for someone special. RIP to all the we have lost,will lose and tears we shead

Hùng Titan : 82 down votes, you people should just move on

AliceInChainsRushPearlJam ZeppelinMaidenMetallica : what a beautiful song

ekurz335 : one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard

dewetowie : I'm only a zygote and this songs mesmerizes me.

Chloe Kistler : im only 12 and this song completely mesmerizes me.

Alexandra Kartheiser : stay with me, youre all i see

Ivan Farca : To my lovely wife and her double lung donor and family

Bret Harper : when i die this song i would like to be played to comfort my love ones. :)

Fernanda Rodrigues : 😢😢😭😭❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶

cgStarling : I'm an egg that hasn't ovulated and this song mesmerizes me

cigarmikey : For my brothers and sisters died in combat -Semper Fi ;(

Kathleen Craig : Anguish in this song and redemption also.

Kathleen Little : then again, I'm a sucker for ANY Eddie Vedder song....who am I kidding, right? that man is IT for sure (even after 25 years)

Nathan Coarsey : Amazing, can't hear this enough.

misslantana52 : Very touching, Eddie's vocals make it even more so. 💖

Kenny Tripp : I have lost my dad brother Kenny june 8 2016 he passway befor his trune 71 year old and my dad brother will always be in my heart this song is for my dad and his wife to rip my dad brother

randy hetrick : PJ always plays with heart..

Tanya Tressler : Such a handsome guy! Wow! AND nice! I would faint if I saw him and I'm 66 years young....;)

kimmy kim : wow this song is amazing beautiful! he sing wit his heart!! wow love this song !!

Kathleen Little : Beautifully written, from the heart and soul, and I'm a goddamn sucker for an Eddie Vedder love song.

Chris Bernard : After seeing PJ this past weekend, all of this gets brought to the surface. This is the song of my great friend Roy and his fiancé Laura. His presence was taken from us a couple of weeks before their wedding in 2011. I will miss him dearly and forever.

Kevin Patrick : Was this on one of his solo albums ? Or is it a Pearl Jam song ?

KK Bing : This is the first time I have ever heard this particular Pearl Jam song......I'm speechless. It just describes everything I feel and more. Amazing and beautiful song.

Al Lamaye : When I die, I want this song played at my reunion party! ;-)

Joyce Gasca : So beautiful!!! Truly a great band.I just recently lost someone special in my life and this song gets to me every time.

S. N. Smith : Your talent is astounding! I was going to write something rude. But no! You are KINdered Edward!

Danica Swanson : I'm no fool. I said it to my favorite human. Four years and the loss still brings me to my knees.

Farron Nettles : Eddie bedder brings out emotions

AnOrdinaryCuber : I am 8 and I act like was alive in the grunge era. We need to bring music like Pearl Jam back.

Debra Kay Levi : Love this so much LsdyRanger Here

Noah Berdar : Lost my mom when I was 14. It's been 6 years since then and this song still brings me to tears just like it did when I first heard it after she had passed. This song means so much to me.

penny miller : He has really grown into his music

Michelle Sauber : Whaa?!? #Austin how I freakin' love you! Breathing deeply w/ Pearl Jam...

Kathleen Craig : LOVE this song!

Marcokun : Damn Mufasa sings good!

nswe2002 : I feel so blessed that I allow such real, raw, beautiful music into my life while some of my friends find lady gaga and kesha the best thing. They are missing out on true music!

Misty Mazzella : Beautiful ~ heartfelt ♡

Barbara Barne : My heart...My Ma...Thanks PJ

mary Ross : love this band.always touches your heart.

Jared Zanelli : I want pearl jam to be my first concert!